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Floral Depravity Pre-launch Party

Tomorrow is the launch day for FLORAL DEPRAVITY, the third of Beverly Allen's Bridal Bouquet Shop Mysteries, and we're celebrating with a medieval wedding feast and a little dress up. And a giveaway!

First, the ceremony. In Floral Depravity, the bride has decided to be married at a medieval recreation camp, with a hand fasting ceremony. Couples literally tie the knot.

Audrey Bloom is supplying the flowers, including the bride's
request of bachelor buttons. The custom was that single women would hide the blooms in their clothing, and the bachelors would be tasked with finding them. Kind of makes the garter toss seem a little tame, doesn't it?

After the ceremony, join us for the grand feast. Many medieval dinners started with cheese, to help the digestion.

Help yourself to some cider. We're following the cheese course with a hearty stew that's been simmering in a cauldron all day, and will be served on traditional trenchers.

But the camp is a little heavy on authenticity, so don't expect the stew to contain potatoes. Or tomatoes.

But you might want to break away from the feast in time to enter the giveaway, and avoid the murder. (It is a mystery, after all!)

And don't forget the giveaway, which is taking place on Beverly Allen's (aka Barb Early's web site)!


  1. Wahoo! I love these launch parties! So excited for you, Barb. I love this series and can't wait to read Floral Depravity. I am off to share right now!

  2. Oh, this looks fabulous! Love the medieval stuff. And the pendant is lovely.


  3. Congrats, Barb. Oh, I bet you had fun writing this one, because I know I'll enjoy reading it. Great idea to bring the Medieval theme into the present day. :)


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