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Lisa Karon Richardson

Influenced by books like The Secret Garden and The Little Princess, Lisa Karon Richardson’s early stories were heavy on boarding schools and creepy houses. Now, even though she’s (mostly) grown-up she still loves a healthy dash of adventure in any story she creates, even her real-life story. She’s been a missionary to the Seychelles and Gabon and now that she and her husband are back in America, they are tackling a new adventure, starting a daughter-work church in a new city while trying to raise a family. Curtain Call, the third in the Charm and Deceit, series co-authored with Jennifer AlLee, released in March, 2014.

Impressed by Love in the Colonial Courtships Anthology

Following her parents’ deaths, Phoebe Carlisle is traveling with her uncle, captain of the H.M.S. Aries, to live with cousins. An attack by a French ship-of-the-line forces them to seek refuge along the Connecticut River.

Doctor Alden Ingersoll prefers to be in control of any situation, but his fate is ripped from his grasp when he’s pressed into the Royal Navy to tend an injured captain. In Phoebe’s company, Alden finds his desire to escape the ship fading. But pursuing her means abandoning hope of returning to his medical practice and his family.

The Magistrate's Folly

Condemned for a crime she didn't commit, Merry Lattimore is transported to the American Colonies as convict labor. When Graham Alexander, the magistrate who judged her guilty, discovers that she is innocent, his sense of justice compels him to travel to Virginia with her pardon. Sparks fly like one of Ben Franklin's experiments when they are forced together by the search for a murderer. Will his greatest folly be condemning her or trying to rescue her?

Diamond in the Rough 
Book 1 in the Charm and Deceit Series

Lily Rose is the only heir to the Rose lumber empire, a distinction that has left her suspicious of men and their motives. Still, she does believe in love and strives to be the perfect daughter and the perfect candidate for matrimony. Despite her best efforts she always falls a bit short, at least in her own mind.

Grant Diamond is a professional gambler on the run from his past. When he comes across a wagon wreck, the chance to permanently throw off his pursuers is too good a gamble to pass up. His plan takes an unexpected turn when Lily mistakes him for the missionary she requested to work with the Wiyot Indians. Seeing Eureka as a place he can lay low for awhile, Grant plays along. Before he knows it, he's bluffing his way through sermons and prayer meetings and building an Indian school.

Lily finds herself falling in love with Grant. But how will she feel when she finds out the selfless preacher she so reveres is really a fraud? When the Pinkerton who’s trailed him across the country shows up, and a local ruffian rouses new hatred against the Indians, Grant fears the fragile new life he’s built may crumble around his feet like a house of cards.

Midnight Clear in the Mistletoe Memories Anthology

Olympia Paris has never had a family outside Angel House. After "graduating" from the orphanage, she stayed on to teach and has now inherited the task of running Angel House. On the brink of another lean Christmas, Olympia thinks she's content with her lot. She’d just really like to give the children something to celebrate. Then Theodore Carstairs arrives at Schooley’s Mountain. He had been adopted years ago. But now he's back, and he has big plans to revitalize the town by rebuilding the resort. He’s intent on playing Father Christmas to most of the town. It's too bad he'll have to tear down the orphanage to do it.

Vanishing Act
Book 2 in the Charm and Deceit Series

Pinkerton agent, Carter Forbes is called home to Washington DC for a special assignment on President Lincoln’s security detail. After several years away, he’s thankful to return to his disabled sister, Emily. He prays for her physical condition often, but upon his return it becomes apparent that he should have been praying for her spiritual condition, as well. She's become involved with spiritualists, including a Miss Avila who also has her hooks in the First Lady. 

Juliet Button doesn't even believe in ghosts, but she believes in supporting her makeshift family of misfits. She spent years as assistant to her illusionist uncle and now has all the skill needed to make an audience believe the impossible. So she becomes Miss Avila, a medium. She wants nothing to do with a detective who can destroy the life she’s built, but when the President's youngest son is kidnapped and the First Lady asks for her help, she can't refuse. Even if it means facing a Pinkerton and possibly falling in love.

Curtain Call 
Book 3 in the Charm and Deceit Series

After the loss of her lower leg following a violent robbery, Emily Forbes gave up her expectations of a husband and family of her own. Instead she has focused on becoming a renowned opera singer. At last it seems her dream is within her grasp. She overrides her brother’s concerns about her disability and heads off to New York. While promoting the production she hears a familiar name: DeKlerk. Soon she's digging through one of her brother's old cases. The only case he never closed.

Samuel De Klerk is a respected physician. After serving in the Civil War and witnessing the devastating effects of privation and war on fellow soldiers’ physical and mental wellbeing, his clinical interests turned to diseases of the mind. He’s now a doctor to the mad—an alienist –with little time for frivolity. He agrees to invest in the opera in his sister's memory, but when he catches Emily prying into the past, his life is upended again. As they work to solve a case gone cold and bring a murderer to justice, tolerance for each other turns to mutual respect. Can love be waiting for them in the final act?

An Unscripted Courtship

The play's the thing when a resident of Tuxedo Park wants to produce a re-imagined Shakespearian script in an amateur theatrical. The play was written by Julia Wren, the daughter of the local ice cream parlor owner. She delightedly agrees to see her play on the stage, but her excitement wanes when one of the park's notorious playboys, Robert Malcolm wins the lead role. He makes his interest in Julia clear, but attractive though he is, she knows park dandies only marry girls of their own class. Parting is such sweet sorrow until a script is burned then props start going up in smoke. When the attacks become more personal, Robert and Julia must cross the social divide in order to catch an arsonist before someone is seriously injured. As the bard said, “love ever runs before the clock.”