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Monday, January 6, 2014

Have a Little Cry and Move On -Downton Abbey S 4

Farewell dear blue eyes...  A new season has begun!

Did you watch last night's Downton Abbey Premiere?

Spoiler Alert if you haven't because we're ready to  chat!


  1. I had to record it, so I won't get to watch until later this week. :(

  2. I watched it, but I won't give any spoilers for Suzie. I'm happy to see that Rose is still around. I like her a lot and I'm enjoying how she is sort of growing into a Sybil replacement.

    1. I'm growing fonder of Rose, as well. Whatever sneakiness she has it's not mean-spirited.

      Suzie, last week I blogged about the first hour. I see from the comments on FB that most people caught the one big surprise of that first hour. Mostly they were big set ups for the conflicts to come. I am already very annoyed with three people, but I won't say it yet. Tell us when we can chat!

  3. Downstairs crew is getting quite cheeky, aren't they?

    I felt like a couple of those dresses were horrid. Others were amazing. I loved one of Edith's coats!

    And, this isn't a spoiler btw, I'm happy to see the first of the two new 'men' will be around next week!

    I saw somewhere that Julian Fellowes feels there won't be a season 6. I'm a bit relieved. Five is supposedly agreed upon and I feel that, despite the large ensemble cast, the storylines will have run there course. Unless they jump to a new generation . . .
    (personally I'd like to see a WW11 season...)

    1. A WWII season would be fascinating. Good idea, Deb. Or maybe, just post WWII.

    2. oops sorry for that There Their mistake in my comment. Oh well. NOW I see it.

      Lisa, I don't know if you've seen Call the Midwives but I think it might be one of the best written shows out there. And there's always Foyle's War. I don't know if Downton and Fellowes can compete with them.

      I just don't want to face the death of the Dowager or Mrs. Patmore and Mrs. Hughes or Carson retiring! And Daisy needs to go be mistress of her big farm rather than head cook.
      A season of Baby George and Sybbie as 20 somethings facing WWll sounds like fun and it would mean a middle age Mary and Tom.
      and it can't turn out well for Edith and her "German" husband, eh?

  4. I was a good mama last night and didn't watch the whole thing since my DA-fan daughter needed to get to bed, so I have not yet watched it all either....the agony! So much to talk about! I don't want to spoil anything, but I will say that thus far:

    1) I still love Tom. He is so good with Sybbie and was kind to Mary. Oooh, that Edna is trouble, Tom. Stay away!
    2) I used to love Lord G. What happened to him? Or was it me that changed?
    3) Edith's dresses were delightful. Loved that peacock one she wore to meet her (tsk) married beau/boss or whatever for supper.
    4) Dowager rocks. As always.
    5) Love that Carson's first name is Charlie.

    1. Robert and Cora are on my "Annoying" list this season. Robert has always been a bit of a goof, a lovable goof, but I'm tiring of him. I thought he learned a lesson from Shrimpy!

      As always looking forward to next show. I know one spoiler and I was warned it might be coming up soon. Meanwhile. Edna is much worse than O'Brien!