Monday, April 3, 2017

Top ten things I learned watching a pregnant giraffe...

by Barbara Early

1. Giraffes have long blue tongues.

2. Giraffes, like five percent of humans, can stick their tongues up their nostrils.

3. There's always a compelling back story. I found this USA Today article about the family that started the animal park. It begins, "At the start, he dreamed of the giraffe."

4. Giraffes chew their cud (regurgitated food) like cows do.

5. Some of you tried number 2, didn't you--April Fools!

6. Giraffes form emotional bonds with each other and with their keepers. Their interaction was heartwarming at times.

7. As hard as I remember labor being, I can be thankful I didn't give birth to a 150 pound baby with hooves.

8. Unlimited cell data isn't truly unlimited. They slow you down after a certain threshold is reached.

9. Some might question the sanity of staring at the back end of a giraffe for hours on end, but think nothing of watching sweaty guys in shorts run back and forth dribbling a basketball.

10. After all the pain and restlessness April went through, I was ready to start a GoFundMe page for spaying and neutering giraffes.

But then...

<insert cute baby giraffe picture here>

Rats! Still waiting...


  1. So sorry I missed this post DeAnna. I'm not sure how I missed a post about a giraffe named April, but in my defense, I was probably watching her. And yep, it's 2 days later and we're still waiting. LOL

    About the unlimited data... We get ours by satellite and are limited to 75g a month before the cost goes up.

    I leave April's live feed camera on most of my waking hours but at a very low resolution - 144p. When one of the keepers enter, or I want to really see something, I change the quality to 240p. Only twice have I gone to 360p, and once to 480p which is the highest resolution.

    For March, I used 78.20g and ended up paying an extra $6.28 Cdn for usage. (About $4.70 USD) Less than the price for a movie and I figure I got more educational value for the money.

    BTW... I love your Top 10 list. I would like to say that the calf's hooves aren't hard while in the sac - more like soft tissue that will harden as it dries in the open air.


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