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Friday, March 28, 2014

Burning Sky by Lori Benton. Books We Love

I heard about Lori Benton’s debut novel long before it came out in August of 2013 from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group. A friend of mine, Pat Iacuzzi, mentioned this incredible manuscript she’d had the pleasure to read. Pat has a lot of knowledge of the time period and setting. Knowing Burning Sky was set in New York State after the Revolutionary War certainly got my attention!

I consider this historical fiction with romantic elements. I’ll say right up front, it’s an incredible book. One of those ‘I wish I wrote it’ stories that I will always want to promote. 

Burning Sky is the name given to young Willa Obenchain when she is taken from her frontier home and adopted into the Wolf Clan of the Mohawk people. The novel starts when Burning Sky returns as a broken-hearted adult to the place of her childhood. Lori Benton has such depth in Willa’s story—the things she’s been through, their effect on her as she heals, and her focus on making a new life—that it’s difficult to put down.
Upon her return, Willa hopes to reclaim her family home and land. She must face the fact that her old neighbors suffered losses and deaths from the same ‘savages’ Willa left behind and considers her adopted family.  Not only does she have to deal the devastating grief that sent her back to the white world, she has to fight to prove her parents weren’t Tories before her home is auctioned off.  Her relationship with a Scots doctor, her Mohawk clan-brother, and the neighbor who loved her and searched for her after her kidnapping makes for a very compelling read. If that wasn’t enough, Ms. Benton has included two children who will steal your heart.

If you are a fan of historical fiction, historical romance, stories set in the colonial period—or are a fan of authors like Laura Frantz or Sara Donati, I’d strongly recommend Burning Sky.  Good news – Lori’s second book is coming out this spring! The Pursuit of Tamsen LittleJohn.

I wish I was much better at book reviews; I don’t like to tell you too much about what happens (you will find plenty of hints and spoilers in the over 100 Five Star reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads), but I had to post about this book.   

Unforgettable characters, spot-on historical detail, and incredible prose!

Congratulations to author Lori Benton for the nomination of Burning Sky as one of the TOP FIVE Fiction Books of the Year by the EPCA, as well as being a finalist in the the Grace Awards historical fiction category.


  1. Hello. Happy Friday!
    I'm at work all day but i'll try to check in this afternoon!

    I hope if you haven't read this book, you check it out!

  2. Debra, Burning Sky is an incredible story and Lori is an amazing writer! I'm honored to be able to say I knew her way back when and got to read some of the projects she was working on. I highly recommend her books!

  3. You will hear a lot about this book so here's a good chance to learn more now and get to know Author Lori Benton!

  4. Thank you for this review, Debra! What a blessing to wake up and find first thing this Friday morning. I'm so glad you enjoyed Burning Sky. :) Anyone interested in behind the scenes, extras details can find them on my website, and on Pinterest, where I have a Burning Sky board.

    1. I'm sorry it took so long to get to it. Actually I have the book but the font was difficult for me to read. I bought it in Kindle version, so I'll be giving it away at some point. It was such a delight to read, Lori. Congratulations on all your success with it!

  5. This book sounds wonderful. I can't wait to check it out. Thanks for the introduction to Lori Benton, Debra!

  6. Hi Lori and Deb--

    Of course I had to stop in and give my shilling's worth. Have read Burning Sky twice (what you do until the next book comes out :) and am eager to read "Tamsen".

    Once again, it was almost as if I'd followed Willa home...

    The Mohawk Valley area is still steeped in the colonial era. General Herkimer's home, Sir William Johnson's estate, Ft. Klock, Ft. Schuyler, Oriskany battle site, and of course, Ft. Stanwix, and all the places between the Hudson and west to the Niagara frontier.

    Thank you Lori, for letting us experience Willa's journey in such a vivid way.

    1. YAY Pat is in the house!

      As it usually happens, I wrote this post the other day and got an email from Pat within an hour. We haven't spoken all winter. pretty funny. Great to have you stop in. I have my own little story set around this time and the research is fascinating! We might just have to hit another historical event this summer!

    2. Aww, thank you, Pat. Your words mean so much to me. It's true all those places are so well preserved. The Mohawk Valley has so much history, and it's been well taken care of too.

  7. Mmm, sounds promising! Thanks for sharing, I'm putting this on my TBR list!