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Friday, September 23, 2016

O Christmas Town

"All across America are quaint towns with nostalgic Christmas names. In this collection, visit six such towns full of romance and Christmas spirit as couples find the true meaning of the holidays and love. Grab your favorite blanket, a hot cup of cocoa, and curl up with romance of a by-gone era"

O Christmas Town Boxed Set - Six Sweet Novellas set in Holiday Towns across the U.S.A. from Forget Me Not Romances. USE THIS LINK: 99cents on Kindle or free with Kindle Unlimited!

Last December I released my first novella, Desert Duet. Now it's part of this great collection, with five other Christmas novellas. 
O' Little Town of Christmas. 99cents for the boxed set!

One of these days, that fireplace is going to look so cozy, and you'll love this song as much as I do!

I'll be giving away one digital copy of the boxed set to one random commenter who'd like to be in the drawing. It ends 9/26 at midnight EDT. Leave your email safely--SallySnowflake (at) yahoo (.com) for example... so we know you're interested.  
And a second boxed set to someone who'd like to review! Let me know!

A Christmas Stamp by Cynthia Hickey
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Lilly Tipton has her first job as a telephonist in the picturesque town of Noel, Missouri. When she is injured riding her bicycle home from her job, she finds herself thrust into judging a contest to find a postmark that represents her little town. Not a difficult task other than the fact she must work with the very man who almost ran her over...the handsome mail carrier, Calvin Monroe.
After the death of his father and brother, and an injury obtained during his short time as a college football player, Calvin has no other plans than to work at his job and care for his mourning mother. When he literally runs into the lovely new telephonist, he knows all his future plans are changed. What he thought important turns out not to be.
As the town prepares for notoriety with its postmark contest, Lilly and Calvin must set aside their plans and let God take the reins of their future.

The Substitute Bride by Carrie Fancett Pagels
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A Christmas Carol meets It’s A Wonderful Life...
A letter for Sonja’s deceased friend arrives at the post office in Shepherd, Michigan, and with it a proposal. With her father threatening to kick her out of his home, Sonja impulsively responds, offering to travel west to be a substitute bride. At the same time, Louis’s railroad promotion sends him back to Michigan, the one place on earth he’d hoped to never return—where Christmas past was full of pain. A mysterious stranger leaves him marked copies of “A Christmas Carol” as he considers romancing Sonja in Christmas present. Will Louis discern the best choices for Christmas future? Does it include the Poor House, again? Even so—will God bring healing and love to him this year? 

Letters from Santa by Becca Whitham
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Army intelligence officer Alex Stevens has been trying to prove his father didn’t desert during WWII so his mother can receive survivor benefits. He’s followed every lead until it ran dry. Then Violet Poplovich, the daughter of another soldier who deserted at the same time as Alex’s father, walks into his office with a check she thinks came from the army. But the army doesn’t issue checks from the First National Bank of North Pole, Alaska. All Alex wants is the truth, and he wants Violet to help him find it.
Violet doesn’t want to believe her father’s a deserter, and she certainly doesn’t want to believe he’s been sending cashier’s checks for fifteen years without ever trying to contact her. Except maybe he has...disguised as Santa. When she receives some mysterious gifts, Violet is forced to consider that her father may be alive.
Both of them are looking for the same man, and the only person who can help is Santa.

An Angel for Mistletoe by Teresa Ives Lilly
Find out more about Teresa's Fiction
When Angelica Cartwright heads to Kentucky to begin her teaching career, she never dreams she will be waylaid in Mistletoe Kentucky with a broken foot and cared for by a handsome wood carver and his daughter. However, she soon finds that Luke Tanner is also carving himself onto her heart. 
Desert Duet by Debra E. Marvin
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Merry Christmas from Humbug, Arizona. Wish You Were Here! 
It’s 1933 in the good old US of A. In the midst of drought, the Depression, and gangsters on the lam, America finds solace in Hollywood's Golden Age. 
Ex-pilot Eugene Tanner, determined to pen the lyrics for the movie industry's first "Best Song" award, books a rushed December stay at the remote Humbug Creek Guest Ranch (A Gold Mine of a Getaway!) Where better to find inspiration for an epic Western, than amid all that trail dust and burnt coffee? 
Thea Knight gives up her short holiday break from the studio’s costume department to play cowgirl hostess at her family’s struggling guest ranch. But instead of helping their witty and handsome guest, she becomes his biggest distraction. Old flames and past regrets take a backseat when the pair become embroiled in a ghost town mystery marring Humbug, Arizona’s rustic Christmas. Thankfully, the cowgirl is as fast with her Winchester as she is with her comebacks.

Searching for Joy by Linda Baten Johnson
When young widow Ingrid Larkin opens the door of her tenement on a cold December night, trouble enters. Living in the shadow of the meat packing plant, death often comes calling, but the injured worker brought to her door is a stranger.
Caleb Finsson’s dangerous assignments never threaten anyone but himself, until he lists a fictitious address on a work card that matches the residence of a beautiful woman.
Separate goals lead Ingrid and Caleb to Joy, Illinois, a little town whose very name promises hope and happiness, but both must resolve past issues before searching for a joy-filled future. 

Okay - there you have it. Now, tell me, how early do you start decorating for Christmas? 
(and don't forget to comment if you'd like to be in the drawing for this cheery boxed set!)


  1. I rate high on the scrooge-meter. I don't like the expectations it puts on people. I like a nice day to spend with family, not a contest for the most presents or fanciest decoration.

  2. What a fantastic price for this box set! I will pop over to buy my copy (or is it copies?!).

    We have started decorating Thanksgiving weekend lately because we have a party for our church elders early in December and for some reason, there's never any other time to decorate before that. We probably will do that again this year, to take advantage of our college girl being home so she can help!

    Congrats, Deb!

  3. PS Nat King Cole's "The Christmas Song" is one of my favorites!

  4. Congrats, Deb. I think you need to do another story, this time set in Bethlehem, PA.

    I'm not Scrooge -- yet. I put up decorations in December. How many is largely determined by external factors. (If I'm going to be hosting a party or we are staying in the area, I'll put up more. Less if we're going to be leaving town. That said, I can see myself becoming more curmudgeonly as I get older. By January 1, the decorations are adding to clutter and making my house feel small and I'm ready to pack them away again.