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Friday, January 23, 2015

More Downton Abbey Costumes

Last year I showed you some of my photos from my visit to Winterthur Museum in Delaware, currently hosting the traveling exhibit of Downton Abbey costumes.

The colors of this fabric change in the light. The beadwork was amazing. There's so much detail we miss~

Incredible hand stitched embroidery details on Sybil's dress for Edith's wedding.

I did like this dress better than Mary's, but on close inspection, appreciated it even more.  

Cora's dress is so very lush

Look at the detail!   
Thanks for looking through. I hope have an idea what work goes into these dresses--details we don't see when we are so busy watching everyone and their reactions to dialogue.

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  1. My favorite ever was the harem pants outfit. Is that it up there in blue or is that a similar dress?