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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Author Jennifer AlLee Comes up for Air!

Author Jennifer AlLee - brave enough to wear neon pajamas to a writer's conference.  Appears to be whistling here....hmmm.

I've cornered Jennifer AlLee today because I caught her out of her writing cave. With two new releases in the last month, you can see why she's such a busy girl. Please visit the links below to learn more about Jen and her stories! and COMMENT TODAY for a chance at our VANISHING ACT Giveaway!

Deb places finger on her chin and queries: Jen, I’ve always considered you a women's fiction author with the success of The Pastor's Wife and The Mother Road, though I know of a project of yours that might even be a bit sci-fi.   What about these latest projects, A Wild Goose Chase Christmas, Comfort and Joy (in Mistletoe Memories) and the Charm and Deceit Series has stretched you the most?

Obviously, I enjoy all different kinds of fiction! Goose Chase and Comfort & Joy (my story in the Mistletoe Memories novella anthology) are both contemporary romance, which flows pretty easily for me. The Charm & Deceit series is historical romance, and it definitely stretched me the most! The hardest thing for me with historicals is the research. There are times when I search for hours (or it seems that long) and never do find what I'm looking for. Other times, I want the plot to go a certain way, but discover that the history doesn't support it. (What do you mean there wasn't a school built in that town until 1865? That's ten years too late!)

Do you think you'll write historical romance without a push (when not working on a team)?

Funny you should ask... Yes, I do believe I will. In fact, I can now announce that I've signed with Harlequin for a novel in the Heartsong Presents line. My book is one of four in a series, but each book is written by a different author. Laurie Alice Eakes, Lisa Richardson (of course), and Gina Welborn are also part of the series which is set in Tuxedo Park, New York, in the early 1900s. Yep, I've been bitten by the history bug. There's no stopping me now
Jen and writing partner and bestie Lisa Karon Richardson, Sept 2013
With the craziness of multiple contracts and deadlines, what has been a great way to take a breather without losing momentum?

Angry Birds! Seriously, I have become an Angry Birds addict. I've got all the different versions on my tablet, and when I need a break, I smack around the piggies. It's a lovely way to let my brain unwind.

Specifically with Vanishing Act, who is your favorite secondary character and was he or she a 'creation' of yours or Lisa's?

You know, by the time we finish a book, I can hardly remember which one of us came up with what. That's a good thing, because the goal is to end up with a novel that is seamless. Having said that, I think my favorite secondary character is Emily Forbes. In fact, we liked her so much, she ended up with a book of her own (the last in the series, Curtain Call).
Lisa, Jen and Christine Whitaker from Whitaker House, publishers of the Charm and Deceit Series

I like Ms. Forbes already!

Okay, I am going to stop telling people what I feel my weaknesses are in my writing but hey, I think I'll ask you!  Weaknesses, as in, what do you have to work the hardest at to bring it to where you want it to be?

This is an evil question! I have all kinds of weaknesses. My secret is, I've gotten to the point where I don't worry about them during the first draft. I just write until I get to the end, then, when I edit, I concentrate on all the times I used the word just, and dialogue that goes on and on with no tags or beats, and all the other little things that stick out like big ol' hammer-struck thumbs. 

And what's the best part of living in Nevada?

The weather. Yes, the summer is hot, hot, hot, but the rest of the time it's pretty awesome. Spring and Fall temperatures are lovely and mild, and in the winter, we get the occasional snowfall. It's snowed three times since I moved here. Of course, it's only one day, and it doesn't stick, but it's still snow. And after living (and driving) in Ohio, I'm perfectly happy with one day of fast-melting snow every few winters.

Then I won’t expect snow in this answer!

 I have two tickets for a ride in a time machine but we only get one day. What do I need to bring with me to wear?

Grab something appropriate for strolling the decks of a ship in 1912, because we're heading to Titanic... the day before it sinks, of course. And if we see Rose, let's see if we can convince her to hold onto that necklace.  (Yes, I know she's a work of fiction, but it's a fun thought.)

Seriously?  I'm there! Let me borrow a very politically incorrect mink coat first. It's chilly on deck!
Now, the last one, I promise. Here comes the hard-hitting question. Do you think you will ever get help for your Pinterest addiction?

Why would I want to do that? I do love Pinterest. When I first heard about it, I thought it sounded crazy. What's the point in pinning pictures to a virtual cork board? But now, it's one of my favorite forms of social media. Don't be messin' with my Pinterest!  LOL

(sorry for the fuzzy photos. They look great without my glasses on!) 

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Jennifer AlLee is an  ECPA Best-selling Author and all-around groovy chick. You can visit her on
her website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, and here on Inkwell Inspirations!

From Whitaker House:
Diamond in the Rough, book One of the Charm & Deceit series (5/13)
Vanishing Act, book Two of the Charm & Deceit series (9/13)
From Barbour House:
Comfort & Joy, part of the Mistletoe Memories novella collection (9/13)

From Abingdon Press:
A Wild Goose Chase Christmas - Book Info    View the Book Trailer
The Mother Road - Book Info     View the Book Trailer
The Pastor's Wife - Book Info   View the Book Trailer (Preview)


  1. I also think poking around in someone's Pinterest page is a great way to get to know them. Yes, we are all opening ourselves up. Privacy is a thing of the past. I put Jen's photo up online in pajamas, for example.

    We do love our Jen here at the Inkwell!

    1. Yes we do. And this was a great interview. Jen is a terrific writing partner and so much fun to work with. I got super lucky when we teamed up together!

    2. You two are amazing as a team (obviously both in friendship and writing!)
      It's obviously working. Congrats on this latest release!

    3. You guys are so awesome! Lisa, you and I were simply meant to meet each other and become life-long friends and writing partners. It's one of those God-ordained things. And Deb, what am I doing in that pajama picture??? Probably asking some silly question. My lips are pursed in the "W" way.

    4. Just looking at the photo I can hear Jen say, "Well, you know..." or "Well, there you go..."

    5. agreed, Anita! "Well, there you go..."

  2. as always, you Inkies sure know how to celebrate book releases. i love how creative your interviews are and the information you share. the whole book series sounds wonderful. creativity abounds at the Inkwell.

    i'm always up for being in the drawing for books. i also enjoy learning more about the authors. as for Pinterest - I'm a social-media phobe... minimal interaction. In fact, I don't visit many blogs either (Inkwell and Seekerville are my only daily MUST views). someday i will join the 21st century *sigh*

    love the post ladies. may book sales abound!

    1. Thanks Deb - believe me we APPRECIATE your visits whether you comment or not. Knowing someone is reading really makes it all worth the time. Today's post was purely fun!

      I avoided each piece of social media until I felt obligated. Pinterest is quite enjoyable, and you can actually be rather isolated on there and just do your own thing. I enjoy it but I teased Jen as I see her 'posted to Pinterest' announcements come up often. It's a nice way for introverts to interact (me likey).

    2. Fun interview, ladies, although I'm concerned about you all being on the Titanic, even a day before it sinks. What if your time machine breaks down? Oh dear. Why couldn't you have just picked a nice safe couch somewhere?

    3. We are taking an inflatable with us, just in case.

    4. Actually, the time machine may also be used as a flotation device, so we're covered there :)

      DebH... if you want to gently dip your toe into the pool of social media, I highly recommend Pinterest. It's so much fun to see what other people are putting out there. Really, I could look at pictures all day. Not that I ever have... oh no, not ME!

    5. They're right about Pinterest, DebH. At first I thought it time consuming because I like adding the source and info, etc so that it doesn't look like I'm 'lifting' images, but the Pinterest team are hard workers and they continually upgrade and it's very easy to pin something now.

      Also, more websites are seeing the value of Pinterest as a promotional tool and are adding the red P button which makes it easier still.

      I especially like the secret boards where I can pin and play without anyone seeing what I'm doing. :)

  3. What a great interview! You're so cute, Jen!

    Now tell us about this Titanic book!!! I love Titanic stuff.

  4. Thanks DeAnna. You're a sweetie!

    As for Titanic, I'm not actually writing a book about it, although it's one of those things that fascinate me and I would LOVE to write about. I'm also fascinated by Jack the Ripper and the great Chicago Fire, but I didn't want to visit either one of those places with our time machine!

    However, there may very well be a book in the works about another tragedy on another great ship... but it's too early to talk about that. :)

  5. And Deb, I completely forgot that you took that pic of Lisa, Christine and I. Thank you soooo much! I'm grabbing it for my photo album!

  6. Well, I had one up and it was fuzzy. ANITA MAE sent me a better one.
    And I'm glad you came out with your Jack the Ripper interest. I feel so much better about myself right now... Bwahahah...

    1. In that case, thank you ANITA for the non-fuzzy picture. It's great!

      Yeah Deb, I must confess, I do have another side to my personality. The side that watches Criminal Minds with the lights out.

    2. You're very welcome. I enjoyed sitting at the table with the 3 of you this year - well, I did last year too, but this year you didn't chatter so much. Ha! But that's what you get when 2 writing cronies sit together. :)

  7. I love how I read Deb's questions and Jen's answers and I "hear" their voices in my head.

    Just wanted to jump out of the writing cave to share that.

  8. This was a fun interview, Deb and Jen. I seriously love that Jen has been bitten by the history bug. Yay, Jen! :)