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Friday, June 24, 2016

RELEASE PARTY for Starlight Serenade


THE AMAZON GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED! Congratulations to my five winners!  But I'm still giving away a copy to one of our readers who comment and safely leave their email address!

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The Englishman would look back one day and blame it all on Jazz...

Flagstaff, Arizona, 1930

Full-time astronomer, and part-time sharp dresser Julian Dyson didn't discover Pluto, but he does discover a nasty case of self-righteousness when a former Ziegfeld Girl's folly threatens his good name.
Broadway understudy Clara Longworth, and her peculiar younger brother, are on their way to a new life in Hollywood when they are stranded along Route 66. Clara is asked to fill in as nightclub entertainment, but her good intentions set her up as accomplice in the blackmailing of a government man who makes the real thugs look classy.
Until Julian and Clara put their heads together for more than dancing the Black Bottom, their big-as-the-night-sky dreams are on target to fail. Maybe they need a telescope to see what's right in front of their starry eyes.

So come on in. We've got the ballroom all to ourselves for a private party. Prohibition is over, but gosh, don't you love the clothes? Don't worry about a ride. The Lowell Observatory's fancy paneled station wagon can get you back to the bus station in time for you to continue your trip down Rt. 66!

I've visited Flagstaff, but I had a blast hanging out in the Flagstaff of 1930. Pluto had just been discovered at the Lowell Observatory, Western Author Zane Grey had a suite at the Weatherford Hotel, Prohibition was failing miserably, Flagstaff hosted their first PowWow, and (surprise!) politicians were manipulating people for money. 

But the music and clothes were classy! 

Myrna Loy circa 1930
 with just the sass a gal needed to get by in those days

Julian Ovendon as Charles Black in Downton Abbey
Julian happens to do a lot of singing over on my
 Pinterest Page.

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So, get a wiggle on and answer one of these questions...

1.)What's your favorite decade for fashion during the 20th century?

2.)Have you ever driven The Mother Road, Route 66?

or 3) Would you be willing to read and review Starlight Serenade?

Okay - thanks for visiting.  I hope you'll return in July with an All Inky Route 66 Extravaganza!  Until then, enjoy a little bit of the Black Bottom. You really do need to get up out of that chair and dance.  Erlene's fried chicken is ready, and the church ladies are bringing over their favorite Depression-era casseroles!

Me, with gratuitous Saguaro Cactus background.


  1. 1. I love the fashion of the 40's!2. I have been on parts of route 66, including Arizona. 3. Yes I would read and review Starlight Serenade.

    1. Thank you for commenting! I agree about the fashions. I wonder why they seem so much classier to me.

    2. I'd love to add you to the list, but I can't do so without an email address

  2. 1. I love the clothes of the 1930s. Myrna is one of my favorites (even modeled my heroine after her!), and doesn't she look stunning?

    2. Never have been on Rt 66 to my knowledge.

    3. Definitely will read and review the book . . . as soon as I have time. :D

    Congratulations! This looks like so much fun. Can't wait to read.

    1. Thanks DeAnna! I definitely love this period. "Having" to watch old movies was such a wonderful thing!

  3. Wahoo! So excited for you, Deb! I love this adorable story and am so glad to see it out!

    Yes, I have been on parts of Route 66. Now I've got the song in my head. (Well it goes through St. Lou-ee, down through Missour-ee...)

    Oh boy, clothes. I can't pick just one era! That's too hard! (Well, up to hippie styles. But before then, I'm good.)

  4. Woo hoo! This looks like such a fun book. Congrats, Deb!!!

  5. Such a cute idea for a series and a book! Love the cover :)

  6. This sounds like a great story! I have never been on Route 66 but would love to go...My husband and I thoroughly enjoy road trips and stopping at whatever strikes our fancy at the moment!
    elaineking1 at hotmail dot com

  7. Congratulations, Deb!

    Hmm. Favorite 20th century fashions? Definitely the earliest decade, before women became "fast" and exposed their ankles and even their (horrors!) knees. The hussies.

    Anyone else notice that skirt lengths in the 20th century alternated decades for a while? The 10's -- long. The 20's -- short. The 30's -- longer again. The 40's -- short. The 50's -- longer. The 60's -- short. (And then there was a major revolution and women moved away from skirts altogether. I don't think my grandmother ever wore pants in her life. And spend the majority of my time in them.)

    1. Yes, my one grandmother went for pant suits and polyester (she was a flapper). My other grandmother never got out of calico house dresses. Sure, she didn't live long enough to see the '70s, but I doubt she would have ever gone for pants.

    2. Neither of my grandmothers ever wore pants or drove a car. O.o

  8. For fashion, it was definitely the 1920s! I love those low-waisted dresses! As for driving Route 66, I've never actually been on it, but I followed its route down to Fort Leonardwood, MO, to pick up my then-boyfriend from basic training. It was fascinating and a little sad to see the disintegrating roads alongside the freeway.

    1. Oh, I almost forgot! lol Here's my email: mylittlebirdie (at) yahoo (dot) com

    2. Haha! very good. Always good to remember the email address! I loved imagining my heroine in those late 20s dresses, Karen. It helped to have a boyish figure and not be curvy. I guess curvy 'grew' in popularity again by the forties!

  9. Sounds like a fantastic book! Favourite clothing era...I love the look of the 40's. So much so. :)
    Never been on Route 66...
    And for the 3rd question: I'm taking a break from reviewing, otherwise my answer would've been yes! :)
    Best wishes with this book release!!

    1. Thanks Raechel! I appreciate you stopping in!

  10. WE HAVE OUR WINNER! EXCEPT I'm going with TWO!
    Congratulations Karen and Elaine!

    1. Thank you so much! looking forward to reading it!!!