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Friday, May 22, 2015

Freud and Jung and the Internet

Would these guys have fun with social media...or what?  I do manage to stay away from the worst of it and happily make my way through TheBookOfFace looking for photos of baby humans and animals (specifically my grandchildren). Twitter has its attraction—more so since photos automatically show up. And then there’s Pinterest. That basically rounds out my distractions. That’s enough, right?

What amazes me is the depths you can dig in a world wider than I ever imagined. Just the other day, I found myself checking a list of the "last meals of famous serial killers". Fascinating. Well worth those two minutes I lost to it.  People are weird. Makes you feel like at least you 'belong', right?

Admit it, you'd like to know, too.  "Some requests go a little overboard: In that Texas case, convicted white supremacist murderer Lawrence Russell Brewer put in his order for two chicken-fried steaks, one pound of barbecued meat, a triple-patty bacon cheeseburger, a meat-lover's pizza, three fajitas, an omelette, a bowl of okra, one pint of Blue Bell Ice Cream, some peanut-butter fudge with crushed peanuts, and three root beers — and the request was granted."  Worst part is that I totally respect his choices, and, hey what flavor was the ice cream?

My obsession with hand-held device word games died out (as my Inkwell “words with friends”  will attest.)  I think it coincided with my newer obsession with Pinterest. You name it, there’s a board or fifty devoted to it.  I’m sure that Crafts Made With Ear Wax is on there somewhere. Go ahead. Look it up. I did.

I’m so glad I don’t have a smart phone yet.  And I’m a terrible texter. I have to put my virtual foot down somewhere, right?
To prove I live on the edge...while I'm driving, I am totally cut off from cyberspace and even the radio announcers. Spooky, huh. 

So, what's your favorite electronic have-to-be-connected, time-wasting hobby? 


  1. Deb, my oldest daughter convinced me to play Words with Friends. We played for about two weeks. She quit on me but I found some other friends to play with. When I got a new phone, I didn't put WWW on it. Then school started and Jerah discovered Trivia Crack. While I was mediocre at playing WWW, I was good at TC. Who knew I knew such random info?! Or I was just a good guesser. But then I got busy with writing and games expired.

    Even though I was mediocre at WWW and good at TC, the games eventually bored me. Because I'm impatient. I don't like waiting for my friends to do their turn. So I play Farm Saga or enjoy relaxing moments on Pinterest.

  2. I like Candy Crush. It's kind of nice to have on my phone when I'm waiting at the dentist, or whatever.

    Pinterest could swallow me whole, I think. Too much fun on there!

  3. Pinterest and Candy Crush. Who knew I was such a visual person?