Friday, February 17, 2017

I Need A Hero...

by Barbara Early

Have you seen the Amazon Fire commercial lamenting the dreaded "show hole"? Apparently when a show you've been following ends, you have a hole that needs filling. Yes, roll those eyes and call it a first-world problem, but, you know, I think there really is such a thing.

Ugh...Rizzoli and Isles is gone. Castle is gone. Bones is
almost over (and probably should have gone sooner). And don't even get me started on one-season wonders like Forever and Limitless.

It got me looking a little outside the box. Well, at least my current box, and back to a revival of a former favorite.

Yes, I'm falling back in love with superheroes.

I grew up on Adam West's Batman (and, of course Batgirl). And Superman. And the Incredible Hulk. And Wonder Woman. I thought I'd outgrown them.

Then came Gotham, which intrigued me at first, but I've stopped watching. It's gotten just a little too dark for me.

So I caught most of Smallville, then binge-watched all of Lois and Clark, which I somehow missed the first time.

Then came Supergirl. And then the Flash showed up on a crossover episode, so I had to check that out. Of course I got hooked on that, which introduce me to the Arrow. Legends of Tomorrow is up next. 

The superhero genre has developed quiet a bit. (And as writers, it's hard to just kick back without analyzing what you see.) The tone is a bit darker, the characters are more developed...and definitely more tortured. They not only fight the bad guys, but their own demons and darker impulses: substance abuse, guilt, anger. They struggle to raise children and maintain relationships. 

Life can be hard, even without a dual identity.

OK, I'm hooked.

Question: Any new shows capture your attention?


  1. I was really looking forward to Timeless because of the historical aspect, but I don't like that they're changing history. I thought the series was about stopping Flynn from changing history, not allowing it to happen.

    I'm still a staunch Murdoch Mysteries (Artful Dectective?) fan and even follow it as well as Yannick Bisson on Twitter, the only TV show/personality I follow.

    And after listening to comments of our Inky sisters on facebook, I've finally found Victoria and Mercy Street again on PBS and have started taping them. Will start binge watching through PBS online when we have enough data left in a month.

  2. Oh, I loved Lois and Clark, though their I-love-you-I-can-never-see-you-again antics got on my nerves. I must give that a look again.

    I loved Castle, but I got too busy and never finished watching. Must do that, too.

    Anita, I very much enjoyed Murdoch (what a cutie!), but the doctor so got on my nerves, I quit in the middle of the first season. And now that they're married, I can't see ever watching it.

    So want to see Victoria and catch up on Sherlock and watch Elementary and catch up on Poldark and-- and-- and--

    There just isn't enough time. :(

  3. I did start watching Forever, as my very rare foray into network television. Otherwise I guess I'm just a Magnum P.I. girl from way back.


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