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Love in Store 
by Anita Mae Draper:

Hidden love notes hint at what’s in store for reserved shopkeeper Adam Hazelton when straight-talking typist Janet Smith sneaks anonymous declarations of her affections among the items of his store.

Love in Store is one of 9 novellas in The Secret Admirer Romance Collection, Barbour Publishing, May 2017. This historical romance collection features concealed love being courageously revealed without any reassurance that it will be reciprocated.

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Sweet Love Grows 
by Anita Mae Draper: 

Amelia Cord never doubted her father's love despite her illegitimacy. When he dies without a will, handsome by-the-books attorney Jeremy Moore produces a vindictive legal heir who demands her eviction without an inheritance. Can sweet love grow in spite of the odds?

Sweet Love Grows is one of 9 novellas found in The American Heiress Brides Collection by Barbour Publishing, January 2017, In this historical romance collection nine wealthy women struggle to find love in a society that values money first.

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Valiant Hearts Book 1
A Medieval Adventure/Romance from Bethany House Publishers
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Born a baron's daughter, Lady Merry Ellison is now an enemy of the throne after her father's failed assassination attempt upon the king. Bold and uniquely skilled, she is willing to go to any lengths to protect the orphaned children of her former village--a group that becomes known as "The Ghosts of Farthingale Forest." Merry finds her charge more difficult as their growing notoriety brings increasing trouble their way.

Timothy Grey, ninth child of the Baron of Greyham, longs to perform some feat so legendary that he will rise from obscurity and earn a title of his own. When the Ghosts of Farthingale Forest are spotted in Wyndeshire, where he serves as assistant to the local earl, he might have found his chance. But when he comes face-to-face with the leader of the thieves, he's forced to reexamine everything he's known. 

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Valiant Hearts Book 2

Sleiman's Valiant Hearts Series Offers 

Unforgettable Heroines

Strong and adventurous Gwendolyn Barnes longs to be a knight like her chivalrous brothers. However, that is not an option for her, not even in the Arthurian-inspired Eden where she dwells. Her parents view her only as a marriage pawn, and her domineering father is determined to see her wed to a brutish man who will break her spirit.

When handsome, good-hearted Allen of Ellsworth arrives in Edendale searching for his place in the world, Gwendolyn spies in him the sort of fellow she could imagine marrying. Yet fate seems determined to keep them apart. Tournaments, intrigue, and battles--along with twists and turns aplenty--await these two as they struggle to find love, identity, and their true destinies.

Dance from Deep Within
Three unlikely friends learning to dance to the song of the spirit.
Dance from Deep Within

Despite her conservative Muslim heritage, Layla Al-Rai longs for a chance to earn her degree in engineering and perhaps even…dare she dream…to choose her own husband. But young women from her background rarely enjoy such freedoms. When she finally talks her parents into letting her attend college, she is drawn to fellow twenty-something students, Allie and Rain, over a class project. Allie, the blonde ballerina, faces her own struggles as she deals with an ex-fiancé and a church she had hoped to leave behind. Rain, the bi-racial hippie chick, longs for something to believe in, but her questioning could cost her the love of her life. When Layla’s childhood sweetheart reenters her world, it seems her dreams might become real. Until everything falls apart. When she meets truth face to face, will she find the courage to accept it—even if it requires the ultimate sacrifice?

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The Reluctant Earl by C.J. Chase 

Alone in a gentleman's bedchamber, rummaging through his clothing—governess Leah Vance risks social ruin. Only by selling political information can she pay for her sister's care. And the letter she found in Julian DeChambelle's coat could be valuable—if the ex-sea captain himself had not just walked in.
 As a navy officer, Julian knew his purpose. As a new earl, he's plagued by trivialities and marriage-obsessed females. Miss Vance's independence is intriguing—and useful. In return for relaying false information, he will pay her handsomely. But trusting her, even caring for her? That would be pure folly. Yet when he sees the danger that surrounds her, it may be too late to stop himself….
by Pamela Griffin, Laurie Alice Eakes, Gina Welborn, and Jennifer Hudson Taylor
Head to historic North Carolina where a brooch unites the lives and loves of four women. Dangerous accusations force Seona to leave Scotland with the brooch in tow, but will she find peace before her past is revealed? Years later, Fiona hopes to recover the brooch only to wind up on the whipping block. Can she trust the man who comes to her rescue? Seren sells the brooch to open a confectionery, but will the precious heirloom be lost to a hopeless dream? When the brooch is stolen, can Brynna reclaim it before she loses something even more valuable?
Gold, Frankincense, and Murder by Barbara Early
High school geometry teacher, Donna Russell likes her life well-ordered and logical, even if it is a tad solitary at times. But when a charming co-worker at the local food bank disappears just before Christmas, Donna is left with more questions than solutions. After the missing man's neighbor, muscle-bound EMT Sam Holton, volunteers as Donna's crime-fighting sidekick, sparks fly between them. Donna wonders if Sam can be trusted, or if he's trying to throw an unknown into her calculations—and her life. And when police recover a body from the icy Niagara River, Donna is faced with the most frustrating equation of all: can murder plus mayhem ever equal romance? Love in Three Quarter Time by Dina Sleiman
When the belle of the ball falls into genteel poverty, Constance Cavendish must teach the dances she once loved to help her family survive. The opportunity of a lifetime might await her in the frontier town of Charlottesville, but the position will require her to instruct the sisters of the plantation owner who jilted her when she needed him most. Can Constance possibly face Robert Montgomery, her painful past, and the guilt that threatens to destroy her in time to waltz her way to a fresh start? 
Ebook now available for pre order. Look for it October 23rd 2012! Dance of the Dandelion by Dina L. Sleiman
Love's quest leads her the world over.
Dandelion Dering was born a peasant in the English village of Arun, but her soul yearned for another life, another world. One filled with color and music, with adventure and passion  . . . with more. Haunted by childhood memories, Dandelion determines to find a better existence than the life every peasant in the village contents themselves with. Even if her sweetheart William’s predictions prove true, and her journey leads straight to heartache. From her sleepy hamlet to the intrigue of castle life, from the heart of London to the adventurous seas, Dandelion flees from the mistakes of her past, always seeking that something, that someone who will satisfy her longings.
Will Dandelion ever find the rhythm to her life's dance . . . or did she leave her chance for true love at home in Arun village?
Redeeming the Rogue by C.J. Chase
With a chip on her shoulder and a pistol in her pocket, Mattie Fraser comes to London determined to find answers. What fate befell her brother after he was forced to join the British navy? Military official Kit DeChambelle knows something, she’s sure. But can she trust him—or anyone—as a conspiracy of silence surrounds her?
Kit knows altogether too much—about the guilt that drives Mattie, and the peril she faces. The battle against Napoleon is over, but for Kit, peace is elusive. In helping this brave, stubborn woman, he may be endangering her further. Especially if she learns about the orders he’s received, placing them on opposite sides....
The Pastor's Wife by Jennifer AlLee Maura Sullivan never intended to set foot in Granger, Ohio, again. But when circumstances force her to return, she must face all the disappointments she tried so hard to leave behind: a husband who ignored her, a congregation she couldn’t please, and a God who took away everything she ever loved. Nick Shepherd thought he had put the past behind him, until the day his estranged wife walked back into town. Intending only to help Maura through her crisis of faith, Nick finds his feelings for her never died. Now, he must admit the mistakes he made, how he hurt his wife, and find a way to give and receive forgiveness. As God works in both of their lives, Nick and Maura start to believe they can repair their broken relationship and reunite as man and wife. But Maura has one more secret to tell Nick before they can move forward. It’s what ultimately drove her to leave him six years earlier, and the one thing that can destroy the fragile trust they’ve built.
The Love of His Brother by Jennifer AlLee Available in large print After the devastating loss of her husband, Cliff, in a small plane accident, Whitney Poulten faces the future head-on. Rather than curl up in a corner, she decides to focus on what's still good in her life: her faith, her family, and her unborn child. But she never expected Doug to come back. After leaving home years earlier without even a proper goodbye to his family, Doug Poulten was considered something of a black sheep. But now he's returned, determined to make things right with his family. When he learns that his brother is dead, his attention turns to taking care of his sister-in-law, Whitney. The last thing he expects is for brotherly love to turn into something more.
In Honor Bound by DeAnna Julie Dodson
His father will stop at nothing to keep the royal bloodline "pure" --even murder. But his sins have nearly destroyed Prince Philip and the future of his reign. Forced into a political marriage, Philip tells his bride, "I will not lie to you, I will not be unfaithful to you, and I will not love you. My heart is pledged to another and I am not a man to break an oath."
His one true love is a lowly serving girl. When Philip refuses to set her aside in order to form a politically beneficial marriage, his father has the girl tried on false charges and executed. He then forces Philip to marry the beautiful and nobly born Lady Rosalynde. Devastated and embittered by his loss and his father's betrayal, Philip is determined to never love again . . . not his father, not his wife, not his God. Although Rosalynde adores him, he withholds his heart from her, refusing to let even death end his devotion to the love he lost. Despite his coldness towards her, Rosalynde is determined to love him and teach him to love her -- as determined as the God he has turned his back on. As civil war rages throughout the realm, Philip faces a greater struggle within himself. Will he open his heart to love again or let his pride destroy him and his kingdom?  MORE
By Love Redeemed by DeAnna Julie Dodson
Complete strangers on their wedding day and separated by war since their honeymoon, can they find true love together?
Even though their time together has been short, Prince Tom is eager for his bride's return. Though his love for her has grown, Elizabeth makes it clear that she considers him a stranger, not to be trusted. Not to be loved.
Certain the lavish love he claims to have for her cannot be genuine, Elizabeth turns to a deceitful friend who feeds her doubts and insecurities, poisoning her mind against her young husband. Just as Tom's patient tenderness begins to soften her heart, he is left with a heavier burden. His brother the king receives news that threatens the stability of the kingdom and his marriage. Forced to go in secret to find the truth behind it, he leaves Tom to deal with the undercurrent of treason and treachery that lies beneath the deceptive quiet of the court. Will Tom be able to hold the kingdom together and win his wife's heart? Or will she let a seductive stranger lead her away from his unconditional love?   MORE
To Grace Surrendered by DeAnna Julie Dodson
He has learned to love her with all his heart. Now he must learn to let her go. There is peace in the kingdom at last and King Philip wants nothing more than to spend his days watching his children grow and enjoying the company of his beloved Rosalynde. Reghed, Lynaleigh's neighbor to the north, suffers greatly under the heavy hand of its king, the evil and demented tyrant Sarto. But Philip resists God's urging to bring aid to Reghed's people until the night Rosalynde is torn from his arms and carried into Sarto's dark realm. Despite the serious injuries he sustained trying to protect her from her captors, Philip insists on following after her and finds himself face to face with the suffering he has till now turned away from. Sarto eventually captures Philip, too, determined to kill him in order to fulfill his sinister plans. Can Philip free himself, Rosalynde and the people of Reghed? Or has his disobedience lost him the love and protection of God?  MORE
Coming 2017: Murder on the Moor - Book Five of the Drew Farthering Mysteries
At the urgent request of an old school friend, Drew and Madeline Farthering come to Bloodworth Park Lodge in the midst of the Yorkshire moors, a place as moody and mysterious as a Brontë hero. There have been several worrisome incidents out on the moor--property destroyed, fires started, sheep and cattle scattered--and worst of all, the vicar has been found dead on the steps of the church. Drew's friend is obviously smitten with his bride of eight months, though it's hard to imagine what she sees in the awkward man. Drew can't help wondering if her affections lie more with the man's money and estate, while her romantic interests focus on their fiery Welsh gamekeeper. As the danger grows ever closer, it's up to Drew to look past his own prejudices, determine what is really going on, and find the killer before it's too late.
Dressed for Death -  Book Four of the Drew Farthering Mysteries
Drew and Madeline Farthering arrive at a Regency-Era house party at Winteroak House, excited to be reunited with old friends, including Drew’s former Oxford classmate Talbot Cummins. Tal is there with his fiancée, Alice Henley, and though many present seem worried about the couple, nobody is prepared when Alice dies from an apparent overdose. Tal refuses to believe she’d taken the drugs intentionally, and a dark question arises of whether the death is an accident or murder. The police have their own information though, and Drew is shocked when they arrest someone he’s trusted and admired since his childhood—someone who’s been smuggling drugs into the country for years. Stunned by what has happened, Tal begs Drew to get to the bottom of everything, but Drew’s never felt more unsettled. Questioning his own ability to see people as they really are, Drew doesn’t know who to trust, and he’s not ready for the secrets he’s about to uncover—or the danger he’ll bring down on everyone he holds dear.
Murder at the Mikado -  Book Three of the Drew Farthering Mysteries
When a celebrated actor is found murdered in his dressing room, all signs point to Drew's old flame. But behind the curtains nothing is what it seems and this quickly becomes his most puzzling case yet. Just as Drew Farthering thinks his life has calmed down some, Fleur Landis, a former girlfriend, reappears, in dire need of his help. She's married now, no longer an actress--but the lead actor in her former troupe's production of The Mikado has been murdered, and Fleur is the police's number one suspect. Drew would rather focus on his fiancée, Madeline Parker, and their upcoming wedding, but he can't leave Fleur and her family in the lurch--even if she did break his heart once. As Drew, Nick, and Madeline begin investigating, they discover more going on behind the scenes of the theater troupe than could ever have been imagined. It seems nearly everyone had a motive, and alibis are few and far between. Both the murder case and the presence of the beautiful, exotic Fleur put a heavy strain on Drew and Madeline's relationship. Will their still-young romance survive the pressure?
Death by the Book -  Book Two of the Drew Farthering Mysteries
With Farlinford Processing and the family's good name safe again, Drew Farthering wants nothing more than to finish out the summer of 1932 with the happy announcement of his engagement to Madeline Parker. Instead, he finds himself involved in another mysterious case. The family lawyer has been found dead in a Winchester hotel room, skewered through the heart by an antique hat pin with a cryptic message attached: Advice to Jack. Evidence of secret meetings and a young girl's tearful confession point to the man's double life, but what does that have to do with the murder of a physician on the local golf course? Nothing, it would seem. Nothing except for another puzzling note and the antique hat pin affixing it to the doctor's chest. Soon the police make an arrest in connection with the murders, but Drew isn't at all sure they have the right man. Could the killer really be one of his society friends, or is it someone much closer than that? 
Rules of Murder - Book One of the Drew Farthering Mysteries
Introducing Drew Farthering– From the tip of his black Homburg to the crease in his stylish cheviot trousers, he's the epitome of a stylish 1930s English gentleman. His only problem? The body he just discovered. Drew Farthering loves a good mystery, although he generally expects to find it in the pages of a novel, not on the grounds of his country estate. With the help of beautiful and whip-smart Madeline Parker, a guest from America, Drew proposes to use the lessons he's learned reading his mysteries to solve the crime. Before long, he realizes this is no lark, and no one at Farthering Place is who he or she appears to be--not the butler nor blackmailer, the chauffeur nor embezzler. Trying hard to remain one step ahead of the killer--and trying harder to impress Madeline--Drew must decide how far to take this dangerous game.
Decadent Deceit - Annie's Secrets of the Quilt #2 
When Sofia Parker volunteered to use her artistic talents to help create props for her son’s school play, she didn’t expect to find herself in the middle of a mystery. But that’s exactly what happens when someone tries to sabotage the production, and things take a dangerous turn for the star of the show. The play’s tyrannical director is of little help getting the bottom of it all, refusing to see what is really happening and alienating everyone with an overbearing attitude fit for a queen. At the same time, Sofia is busy researching the second square in her family’s prized heirloom quilt. According to the accompanying diary, Cerise Bélanger served in the court of Marie Antoinette and one of the pieces in Sofia’s quilt was stitched by her for the Queen herself in 1789. And like Sofia, Cerise finds herself in the middle of a mystery . . . and murder. She must stay out of harm’s way, remain in the Queen’s favor, fulfil her father’s dying wishes and somehow remian true to her own heart. Will Cerise’s story inspire in Sofia the courage to deal with the tyranny in her own life?
The Legacy in the Attic - Annie's Attic Mystery #29 
The Last Will and Testament of Paul Maxwell Butler. How could those simple words come to haunt Annie Dawson and her friends in Stony Point, Maine? But when Annie discovers a will from 1920 in the attic of her home, Grey Gables, the document sets up a series of mysterious twists and turns that threaten the livelihood and legacy of Ian Butler, the mayor of the seacoast town and Annie’s love interest. According to the newly found will, Paul Butler had disinherited Ian’s great-grandfather and left all of his estate to a Mayfield grandson. The will was sewn into the lining of an old purse and had never been probated. Why? Had the Butler family purposefully hidden it to ensure their continued ownership of the lucrative lumber mill? And will Annie’s discovery spoil the growing love between her and Ian?
The Diary in the Attic - Annie's Attic Mystery #25 
Annie Dawson’s discovery of a diary in the attic of Gray Gables has set her on a mission. The diary reveals a poignant love story from World War II, a story cut short when young Peter Lambert goes off to the European Theater, leaving his young girlfriend, Lilly Pryce, with a promise. He will come back to her. But that promise is shattered when Peter’s mother receives notice from the War Department that Peter is missing and presumed dead while on a mission behind enemy lines. But Annie wants to know more. Did Lilly find love after the loss of Peter? Where is she now? How did her diary, love letters and photographs end up in Annie’s grandmother’s attic? And, most important of all, can love once lost become love found again?
The Key in the Attic - Annie's Attic Mystery #16 
A Stitch in Time, home of the Hook and Needle Club, is in trouble. “Progress,” in the form of a fast-food restaurant, is landing right down the middle of Stony Point’s quaint downtown landscape. Annie Dawson and her friends are running out of ideas to help the shop’s owner, Mary Beth Brock, fend off the wolf at the door. The only solution is to raise money and raise it fast. The key to the salvation of A Stitch in Time seems to be the one Annie found in a broken vase from her grandmother’s attic at Grey Gables. That key is the first clue that takes Annie and her friends back to the Civil War and an ill-fated love between Mary Beth’s great-geat-grandmother and a young soldier. But when an insistent collector wants more of Mary Beth’s treasured antiques – and when her home is burgled – Annie begins to suspect that their mystery is tied to more than a coded love letter from the 1860s.
Letters in the Attic - Annie's Attic Mystery #4 
When Annie Dawson finds a bundle of old letters in the attic of Grey Gables, the lovely Victorian home she has inherited from her grandmother, she feels a rush of nostalgia for the days she spent in Stony Point, Maine, as a child, and for her best childhood friend Susan Morris. Annie had saved these letters and brought them back to Stony Point to share with Susan, but where is Susan now? Annie's friends in the Hook and Needle Club have conflicting stories, but Susan is definitely not in Stony Point. Annie takes up the search for Susan, and as she digs deeper, she is drawn into a frightening game of hide and seek with strangers who threaten Annie's life and the lives of her friends.
 COLONIAL COURTSHIPS By: Carla Olson Gade, Tiffany Amber Miller, Laurie Alice Eakes, and Lisa Karon Richardson Unexpected adventure in Connecticut takes the Ingersoll brothers by surprise—and sends unexpected love into their paths. Will Nathaniel risk his future for a woman? Will animosity end Jonathon’s new-found love? Will a war-wounded Gideon find peace or more hurt? Will one young lady have Alden seeking love over freedom? THE MAGISTRATE'S FOLLY By Lisa Karon Richardson Condemned for a crime she didn't commit, Merry Lattimore is transported to the American Colonies as convict labor. When Graham Alexander, the magistrate who judged her guilty, who also happened to be her first love, discovers that she is innocent, his sense of justice compels him to travel to Virginia with her pardon. Sparks fly like one of Ben Franklin's experiments when they are forced together by the search for a murderer. Will his greatest folly be condemning her or trying to rescue her? DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH By: Jennifer AlLee and Lisa Karon Richardson Grant Diamond is a professional gambler on the run from his past. When he comes across a wagon wreck, the chance to escape his pursuers is too good a gamble to pass up, and he assumes the identity of the dead wagon driver. His plan takes an unexpected turn when local heiress Lily Rose mistakes him for the missionary she had asked to come work with the Wiyot Indians. Seeing Eureka as a promising place to lay low, Grant plays along. Before he knows it, he's bluffing his way through sermons and building an Indian school. But with a Pinkerton on his trail and a rancher rousing fresh hatred against the Indians, Grant fears the new life he's built may soon crumple like a house of cards. MISTLETOE MEMORIES By: Carla Olson Gade, Gina Welborn, Lisa Karon Richardson, and Jennifer AlLee
Spend a heartfelt Christmas on Schooley’s Mountain as four generations make a house a home. Carpenter Stephan Yost vows to build a precocious spinster a home by Christmas. Civil War widow Mary Ann Plum learns the greatest peace on earth comes from giving and receiving love. Olympia Paris must protect the orphanage she grew up in from a man intending to play Father Christmas to most of the town. Joy Benucci turns to a modern-day Scrooge to save a transitional home for foster kids. Will Christmas be a season of miracles in their lives?
VANISHING ACT By: Jennifer AlLee and Lisa Karon RichardsonJuliet Button doesn't even believe in ghosts, but she believes in supporting her makeshift family of misfits. Having spent years as assistant to her uncle, an illusionist, she now has all of the skills and know–how she needs to make an audience believe the impossible. So, she begins a career as a medium by the name of Miss Avila. She wants nothing to do with a detective with the power to destroy the life she's built, but when President Lincoln's youngest son is kidnapped, and the first lady comes to her for help, she can't refuse, even if it means facing Pinkerton agent Carter Forbes, who knows far too much about her already—and possibly falling in love.