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Friday, June 26, 2015

The Fairies Next Door

Of all the silly things I don’t have time for, making a fairy village is near the top of the list. But of course, I’m planning for the new Fourth of July family tradition. Last year, we started with ‘fairy village in a pot’.  My granddaughters were all over this like s’mores on a toddler’s face and hands. My grandson politely said, "no, thank you." Part container garden, part fairy homestead.
First we painted small wooden houses. Not exactly the wood tones I would have chosen (I guess these were rasta-fairy-ian fairies.) but the painting went well, as did the landscaping.  This included both live plants of the small variety, and artificial flowers popped into tiny little vases. (The vases were tossed out with old science equipment—some sort of lab mini plastic vial).
I knew that horticulture degree would come in handy.

Granddaughter #1 with her creation
We added dried moss, gossamer-like fabric (left over from a butterfly wing costume, of course), seashells, and sea glass.

The project was successful, but only made me more expectant for season two, and the upgrade to a full village in 2015. I expect there will be some grout involved somewhere. I mean, you’ve seen all the samples on Pinterest, right? 

Last summer, we visited a Fairy House competition. Everything in each set up was completely natural, as in, no artificial flowers or paint.  While I won’t be competing anytime soon, it was a lot of fun and sparked our creativity.
One of many Fairy Houses in the competition (Corn Hill Festival, Rochester NY)
Our fairies go to North Carolina for the winter. (Thankfully… we had two feet of snow most of the winter) But they’re back and looking for an upgrade.

If you don’t think I’m telling the truth, then how did ‘shed’ fairy wings, end up in the bed of one of our houses?

Yes, while cleaning up over Memorial Day weekend, my granddaughter found dragonfly wings in the bed of her house. Imagine my surprise when she pulled out real wings!

Granddaughter #2 showing off the fairy wings she found. I don't know how fairies lose their wings.
Maybe I don't want to know.

I promise to share this year’s results with you later this summer. 

Do you ‘village’ like I do? Small or big? We allow gnomes in ours, too, of course.


  1. I love fairy house pictures on the web. they always make me want to start animating a story with them. Finding dragonfly wings in the fairy house sounds really interesting. I didn't know wings could be lost... unless the body was taken away first. Hmm, a mystery.

    I might have to try this idea with my five year old boy - he appears to be intrigued by fairy-like creatures. Fascinated by the idea since he watched "rise of the guardians"

  2. I do not village like you do, but I think it's amazing!

  3. I really want a fairy garden, Deb. So cute! I have a fairy door that you prop against a tree. <3 this stuff.