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Friday, February 27, 2015

Loving You Has Made Me Bananas

ramblings of the senior mind... by Debra E. Marvin

the older I get the more I think of younger days. The look back is much longer now than the look forward, but I'm not focusing on that. I think I just appreciate them more.  It's easy to forget the times of pain and worry and heartache. It's the lessons that have lingered. 

I find myself humming songs from my childhood, remembering funny things my grandmother did, and the many small ways I filled quiet days in my youth. I think this goes along with the age, of being a grandmother.  Goodness, being a mother leaves no time to look back, and maybe even to look at the day with any kind of focus!  Surely we all love time with our children, but we have a particular advantage when looking at our grandchildren. We get to experience the memories of our own children at those ages, and see both them and our grands with a more wizened eye.

You've heard it all. Life used to be simpler. I doubt that really, though it's absolutely true we didn't run to so many activities and feel so compelled to get the most out of every minute. Instead, the hard work of daily life was a smaller circle... more in tune with our home and our family.

There's not a lot of sadness in looking back. Regrets won't change a thing and thankfully all the good times seem to overshadow them.

While I'm the same girl who played alone in a barn, or cut out clothes for my trolls, listened to birds from my window, I'm a much wiser, satisfied version. 

I believe this particular nostalgia was brought on by unearthing a quilt I'd started when I was a teenager. I'm redecorating my sewing room/office spare room loft which prompts a good cleaning and organizing.
First of all, just the fact that I designed, cut and began to piece a quilt while a teenager makes me feel like I grew up in another century (yes I did, you're right, but I meant an even earlier one). I actually have a knitted blanket (afghan)  half done and a granny square (crochet) collection for a second blanket. If there are teens out there who are doing these things now, I'd like to know.

And.. a couple of weeks ago, my family was going through some old photos. I'm the only one who knows who half those people are in my mother's collection. I better start making notes, huh? 

Do any of you have these moments of nostalgia?  Are they punctuated by some song that hasn't been on the radio decades? I think I know as many songs from the 40s and 50s as I do from the 60s. Only because I learned them from my mother. 

Can you share one with us? I need to get "Loving you has made me Bananas" out of my head!


  1. Very true. How quickly the time went. I don't feel like an old lady, but I guess I am. :D

  2. My kids went to school 2 days in the past 2 weeks (and hubby is out-of-town), so I'm afraid I'm feeling like my kids are permanent appendages of me. Call it the no-time-for-anything-but-being-mommy phase.

    I don't sew (well, other than to reattach a button or mend a seam) and I was hopeless at knitting, but I did crochet and embroider/cross stitch in my youth. I made a number of afghans when I worked retail. It was hard on the legs, so I wanted to be sitting down as long as possible on every break. There were usually several others in the break room doing the same thing. I suppose now everyone would be on their phone/tablet.