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Monday, February 10, 2014

Exercise and Diet. Of course.

Around the holidays I convinced myself it was time to kick the carb addiction. It's always 'cold turkey' for me.

Cold Turkey? Wikipedia offers these origins...
  • A narrowing of the meaning "suddenly or without preparation," from cold turkey being a dish that requires little preparation; originally used for heroin addicts.
  • From the American phrase talk turkey meaning "to speak bluntly with little preparation".
  • Some believe the derivation is from the comparison of a cold turkey carcass and the state of a withdrawing addict — most notably, the cold sweats and bumpy flesh (goose flesh) (perhaps Cold Goose would have been more appropriate?
Sorry for the Bunny Trail (ha ha, another animal idiom)
Anyway. It works. I have to give up all sugary treats, white flour, white sugar, chocolate, anything that turns on the carb addiction.  By the way, this may include potatoes, which seems to go against my genetic makeup.  They are considered high glycemic.

Sometimes,  just dropping the 'treats' and sticking with lots of whole grains, veggies, beans and fruits (and peanut butter) does the trick. It certainly gets me off the carb train and I end up feeling much better.

I joined an online group. I'm supposed to report my progress, (exercise, weight, any lost inches...) So far this year, a month of effort hasn't done a thing for my weight.

I've actually added...gulp...real Exercise.

As in exercise videos that don't irritate my irritable knee. I really am glad I'm alone when I do this because I'm not a clumsy person, nor was I terribly un-athletic for a bookworm. BUT...Following aerobic instructors is way beyond me.  So I just play some dance exercise videos and when I can't keep up, I make it up. It's all about moving anyway.

I think it's a brain thing. If I can follow an instructor from the backside, I can mimic her. If she's facing me, the leftbrain/rightbrain thing fights me the whole time. Great excuse, huh?!

Okay. Truth is, I'm frustrated. Nothing has changed in 5 weeks of my efforts. I'm used to this. I dieted (strictly watched my food choices and counted calories) for 3 months last year and didn't lose a lb. Oh well.

But I finally found an exercise video I can do without looking like super klutz. It's Walking. Yes.  I walk three miles in my living room- 45 minutes of non stop marching with a wide variety of extra movements that break up any monotony.  For now, I'm watching it on You Tube.

(I'm probably breaking some rule here--just like that Death Comes to Pemberley Video I watched  and told Susie D about? Two days later it had been removed from You Tube...)

Allegedly, a few of the people in the video have lost significant amounts of weight doing this. I'm not exactly a couch potato but I do a lot of sitting for work and writing. I'll check in again in May when a family wedding comes around and let you know how I did!

Do you struggle with exercise plans, and changes in your eating? Well, of course you do. So what's your plan for the rest of February?  Let's find a way to improve!

The video is on You Tube but I can't embed it here. I do recommend it highly, and hope to purchase the DVD soon. I can't be certain this cover matches the video but the link above is correct.


  1. Good Monday Morning. UGH. I do just want to curl up and go back to bed, now that my pets are back to sleep (they might just leave me alone for a bit).

    But Monday means writing and will be a 'renewed' effort on my part to exercise more and drink more water.

    Did I say UGH yet?
    Have a great week, anyway!

  2. I love Leslie Sansone's videos! I found them by accident several years ago and they were a great way for me to get started back into exercise.

    You go, Deb!

    1. I did see she has quite a few. I could swear I had an exercise "Tape" of hers from 20years ago. Something about buns? ha ha.

      thanks for checking in and the encouragement!

  3. I'd like to have that "you must weigh XXX" thing that's in my head forcibly removed. The more I study about health and fitness and nutrition, the more convinced I am that muscle vs. body fat is what makes the difference. Not just in how we look, (and it will make us weigh more on the scale), but in how we feel and function and metabolize food.
    That said, I haven't been on the scale in months. I just can't do it. It makes me so miserable when the numbers are up or the same and I'm dealing with winter, hormones, and kid stuff now anyway... getting on the scale might be the last straw!

    1. My group leader says it's best measured in lost inches. Because if we truly tone up our loss of fat is made up for by gain of muscle. We'll notice it more by inches and how clothes fit rather than the scale. So, try doing measurements, stick to a routine, don't shoot yourself when you mess up and then try the measurements again at some time.

  4. Okay, you've inspired me to walk this video (at least give it a try). Of course, when I used to work in an office, I used to fast-walk an hour EVERY DAY and I didn't lose a pound.


    1. I once had a job in the summer where I probably walked at least 5 miles a day overall with physical labor and never lost a pound. So... I know it also had to do with the amount of calories I was taking in. Now I try to focus on controlling my intake of food in a healthier way ( i was probably not eating enough at the time I was using all those calories!) still, it's simple math if you eat an extra 1600 calories in a week, you can gain a lb. what's frustrating is that you can eat a cookie in 30 seconds and do a walk at lunch and maybe come out even. It's easier to NOT HAVE THE COOKIE. but so much harder!

  5. I want to get one of those BodyMedia fitness tracking things that measure your amount and degree of activity, your calories burned, your sleep cycles, etc.

    1. Does it give you a dressing down if you are just a total slug?

    2. LOL, I don't know! Maybe it zaps you like those collar things from that '60s movie whose name I cannot remember...

  6. I do not enjoy exercise. Ugh. But it does make me feel better. I am working up to 10K steps a day. Not even close yet but it's a goal.

    Good for you, Deb. I'm so proud of you, cutting carbs, joining a support group, and keeping at it!

    Watching the Olympics, I feel like such a slug compared to these people...

    1. Okay, I've put it of all day but I must go do my 3mi indoor walk. HAPPY FACE. ha!

      I saw about 5 mins of the men's Nordic race (cross country) yesterday. The announcers said it was basically uphill for 6 minutes which is the limit a body can take without shutting down due to anaerobic response. These athletes are amazing, aren't they?

  7. Deb, I've been doing something similar, but removing the common food intolerance foods, which include sugar and gluten. You have to do cold turkey, or it's self-defeating. As you mentioned, even a little bit of this stuff will restart the cravings.

    I've now added dairy and some soy sauce back into my diet, but if I even mess with the gluten or sugar I start craving them again, and then I'm starving and miserable by bed time. It's just not worth it.

    And I have lost eleven pounds, for the most part without being hungry, except on the few days that I cheated.

    1. Last year I dropped wheat for a month or so to see if it was a problem for me. I actually felt worse because of the added rice (the breads have a lot of rice flour). So I went back to 100%Whole Wheat. I'm going to try lots of water--that's the one trick I haven't used. Must get off this 'Plateau'! I did see your diet post and I checked out the book you mentioned.
      11 lbs is great!

  8. Oh, and my exercise recently has been a mini jogging trampoline and pilates while watching tv or netflix.