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Monday, February 13, 2017

Release Party--Valentine Matchmaker Collection--And Conversation

The Valentine Matchmaker Collection (*digital Ebook) includes nine sweet novellas, contemporary and historical, from Authors Mary Alford, Brandi Bobbie, Martha Rodgers, Jennifer Vander Klipp, Jennifer Collins Johnson, Sherri Stewart, Gail Gaymer Martin. 

And Inkies Niki Turner and Debra E. Marvin. 
Here's the link to Amazon. Spring for the 99cents and make us happy!  If you're a paperback only reader, Niki is your girl. See her offer below!

So, we need a party! We searched the Four Corners area without much luck, and decided on The Draper Castle in Draper, Utah. Let's say it's somewhere half way between Grand Canyon Village and "Indigo", Colorado, We've got 23k square feet, so you should find plenty of space to spread out in. 

 Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Single Awareness Day! 

Are you a romantic? 

Give us your romance rating from 1 to 10. 

Just grab a bowl and a spoon!

(what were we doing? I forgot. Oh - right)

SWEET TALK by Niki Turner
Indigo, Colorado.

When Piper Delaney and Emory Barrett, who have sworn off dating and romance after painful breakups, find themselves hosting a romantic radio program that has been making matches between people for decades, they’ll have to decide whether to take a chance on romance again. How can they resist when they’re surrounded by love songs?

(PS, don't let the dog on the furniture)


WHY NOT? by Debra E. Marvin
pinterest page

Grand Canyon, 1914

Society girl Amber Wynott’s wintry escape to the Grand Canyon provides a chance to pursue her dream and prove she has what it takes to be a successful architect. It doesn’t take long to realize the incredible scenery can’t hide the simmering anger between ‘railroad money’ and the struggling locals. 

Which side is master builder Stone Morrison on?

Amber has met her match in the handsome, hard-headed man. He’s been directed to keep an eye on her, but when iron meets iron—oh the sparks! As their unlikely old matchmaker tells them, pride goes before a fall, and this is a bad place to fall. Will danger finally knock some sense into the pair?

Ahhhhh. This is more like it!

Between back to back deadlines for the last year, buying a weekly newspaper and becoming a full time publisher and editor this year, Niki hasn't managed to create a newsletter. But if you follow her Facebook author page and leave her a message, you'll be entered into a drawing for a print copy of "Sweet Talk" and a print copy of "Blue Ribbon Brides."

New subscribers to Debra's newsletter will be eligible for a $25.00 Amazon gift card. To do so, visit her website,, or click the SIGN UP link here. or email debra (at) If you're already a subscriber, send someone over and tell me via the above email, and you'll be in the drawing as well!
Shades of Brown  in honor of HERMIT'S REST

And because two deadlines isn't enough, Deb's been playing with her sewing machine again, and is giving away a quilted Table Runner called "Hermit's Rest", the setting of Why Not.  But, please note in a comment if you'd like to be in the drawing.

Note: The prizes have gone back in the vault in our secret underground Inky location.

No Patrick Dempseys were harmed in the making of this post.


  1. Okay. It's Monday. I actually bought this collection for myself this weekend, after giving a bunch of them away. I'm looking forward to catching up with all the stories. (But I'll skip mine. Read it about...what...200 times? Feels like it. Not for fun, but to think about every little word. Doesn't writing sound like fun? Now you know why we post photos of actors and chocolate when we're done!

  2. LOL. Yes, once a book is out I don't even want to think about it again. Which can make marketing kind of hard!

  3. Wahoo! Congratulations, ladies! So excited for you. The stories in the collection all sound adorable and I'm looking forward to curling up with them...or at least the ones I haven't yet read. (Perks of being a crit partner!)

    Happy happy Valentine's Day and Single Awareness Day to us all. Bring on the chocolate!

  4. This is a surprise! Good going, Deb and Niki.

    So there are 2 prizes? One for the digital form of the whole Valentine collection? And a second prize for the quilted table runner? And both end on Feb 24?

    1. Niki is giving away a print copy of Sweet Talk, and a Print copy of Blue Ribbon Brides. I'm giving away an ebook Boxed Set of Valentine Matchmakers and a quilted table topper.
      So... I hope we get some visitors! Thanks for helping! All the giveaways end on the 24th.

    2. So 1 person will win both of Niki's print copies?

    3. I believe our goal is four winners

  5. One will win a print copy of Sweet Talk, and one will win a print copy of Bly Ribbon Brides. Provided we get enough entries!

    1. Great! Thanks, Ladies. I like being sure of what I'm promoting. :)

  6. Thanks, Deb and Niki. Love the pictures. :) My story was very special for me to write as it commemorates the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Set on the magical Oahu, love can't help but be in the air.

    Great giveaway. I love the table runner. Thanks again for the feature.

    1. I love the premise if your story Martha and i will soon be reading it!

    2. Hope you enjoy it, Debra. Soon as I turn present manuscript in to editor later today, I'll get back to reading them all.

  7. Congratulations! Great post, too.

    I'm glad no Patrick Dempseys were at risk. ;)