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A List of International Christian Fiction...Wowza!

Around the World in 80+ Books
by Gina Welborn

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Makes me want to enjoy a slice of fresh-baked pumpkin bread and apple cider as I watch the leaves on my backyard trees change from green to yellow to orange before finally falling to the ground. Yes, I’m a dawdler.

Another favorite way to pass time is reading a book. I can travel the world and not have to worry about vaccinations and putting my lipstick in a quart-sized zippy bag. Since we’re talking traveling…

I’ve heard it said more than once that the Christian fiction market is all-but closed to novels with international settings. Ha. I laugh at that. (Only because prior to making my list, I too believed that false premise. So please know I’m laughing with you, not at you. Not that I’m sure you feel better about my laughing. Sorry. I’ll stop now.)

Kudos go to Deborah Raney and Ronie Kendig for sharing a handful of books that sent me on my quest to find more.

Disclaimer :: Books on this list may or may not carry the Inky Code of Endorsement, which we haven't officially written because we're more about guidelines than codes. Plus we're writers/moms/wives who don't have time to read every book published. Also, the authors and books listed DO NOT comprise all books by Christian authors who write international-set fiction.

Included in this list are books of a variety of genres: romantic suspense, suspense, thrillers, young adult, historical, historial romance, contemporary romance, women's fiction, men's fiction, and chick-lit. Several of these books are part of a series. Please note the dozen or so publishers. Multiple books listed by one author are because the books are in different countries OR are different genres or time-periods.

Click on the TITLE for a direct link to read more about the book and/or on the author's name for a direct link to his/her website. Please know that while the TITLE link is to Amazon, most of these books can be purchased/ordered through CBD or at your local Christian bookseller.
DANGER CLOSE by Gen. William Boykin (Fidelis, 2010 )
VEILED FREEDOM by Jeanette Windle (Tyndale House, 2009)

FUEL THE FIRE*  (Chapter 16 series)  by Jake Thoene (Tyndale, 2005)

Alaska (Okay, it's not international, but it's a country away...and really really cold and that's foreign to me.)

THE SNOWFLAKE by Jamie Carie (Broadman and Holman, 2010)
TOUCHING THE CLOUDS by Bonnie Leon (Revell, 2010)
DAWN'S PRELUDE* (Song of Alaska series) by Tracie Peterson (Bethany, 2009)
ALASKA BRIDES anthology by Cathy Marie Hake, Mary Connealy, Kathleen Y'Barbo (Barbour, 2008)
ALASKA TWILIGHT by Colleen Coble (Thomas Nelson, 2008)
SNOW ANGEL by Jamie Carie (Broadman and Holman, 2007)
GOLDEN TWILIGHT by Kathleen Y'Barbo (Heartsong, 2007)
SUMMER OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN* (Alaskan Quest series) by Tracie Peterson (Bethany, 2006)
THE JOURNEY OF ELEVEN MOONS* (Northern Lights Series) by Bonnie Leon (Thomas Nelson, 2005)
ALASKAN MIDNIGHT by Joyce Livingston (Barbour, 2004)
HOME AT LAST* (Mantanuska series) by Bonnie Leon (Broadman and Holman, 2002)
A SACRED PLACE by Bonnie Leon (Broadman and Holman, 2000)

RIVER OF SECRETS* (Amazon Adventure series) by Lynette Eason (Steeple Hill: LIS, 2008)
HEART OF THE AMAZON* (Heart of the Amazon series) by Margaret Daley (Steeple Hill: LIS, 2007)
THE AMAZON QUEST* (House of Winslow series) by Gilbert Morris (Bethany, 2001)

HOT ROCK DREAMING by Martin Roth (Ark House, 2010)
TO A DISTANT LAND by Julianne Jones (Ark House, 2010)
THE GAME by Amanda Deed (Ark House, 2009)
RETURN TO BARAGULA* by Mary Hawkins (Ark House, 2008)
FIRE IN THE ROCK by Rita Galieh (Ark House, 2008)
TO LOVE ANEW* (Sydney Cove series) by Bonnie Leon (Revell, 2007)
THE HEART OF THORNTON CREEK* (Queensland Chronicles) by Bonnie Leon (Revell, 2005)
SISTERCHICKS DOWN UNDER by Robin Jones Gunn (Multnomah, 2005)
AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK anthology by Mary Hawkins (Barbour, 2003)
AUSTRALIA anthology by Mary Hawkins (Barbour, 2001)

Other Australian or New Zealand authors include (but aren’t limited to) Grace Bridges, Meredith Resce, Paula Vince, Anne Bartlett, Naomi Reed, Trudy Adams, Martin Roth, Carol Preston, Jeff Townsend, and Margaret Reeson.

Also, check out Ark House Press, an Australia-based publisher that serves both the Christian and mainstream book markets with contemporary, relevant books that make the word of God relevant across multiple subject matters. I've listed some (not all) of their published fiction.

NIGHT SONG* (The Liberator series) by Tricia Goyer (Moody, 2004)
VIENNA PRELUDE* (Zion Covenant series) by Bodie and Brock Thoene (Tyndale, 1989)

BLOOD RANSOM* (Mission Hope series) by Lisa Harris (Zondervan, 2010)
NO DISTANCE TOO FAR* (Home to Blessing series) by Lauraine Snelling (Bethany, 2010)
FALLEN FROM BABEL by T L Higley (Realms, 2005)
WHISPER ON THE WIND by Maureen Lang (Tyndale, 2010)

CROSSFIRE by Jeanette Windle (Kregal, 2009)

Britain/Wales (pre-1000 A.D)
MUNINN'S KEEP by Brian C. Austin (Word Alive Press, 2010)
HEALER* (Brides in Alba series) by Linda Windsor (Cook, 2010)
TUCK* (King Raven Trilogy) by Stephen Lawhead (Thomas Nelson, 2009)
THE BRITON by Catherine Palmer (Steeple Hill, 2008)
TALIESIN* (The Pendragon Cycle) by Stephen Lawhead (Eos, 1990)

IF YOU ONLY KNEW: A NOVEL by Mags Storey (Kregal, 2009)
CIBOU by Susan Young di Biagi (Cape Breton University Press, 2008)
ONE SMOOTH STONE by Marcia Laycock (Castle Quay Books, 2007)
ALBERTA BRIDES by Linda Ford (Barbour, 2005)
DANGEROUS SANCTUARY* (Camp Hope series) by Lois Richer (Tyndale, 2004)
VANCOUVER anthology by Gail Sattler (Heartsong, 2003)
most books by Carolyne Aarsen (Steeple Hill: LI)
THE MEETING PLACE* (Song of Acadia series) by Davis Bunn and Janette Oke (Bethany, 1999)
WHEN CALLS THE HEART* (Canadian West series) by Janette Oke (Bethany, 1986)

THE REDEMPTION* (Legacy of the King's Pirates series) by M.L. Tyndall (Barbour, 2006)
IT HAD TO BE YOU by Linda Windsor (Multnomah, 2006)
CAPTIVE HEARTS* (Trade Winds trilogy) by Linda Lee Chaikin (Harvest House, 1998)
PIRATES OF THE HEART* (Treasures of the Caribbean series) by Jim and Terri Kraus (Tyndale, 1996)
THE BALCONY by Lynn Morris (Bethany, 1997)

LUCKY BABY by Meredith Efken (Howard Books, 2010)
CHINA, RED INK* (Extreme Devotion series) by Kathi Macias (New Hope, 2010)
SAFELY HOME by Randy Alcorn (Tyndale, 2003)
STILLPOINT by Marilyn Kok (Bethany, 1996)

HER ONLY PROTECTOR* (Cradle of Secrets series) by Lisa Mondello (Steeple Hill: LIS, 2008)
THE DMZ by Jeanette Windle (Kregal, 2004)
BENEATH A SOUTHERN SKY by Deborah Raney (WaterBrook, 2001)

SWORDS AND SCIMITARS* (Royal Pavilion series) by Linda Lee Chaikin (Bethany, 1996)
THE SIX-LITER CLUB by Harry Kraus (Howard, 2010)
HEL√ČNA* by Jo-Anne Berthelsen (Ark House, 2009)
PRAGUE COUNTERPOINT* (Zion Covenant series) by Bodie and Brock Thoene (Tyndale, 1989)

CITY OF THE DEAD by T.L. Higley (Broadman and Holman, 2009)
GUARDIAN OF THE FLAME by T.L. Higley (Broadman and Holman, 2009)
ARABIAN WINDS* (Egypt trilogy) by Linda Lee Chaikin (Multnomah, 1997)
THE LADY AND THE CAD by Tamela Hancock Murray (Heartsong, 2005)

Because of the UBER-numerous books set in England, I've elected to limit this country to one by my fantabulous agent. Perhaps another backlist promo will be of Christian fiction set in England throughout the ages. Other authors who've written novels set in England include Linore Rose Burkard, Laurie Alice Eakes, Ginger Garrett, Rita GerlachLouise Gouge, Jody Hedlund, Deb Kinnard, Julie Klassen, Siri Mitchell, Ruth Axtell Morren, Sarah Sundin, Mary Lu Tyndall and Lori Wick. Please click on their names for a direct link to their websites to peruse their many books.

One exception to my limitation (because England-set books tend to be historical romances) is the London Confidential teen series...
ASKING FOR TROUBLE* by Sandra Byrd (Tyndale, 2010)

LOOK TO THE EAST* (Great War series) by Maureen Lang (Tyndale, 2009)
BON APPETIT* (French Twist series) by Sandra Byrd (WaterBrook, 2008)
IN THE SHADOW OF THE SUN KING* (Darkness to Light series) by Golden Keyes Parsons (Thomas Nelson, 2008)
LOVE’S FIRST LIGHT by Jamie Carie (Broadman and Holman, 2007)
DAUGHTER OF SILK* (THE SILK HOUSE series) by Linda Chaikin (Zondervan, 2006)
A GARDEN IN PARIS by Stephanie Grace Whitson (Bethany, 2005)
SISTERCHICKS SAY OOH LA LA by Robin Jones Gunn (Multnomah, 2005)
KISSING ADRIEN by Siri Mitchell (Harvest House, 2005)
TUESDAY'S CHILD* (A Day to Remember series) by Linda Chaikin (Harvest House, 2000)

Garden of Eden
HAVAH: THE STORY OF EVE by Tosca Lee (Broadman and Holman, 2010)
GUARDIANS OF EDEN by Graham Carter (Ark House, 2009)
THE HEALER’S APPRENTICE by Melanie Dickerson (Zondervan, 2010)
THE GATHERING STORM* (Zion Diaries series) by Brock and Bodie Thoene (Summerside, 2010)
SONGBIRD UNDER A GERMAN MOON by Tricia Goyer (Summerside, 2010)
THE SWISS COURIER by Tricia Goyer and Mike Yorkey (Revell, 2009)
GERMAN ENCHANTMENT anthology by Dianne Christner, Irene Brand, Pamela Griffin, and Gail Gaymer Martin (Barbour, 2002)

SHADOW OF COLOSSUS* (Seven Wonders series) by T.L. Higley (Broadman and Holman, 2008)
BETRAYED by Jeanette Windle (Tyndale, 2008)

OVER THE WATERS by Deborah Raney (Steeple Hill, 2008)

Hawaii (Again, not international, but it's half an ocean away...and really hot most of the time and that's foreign to me.)
UNDER A MAUI MOON* (The Hideaway series) by Robin Jones Gunn (Howard, 2010)
LOVE FINDS YOU IN LAHAINA, HAWAII by Bodie Thoene (Summerside, 2010)
THE SPOILS OF EDEN* (Dawn of Hawaii series) by Linda Lee Chaikin (Moody, 2010)
DOUBLE CROSS* (the McClain Brothers series) by Terri Reed (Steeple Hill, 2008)
FREE FALL by Kristen Heitzmann (Bethany, 2006)
DISTANT ECHOES* (Aloha Reef series) by Collen Coble (Thomas Nelson, 2005)
SISTERCHICKS DO THE HULA by Robin Jones Gunn (Multnomah,2003)
ALOHA anthology by Collen Coble, Carol Cox, Denise Hunter, and Gail Sattler (Barbour, 2002)
BAMBOO AND LACE by Lori Wick (Harvest House, 2001)
FOR WHOM THE STARS SHINE* (Jewel of the Pacific trilogy) by Linda Lee Chaikin (Bethany, 1999)
SHROUD OF SILENCE by Carol Slama (Bethany, 1998)

DEAD RECKONING by Ronie Kendig (Abingdon, 2010)
UNDER EASTERN STARS* (Heart of India series) by Linda Lee Chaikin (Bethany, 1993)

THE TWELFTH IMAM by Joel C. Rosenberg (Tyndale, 2010)

FOSSIL HUNTER by John B. Olson (Tyndale, 2008)

AN IRISHWOMAN'S TALE by Patti Lacy (Kregal, 2008)
In January 2011, Kregal will release Patti's THE RHYTHM OF SECRETS, set in Thailand, and in the fall of 2011, Bethany will release RECLAIMING LILY, set in China.
A PASSION MOST PURE* (Daugters of Boston series) by Julie Lessman (Revell, 2008)
ON SPARROW HILL by Maureen Lang (Tyndale, 2008)
SONG OF ERIN by BJ Hoff (Harvest, 2008)
BRIDES O' THE EMERALD ISLE anthology by Linda Windsor, Pamela Griffin, Vickie McDonough, and Tamela Hancock Murray (Barbour, 2005)
ONLY THE RIVER RUNS FREE* (Galway Chronicles) by Brock and Bodie Thoene (Thomas Nelson, 2003)
MAIRE* (Fires of Gleannmara series) by Linda Windsor (Multnomah, 2000)

SISTERCHICKS IN GONDOLAS by Robin Jones Gunn (Multnomah, 2006)
A HILLTOP IN TUSCANY by Stephanie Grace Whitson (Bethany, 2006)

THE PROMISE by Naomi Reed (Ark House, 2010)
THE CENTURIAN'S WFE* (Acts of Faith series) by Davis Bunn and Janette Oke (Bethany, 2010)
PEARL IN THE SAND by Tessa Afshar (Moody, 2010)
MICHAL* (Wives of King David series) by Jill Eileen Smith (Revell, 2009)
JOURNEY TO THE WELL by Diana Wallis Taylor (Revell, 2009)
A STRAY DROP OF BLOOD by Roseanna White (WhiteFire, 2009)
A LINEAGE OF GRACE by Francine Rivers (Tyndale, 2009
FIELD OF BLOOD* (Jerusalem's Undead Trilogy) by Eric Wilson (Thomas Nelson, 2008)
GATES OF ZION* (Zion Chronicles) by Bodie and Brock Thoene (Tyndale, 2006)
GODS AND KINGS* (Chronicles of the Kings series) by Lynn Austin (Bethany, 2005)
THE PRIEST* (Sons of Encouragement series) by Francine Rivers (Tyndale, 2004)

FIRST LIGHT* (A.D. Chronicles) by Bodie and Brock Thoene (Tyndale, 2003)
JERUSALEM VIGIL* (Zion Legacy) by Bodie and Brock Thoene (Tyndale, 2000)

JAMAICAN SUNSET* by Linda Lee Chaikin (Moody, 1997)

MOON OVER TOKYO by Siri Mitchell (Harvest, 2007)

PETRA by T.L. Higley (Broadman and Holman, 2010)

ENDANGERED by Linda Lee Chaikin (Bethany, 1997)

ALLAH'S FIRE* (Task Force Valor series) by Chuck Holton and Gayle Roper (Multnomah, 2006)

MORE THAN CONQUERERS* (Extreme Devotion series) by Kathi Macias (New Hope, 2010)
LOST MISSION by Athol Dickson (Howard, 2009)
PAPER MOON* (Moonstruck series) by Linda Windsor (Thomas Nelson, 2005)
SISTERCHICKS IN SOMBREROS by Robin Jones Gunn (Multnomah, 2004)

New Guinea
AWAKENING HEARTS by Melody Carlson (Bethany, 1998)

SISTERCHICKS IN WOODEN SHOES by Robin Jones Gunn (Multnomah, 2009)

Pacific Ocean (deserted island)
EVERY STORM by Lori Wick (Harvest House, 2004)


ISLAND INFERNO* by Chuck Holton (Multnomah, 2007)


NIGHTSHADE* by Ronie Kendig (Barbour, 2010)
Since the Nightshade team conducts operations all over the world, this theme of international settings will continue through the remaining three books (DIGITALIS which releases in January will venture to Israel, WOLFSBANE to Venezuela, and FIRETHORN will cover several countries).
DAWN OF A THOUSAND NIGHTS* (Liberator series) by Tricia Goyer (Moody, 2005)

THE MASTER'S WALL by Sandi Rog (DeWard Publishing , 2010)
THE GLADIATOR* (Roman series) by Carla Capshaw (Steeple Hill, 2009)
VALERIA’S CROSS by Kathi Macias (Abingdon, 2010)
CHRISTIANUS SUM and WHAT ROUGH BEAST by Shawn Pollett (Word Alive Press, 2010)
A VOICE IN THE WIND* (Mark of the Lion series) by Francine Rivers (Tyndale, 1998)

THE BLACK MADONNA by Davis Bunn (Touchstone, 2010)
CONSPIRACY IN KIEV* (Russian trilogy) by Noel Hynd (Zondervan, 2009)

BLACK SEA AFFAIR* by Don Brown (Zondervan, 2008)
WISER THAN SERPENTS* (Mission: Russia series) by Susan May Warren (Steeple Hill, 2008)
THE SOVEREIGN’S DAUGHTER by Susan May Warren and Susan K. Downs (Barbour, 2008)
THE MIDWIFE OF ST. PETERSBURG by Linda Lee Chaikin (WaterBrook, 2007)
EVERYTHING’S COMING UP JOSEY* (Josey series) by Susan May Warren (Steeple Hill, 2006)
EKATERINA* (Heirs of Anton series) by Susan May Warren  and Susan K. Downs (Barbour, 2004)
WHERE FREEDOM GROWS* (Sowers trilogy) by Bonnie Leon (Broadman and Holman, 1998)

HIGHLAND BLESSINGS by Jennifer Hudson Taylor (Abingdon, 2010)
CHILD OF THE MIST* (These Highland Hills series) by Kathleen Morgan (Revell, 2005)
HIGHLAND LEGACY anthology by Tracey Bateman, Pamela Griffin, Tamela Hancock Murray, and Jill Stengl (Author) (Thorndike, 2004)
THORN IN MY HEART by Liz Curtis Higgs (Waterbrook Press, 2003)
EMBRACE THE DAWN* (Scottish Highlands series) by Kathleen Morgan (Tyndale, 2002)
CIRCLE OF HONOR* (Scottish Crown series) by Carol Umberger (Integrity, 2002)
AS HIGH AS THE HEAVENS by Kathleen Morgan (Revell, 200?)

A VALLEY OF THE BETRAYAL* (Chronicles of Spanish Civil War) by Tricia Goyer (Moody, 2007)

South Africa
BEADED HOPE by Cathy Liggett (Tyndale, 2010)
NO GREATER LOVE by Kathi Macias (New Hope, 2010)
TOMORROW'S TREASURES* (East of the Sun series) by Linda Lee Chaikin (WaterBrook, 2009)
WHEN THE NILE RUNS RED by Diann Mills (Moody, 2007)

SCARED by Tom Davis (Cook, 2009)

MELTDOWN by Chuck Holton (Multnomah, 2009)

ELISHA’S BONES by Dan Hoesel (Bethany House, 2009)

THE CANOPY by Angela Hunt (Thomas Nelson, 2003)

Various locales
DREAMHOUSE KINGS series by Robert Liparulo
OLYMPIC MEMORIES by Lynn Coleman, Gail Sattler, Melanie Panagiotopoulos, and Kathleen Y'Barbo (Barbour, 2004)

West Africa
THE CALL OF ZULINA by Kay Marshall Strom (Abingdon, 2009)
You can find more authors of Christian fiction set in countries outside the USA at the International Christian Fiction Writers blog.

QUESTION OF THE DAY:: Do you know of other books to include in this list? If so, please leave a comment so the information will be in our archives. Thanks!

And before the list disappears, click on BACKLIST PROMOTION tab and read last month's list of Christian authors who write for the ABA market or both ABA and CBA.


  1. Hey Gina,

    VERY cool idea!! I have a few adds since you asked:

    Italy: Mark of the Lion Series by Francine Rivers (first book is A Voice in the Wind).

    Scotland: Child of the Mist or As High as the Heavens by Kathleen Morgan.

    And with series, I assume you are only noting the first book? Just wanted to double-check because A Passion Redeemed also takes place in Dublin/Boston.

    Thanks for including me in this!!


  2. Gina, this is awesome! I know I'm weird, but I'm not an true escapist reader. I like to escape, yes, but more than that, I like to learn. Of course, great writing does both. Fiction has always been my slightly lazy way of learning about other times and cultures and mindsets.

    I've read a number of books on this list, and look forward to reading many more.

    And since Julie's adding titles, I just remembered that Siri Mitchell, who is a military wife, has chick-lit type romances set in a number of countries. Kissing Adrien in France is my favorite, but Moon Over Tokyo is cool trip to Japan too.

  3. Gina,
    This is a great idea.I am an escapist reader and I loved reading A Passion Most Pure by Julie Lessman.It was one of my most favorite books of all time.Besides my all time favorite of Gone With The Wind no one writes like Margret Mitchell.

  4. Louise, you need to look through our older post. I know there's one in there where Julie talks about her love for Gone with the Wind. Should make your day, a favorite author talking about your favorite book :)

  5. WOW what a list. Thanks.

  6. Julie, I can't believe I missed Francine and Kathleen. Uggh. I've even read those books. :-)

  7. Dina, I had to ponder you comment about escapist verses learning fiction. While I don't intentionally pick up a fiction book for the purpose of learning something, I did receive my endorser copy of Jody Hedlund's THE PREACHER'S BRIDE.

    I didn't realize it was about Paul Bunyan so I'm excited about learning something while reading Jody's story. :-)

    See, I'm not totally escapist.

    Yay, me!

    Thanks for mentioning Siri's MOON OVER TOKYO. I'll add it to my list when I transfer the info onto our official backlist promotion page.

    I didn't get my Amazon and Author website links added so I'm gonna work on that while I watch the OU/TX game.

  8. Hi, Louise!!!

    Julie's A Passion Most Pure was my favorite of hers until I read A Hope Undaunted.

    The short story she shared with us on Thursday added to my appreciation of AHU. I've always thought reading one of Julie's books was like spending a day or two getting to know her. I'm convinced that's because Julie puts her heart into her stories.

  9. Theresa, I know!

    First, compiling the list opened my eyes to how many Christian fiction has international settings...even if it's for only part of the story.

    Second, compling the list added greatly to my TBR pile.

  10. Awesome list, Gina! And fun idea, too.
    I'll throw in the Heirs of Anton series by Susan May Warren and Susan K. Downs, set in Russia.

    And, although Hawaii is not technically another country it's so different from the mainland I think it deserves it's own list just like Alaska. For Hawaii, Kristen Heitzmann's "Freefall" and Colleen Coble's Aloha Reef series and "Midnight Sea."

  11. this is GREAT!! i guess this shows how very little we sometimes pay attention to setting....b/c i LOVE The Mark of the Lion series, and knew is was in Rome and places like that....but never connected that with Italy. Jeannie = slow. great list, Gina! thanks.

    the character therapist

  12. I have books set in England, too---The Ransome Trilogy (Ransome's Honor and Ransome's Crossing are out, Ransome's Quest comes out next year, published by Harvest House). And I'm currently shopping another three-book historical romance series that's set in England in 1851.

  13. This is an amazing list! And I'm sure more titles will surface.

    Here are some set in Canada:
    One Smooth Stone by Marcia Laycock (Yukon, also US settings); If You Only Knew by Mags Storey (Ontario). Also, some of Linda Hall's pre-Steeple Hill novels have portions set in Canada.

    And Noel Hynd's Conspiracy in Kiev has Russian and (I think) Brazilian settings as well as US. It's book one in the Russian Trilogy, so I assume the other two books are international too.

  14. Hi Gina,
    Great list. One correction - for Tom Davis' Scared - I think you mean Swaziland, not Switzerland!!
    For anyone interested in International Fiction, come check us out over at

  15. We have to remember Kathi Macias with her books set in Africa, No Greater Love
    Mexico, More Than Conquerers
    and China, Red Ink.

    Tosca Lee's book, Havah: the Story of Eve, is set in the Garden of Eden. :-) That's the current Middle East as far as we can tell nowadays.

    Tessa Afshar has Pearl in the Sand, set in Jericho.

    Hope that helps,

  16. See? now that you published the list you'll get a lot more to add to it.

    I just purchased the first in the Ransome trilogy and right after I finish Courting Morrow Little I'll be going back across the pond for yours!

    Hey Catherine, that's a great addition. Our own Anita Mae Draper and Wenda Dottridge make up the Canadian factor of Inktropolis, and Anita generally keeps us in the loop sometime. We'd love to have you visit and make more of our readers aware of your group!

  17. Hey Julie, thanks for stopping in and keeping Gina in line!

    Jeannie, I'm so glad to see you here. I've never read the Mark of the Lion series myself. I better get on the ball here...

    and I'm going to plug Sandi Rog's "The Master's Wall" here for anyone who loves fiction set in 'biblical times"

  18. How could I forget John B. Olson's Fossil Hunter? It's mostly set in Iraq, I think.

    For historicals: Christianus Sum and What Rough Beast by Shawn Pollett are set in and around 1st century BC Rome, and Muninn's Keep by Brian C. Austin is set in UK in I think 3rd century.

    Then there's BJ Hoff's Emerald Ballad historical series, which I hear is being re-released. It's mostly set in NYC but significant portions are set in Ireland.

  19. Almost forgot: Safely Home by Randy Alcorn - set in China.

  20. Tamela also has A Light Among Shadows, England. And Linda Windsor has her trilogy set in Mexico. Contemporary stories. All titles have Moon in them.

    And please add me to the list of writers outside the US, or I wont' read anything by you again. Meh!

    My Regencies starting series next autumn, and the second of the midwife books is set in Bermuda, England, France, and Guernsey and on the highseas.

  21. Hey Gina, thanks for compiling this list and spreading the word about International Christian Fiction :-)

    And another author to add to your list - Kay Marshall Strom has a Grace in Africa trilogy.

  22. Just kidding about the reading bit. I'm not vindictive.

  23. A treasure of a book set in Canada: Cibou, by Susan Young di Biagi. I found it a deeply moving and inspiring historical novel based on real facts. Thank you for the opportunity of spreading the word of really good books.

  24. LOL, Laurie! I didn't forget you. I intentionally left off books not published yet.

    Niki, great idea about Hawaii. I'd considered it after I'd added Alaska but decided I was too tired to find some Hawaii-set books. Although I knew of two automatically because I read one buy Lori Wick and one by Terri Reed.

    Kaye, I can't believe I forgot about Ransome. Uggh. I'll add your name to my England-author collection. :-)

    Thanks, all, for the other suggestions to add. Looks like I'm gonna be busy tomorrow adding more books to my official backlist promo page.

    LOL, Catherine, on my butcher-job spelling of Switzerland. I'll fix that too.

    Keep the suggestions coming. Linda Chaikin has a series set in Constantinople that I forgot to add.

  25. Linda Chaikin also has a series set in the Caribbean. I havent read it. Can't find a copy for less than what is more than my budget can afford, but I love her books I've read.

    And while we're at it, Randy Ingramanson (SP) and his writing parner, John something, do have that book set on a space ship and on Mars. Hey, why not go for it? :-) Oxygen. A great book.

  26. Her Only Protector by Lisa Mondello 8/08 Love Inspired Suspense was set in Colombia for most of the book.

  27. Sands of Time by Susan May Warren was set in Russia. It think it is part of a series and I loved that book.

  28. Um, An Irishwoman's Tale, Ireland.

    In January, Kregel will release The Rhythm of Secrets, set in Thailand.

    Next fall, Bethany House will release Reclaiming Lily, set in China.

    Thanks for the list!

  29. Lots of great books I missed including in my list. Eeks!

    Keep them coming!

  30. Hey, I wonder how many of the contemporary books on the list are actually Americans in other countries. Anyone know? At a glance, I'm guessing a lot of them are. Do you think these would go over better with publishers?

  31. I think at least part of Sarah Sundin's World War II series--Revell--take place overseas. Probably England, as it's air Force, but we can't dismiss England as a foreign country, just because we sort of speak English.

  32. Please consider adding Captives of Minara to your post about books around the world. It is set in contemporary Pakistan...especially important in the light of the terrible flooding and current events. Captives highlights human trafficking and the smuggling of antiquities in the light of Pakistan today. See for a description. Thanks Eric

  33. This is a wonderful list, Gina, and very exciting to see my name there with so many other writers I love to read!
    It is certainly encouraging to me right now after receiving this only a few days ago from an agent in the US who would still like me to send her other projects but said about my Baragula series, "I really like your writing but worry that these books will not fit the American market -- they're very
    Australian and though I personally hate saying this -- CBA readers seem very provincial here -- they like American books. I've seen that in a few books
    I've sold like (name of a book) and some UK set regencies and at least three
    publishers mentioned that at the (ACFW) conference."
    So, I am left wondering! Apparently so many still do NOT sell "well enough" for many publishers? How many of these books set in other countries are actually written by American writers, and how many by authors like myself who actually are citizens of these other other countries and have only been privileged to visit America?
    I think there IS a big difference!
    Nevertheless, I am still very encouraged, but have to think seriously about trying to either set a story in America or at least have American characters if set in Australia. The agent did say she would "absolutely" like me to send her another manuscript, but I know somehow I will have to not be so very "Australian" - which for me of course is very disappointing.

  34. Go for it, Mary!!!

    Thanks, everyone, for the book to add. My list keeps growning...and I LOVE IT.

    Of course, I stand by my decision to streamline England books to one by Tamela and the names of other England authors. Although...I have added Britain/Wales to distinguish books set, generally, further back in time than most England-set books. No offense intended to any England-set authors.


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