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Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Morning Quarterback - What Chick Flick did you Watch?

For years it was tradition in my house for my mother and I to choose a movie to watch in honor of Super Bowl Sunday.  A movie and some junk food...  I mean it was some sort of junk food national holiday, so who cares if you are actually watching a football game, right?

So, in honor of the occasion I found a post of the top 100 Chick Flicks. (ChickLitClub Blog)
What would you change about this list?
Is your favorite here?
What was the last one you sat through?

Upon looking at this particular list, I wondered what the real qualification is for Chick Flick?
Something a man would not want to sit through?
Women Power?

1. Thelma and Louise
2. The Notebook
3. When Harry Met Sally
4. Four Weddings and a Funeral
5. Beaches
6. Dirty Dancing
7. My Best Friend's Wedding
8. Muriel's Wedding
9. Ghost
10. Titanic
11. Bridget Jones' Diary
12. Pretty Woman
13. Bridesmaids
14. Mamma Mia
15. Steel Magnolia
16. Notting Hill
17. The Devil Wears Prada
18. 500 Days of Summer
19. Sleepless in Seattle
20. Love Actually
21. Peggy Sue Got Married
22. Bend it Like Beckham
23. The First Wives' Club
24. An Officer and a Gentleman
25. The Wedding Singer
26. Sliding Doors
27. P.S. I Love You
28. You've Got Mail
29. How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days
30. Mean Girls
31. Pretty in Pink
32. Terms of Endearment
33. Clueless
34. Legally Blonde
35. Jerry McGuire
36. Pride and Prejudice 2005
37. Erin Brockovich
38. Something Borrowed
39. Becoming Jane
40. 50 First Dates
41. In her Shoes
42.  St. Elmo's Fire
43. Going on 30
44. Must Love Dogs
45. Before Sunrise
46. Reality Bites
47. Miss Congeniality
48. My Sister's Keeper
49. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
50. Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion
51. The Lake House
52. Twilight
53. The Time Traveler's Wife
54. Sixteen Candles
55. Confessions of a Shopoholic
56. Desperately Seeking Susan
57. Bridges of Madison County
58. Letters to Juliet
59. Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood
60. Working Girl
61. Waiting to Exhale
62.  Sex and the City
63.27 Dresses
64. The Truth About Cats and Dogs
65. Fried Green Tomatoes
66. Bride Wars
67.Under the Tuscan Sun
68. Flashdance
69. While You Were Sleeping
70. Indecent Proposal
71. The Jane Austen Book Club
72. Footloose
73. The Wedding Date
74. Never Been Kissed
75. The Holiday
76. Moonstruck
77. Stepmom
78. Runaway Bride
79. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
80. Mermaids
81. Heathers
82. Moulin Rouge
83. Serendipity
84. Chocolat
85. Sweet Home Alabama
86. Some Kind of Wonderful
87. Love and Other Drugs
88.  Emma (1996)
89. The Wedding Planner
90. A Walk to Remember
91. Jane Eyre (2012)
92. Mona Lisa Smile
93. The Ugly Truth
94. Can't Buy Me Love
95. Sense and Sensibility (1995)
96. Sabrina
97. Burlesque
98. Truly, Madly, Deeply
99. It Could Happen to You.
100. The Sweetest Thing

Being a bit older, I might add- Romeo and Juliet, Love Story... I also love French Kiss, Fools Rush In, Romancing the Stone, Kate and Leopold, Leap Year, Possession. SOMEWHERE IN TIME on this list?  Seriously?

Are you a movie fan?  Check out my 'fave movies' on my Pinterest page. Tell me what favorites we share!


  1. There are quite a few movies on here that I've never seen. Some I'd never watch twice. So Chick Flick does not mean some instant favorite for me.

    The more I think of it, the more I don't understand the genre'. This is eye opening.

  2. i'd take Somewhere in Time over Jerry McGuire any day. Perhaps that's my bias against Tom Cruise showing (never have liked him in movies for some reason...)

    Of course, as a Tomboy, I'm not really a chick-flick guru girl. I tend to lean toward animated films more than anything else. Yeah, I'm weird...

    1. I completely agree.There was one good line in Jerry McGuire and that's it!
      And the fact Somewhere in Time was left off the list makes it suspect anyway...

    2. I'm right there with you ladies, on Somewhere in Time.

      It's the movie I use on my website to show how important research is to a writer. I'm not a fan of time travel movies because I can't wrap my head around the beginning/ending point, but I always enjoy this movie because of the historical setting and familiar-faced actors.

    3. DebH, you are NOT weird... we're different in a very good way. :)

  3. DebH -- I noticed there were no animated movies on the list, but I think a lot of the Disney types could qualify as Chick Flicks. The guys took me to see Frozen for my birthday, and it's definitely more than just a kid movie. (I saw Beauty and the Beast in a college town, and the theater was packed -- and not with little kids. There were 3 of us in our group, and we couldn't even find 3 seats together.)

    I've only seen 18 on that list of 100 (mostly the Jane Austen ones). I think my chick card needs revoked.

    1. I think I've seen 50 of them but my personal movie shelf is pretty much all 18th, 19th C dramas. At least I have Somewhere in Time on MY list!

      We could do our own top 100 but it would take a lot of work...would have to be just favorite movies not favorite chick flicks!

    2. Deb, I like your list a whole lot better than the one you posted here.

      Actually, as soon as I saw Thelma and Louise at the top of this list I knew I my idea of Chick Flick wasn't the same as everyone else's.

    3. I wonder if animated films aren't on the list because they are marketed toward the general population with an emphasis on children?

      Following on that... imagine if a film like Beauty and the Beast were marketed toward the Historical Romance or Speculative genres. Considering that the hero is beast, that could be marketed under whatever genre werewolves show up as well.


  4. Oh, and I watch Downton last night, of course.

    But Sherlock has to wait until tonight. 6:00 comes to early to stay up that late.

    1. Yes, and Sherlock was very long. Then... they had a special 'behind the scenes' after. Good thing I don't work on Mondays (my chosen day off for this very reason!)

    2. CJ, I watched it last night, too. So glad I can finally say it. :)

      Sherlock was long? Ugh. I set the tape for 2 hrs only and then didn't check because I was busy writing. :(

    3. I think you're okay. I'm pretty sure it was under 2 hrs!

  5. Well, ladies, I have to say I disagree about Tom Cruise. I haven't liked all the roles he plays, but he has certainly owned them. The guy can seriously ACT. Some actors lose out in the body language, but with Tom, even his facial muscles show that he is in the zone and believes for that moment, he really is that character. In other words, his acting pulls me into the story. And it's a given that you'll see him tear up in every movie. Um - that's tear as in teardrop not tear as in rip. Heh.

    1. I don't know what happened with Tom Cruise. I think perception of his personality started to affect his popularity as an actor. I agree he is a great actor, but I usually avoid his movies now. I liked Far and Away (if you can get past the bad accent) but twice was enough.
      A Few Good Men was his best, IMO. But it's unlikely I'd watch it again only because I have to be talked into a drama. I usually want costumes and witty dialogue!

  6. Well, just another sign I'm culturally clueless. I guess it just goes back to my general disinterest in contemporary culture. I've seen very, VERY few of these, and most of those I wouldn't watch again.

    9, 10, 32, 36 (because it's NOT modern), 49 (on a plane, and I did enjoy it even if I got cut off for landing right at the wedding), 65 (hated it), 69 (loved it), 88 and 95 (see #36). So, yeah, I'm definitely not a chick flick person, if this is the epitome of the genre.

    I'd rather watch football and sew. :D

    1. I agree- I might watch any of these if stuck on a plane! but very few would I watch again.

      okay - I think a movie like Letters to Juliet and Under the Tuscan Sun are pure Chick Flick. Some of those sad ones or strong dramas not so much.
      I own a few that I watch repeatedly ( I don't actually sit down and watch them. I just "watch" them while doing something else.)

      So, I'm guessing you watched the Super Bowl, DeAnna!

    2. Yes, I did! I didn't have a favorite team, but I was downright shocked at how badly the Brocos played. Guess that's why they play the games, because you never know what will happen.

  7. So - I'm another Somewhere in Time fan. And like Anita, Thelma and Louise is not my idea of a Chick Flick. Okay, auto correct does terrible things to the word "flick".

    Movies I would also add: Ever After, Raising Helen, Bride Wars, The Proposal, Ella Enchanted, and of course, Austenland (which I'm sure the author of the list hasn't seen yet).

    I would delete: Jerry Maguire, Moulin Rouge, Bridesmaids, Twilight, and Burlesque. They just don't fit my idea of the category.

    1. The Proposal was a lot of fun. And I have Ever After. Good call.
      Thelma and Louise is not uplifting. I want something that will make me laugh, sigh, possibly cry and then feel great about when it's done. Moulin Rouge? was just too confusing and depressing for me.

  8. The Proposal and Austenland are definitely lots of fun. Ever After is sweet. While You were Sleeping is also one I watch over and over, and a Walk to Remember.

    Deb, I dig Possession too!

    Yes, some of those have sad endings, but generally I like a nice HEA. So I saw Thelma and Louise and went, ??? Seriously? Heathers? Where they murder people?

    Lots of Disney movies make my cut. Enchanted. Tangled (love the lantern scene! "You were my dream." Sigh!). Beauty and the Beast is my all time favorite movie, just about ever.

    1. Which one is the Patrick Dempsey movie? That was a keeper. I think perhaps Enchanted?

    2. He was in Ella Enchanted, and also a cute one with Amy Adams, Leap Year.

    3. I looked it up because Leap Year is one of my favorites. Matthew Goode is hero... I didn't see Patrick Dempsey in there.

    4. Well...okay. I guess I just thought it was PD. Lol. Shows you what I know. If the actor's name doesn't begin with a Matthew, Hugh, or Downey, I guess I can't remember their names. ;)

  9. on my last girls getaway, we watched: Reds (Bruce Willis), Taken 2 (LIam Neeson) and probably a few chick flicks I can't recall because I'd seen them before. Those two action/drama movies aren't my usual faire so it's good to go with the crowd and branch out.

    I'll probably by Austenland sometime this year!

    1. We bring about 15 movies and then we have a variety depending on the mood at the time.

  10. Oh, yes, TONS of Disney not-just-for-kids movies are on my LOVE list. LOVED Tangled (especially the not-too-well-disguised Errol Flynn hero). Sleeping Beauty is my favorite. I even named my first book's hero after Prince Phillip. :D

  11. oh my! Fools Rush In is one of my favorites because of the line "You're everything I never knew I always wanted." Talk about a swoon worthy line...*sigh*

    I need to see Frozen and I love Tangled. The Iron Giant isn't a chick-flick per se, but I always cry near the end of the movie (chick flick crying here).

    as for Kate and Leopold *swwooooooon* Hugh Jackman is uber yummy. Of course it helps tons that he's so talented and committed to his wife and family too.

    1. Yes, Fools Rush In is one I own. So cute. I was never a big FRIENDS fan but I love that movie. So cute= swoonworthy is definitely a 'chick flick' requirement for me. And The Duke of Margarine! sigh!

    2. Frozen reminded me a lot of Tangled. And the music in Frozen is absolutely fabulous. My oldest (18-yr-old MALE college freshman) bought the soundtrack over his semester break.

  12. p.s. personal life is probably why I don't like Tom Cruise. although, again - I've never really been too much a Cruise fan - he just wasn't my type of hero I guess. I liked Tom Selleck and Harrison Ford in my younger days (until Hugh J came along *heh*)

    1. I have been longing to see Romancing the Stone for awhile, but also could stand to see Indiana Jones,now that you mention it. Not Chick Flick, but better!

  13. There is a Hugh Jackman movie I've never seen. It's called Paperback Hero. He is out on the Australian bush, and writes romance novels secretly. I don't believe it has ever been put into format for the U.S. Ugh.

    I just watched the Hugh Jackman, Ashley Judd, Greg Kinnear movie a few weeks ago and can't even recall the name of it. duh. They all work for a news broadcast? anyone???

    1. Oh, if you want to talk movies that aren't available in US format, The Abduction Club. I guess it came out in VHS ages ago, but never in Region 1 DVD. The VHS copies go for a pretty penny on ebay. (Although, I think I might have seen it available for download at the Apple store recently.) Great period romantic comedy. If you haven't seen it Deb, you simply must. Go watch the trailer on Youtube.

    2. Guess What? I have tried to watch it on You Tube and I've stolen two characters as 'templates' for a rough draft I wrote last year.
      I have loved what I've been able to watch of it!
      thanks for mentioning it!

  14. THANK YOU for adding Kate & Leopold to the list! One of my favorites. I mean really, how can you go wrong with time travel AND Hugh Jackman?

    1. ahah! yes. and a theme song by Sting.

    2. Ah, Kate and Leopold is a personal favorite... I watched it on the way to (or from) Chile on one of my first trips to Santiago. Talk about a perfect movie to get my mind off my fear of flying! :)

    3. I've had to go check out one of my favorite You Tube videos after all this Kate and Leopold chat.

    4. Yes, I love Kate and Leopold, too!

  15. I'd also include Serendipity, and Must Love Dogs, and a whole slew of silly high school movies.

  16. Hahaha.

    Check out this link, then pass it along to your husband:

    1. great article! works.

      and gives us the definition of chick flick:
      RELATIONSHIP movies... well, maybe, but that's a bit vague as well.

  17. Great idea for Superbowl night. Unless of course the Steelers are in, in which case I'm watching the Superbowl. Or rather, watching my dad watch the Superbowl. And I didn't see Failure to Launch on this list, although it had most of my favorites.

    1. We could probably make a decent length list to add here