Thursday, August 4, 2011

Redeeming the Rogue: The Movie

Well, the trailer really...

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Don't forget that we're holding a drawing for a free copy of Redeeming the Rogue this week. Leave a comment any day between Monday and Saturday with your email in a safe format to enter, for example: Mary (at) LittleLamb (dot) com.


  1. I just want to say, Barb rocks!

    Thanks, Barb. For two days, I kept watching it over and over because it's just so cool. Son #1 thought it was rather strange of me. I told him it was like watching a movie. He said, "But you fall asleep during movies, Mom."

    I told him obviously movies should be 1 1/2 minutes long, and I wouldn't fall asleep.

  2. Now you're making me blush. But I'd gladly spend an hour and a half watching Redeeming the Rogue: The Movie. LOL.

  3. Great trailer!

    And not a bad looking guy, either. ;)

  4. Great job, Barb.

    If I wasn't an Inky and hadn't already ordered the book I'd be throwing my name in the hat for this one.

    I'm intrigued the more I hear/read about it.

    anita mae.

  5. Fantastic trailer, Barb! I keep thinking of places these need to be played, like at church before service and at Walmart instead of those new talking TV ads that startle me when I come around the corner!

  6. Great trailer! Though, I was alreay excited for this book!

    Pleae enter me
    crazi.swans at gmail dot com

  7. Okay, I'll say it again. I loved this book. Love the trailer. It's pretty darn exciting around Inktropolis this week.


    nice job Barb.
    This would be a great movie, eh?


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