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Friday, November 28, 2014

The Costumes of Downton Abbey

I recently had the chance to stop at Winterthur Museum in Delaware (a Dupont Family mansion). It's an incredibly amazing place, and my friends and I really enjoyed the tour, but our purpose for this visit was to see the Downton Abbey costume exhibit.

What I want you to realize--and certainly photos do not capture all the details that wowed us out of our working class socks--was how incredibly detailed and rich the costumes are 'in person'. Lovely as they are on TV, the colors, special touches, and textures really have to be seen to be appreciated.

Winterthur's top-notch exhibit included some links to both the upstairs and downstairs members of its comparable-to-Downton history. There were multi-media and some hands-on displays, and no, I did not climb over the rope to touch anything!

The collection moves from Delaware to the west coast this winter, or so I heard... I hope so but a stop in the middle of the country would be nice.  Keep an eye open for news.

Thomas Barrow  and Mrs. Hughes
Anna's work dress for daytime

I believe Mary had her heart broken in this dress, or at least a come-uppance.
Tonal qualities of Miss O' Brien's uniform--something we don't see on the screen.

Cora's dress for Baby Sybil's christening

Who wore this?
You must know who wore this!
Mrs. Patmore
And that's it for this time. I have some fancy dresses, and a wedding dress as well as some of the men's costumes but it's better I stop now... More in part two, coming in December.


  1. Oh, I would just LOVE to see more. I love period clothing. These are so lovely.

    Thank you!

  2. These are great, Deb. And no, I don't know whose dress that one is. :( I watched 3 seasons during last Christmas holidays and then was only able to catch some of this season, and don't remember the dress. Who wore it?

    And when does the new season start?

  3. Was that Edith's dress? I'm clueless on the hat, but it's gorgeous!