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WHEN THE DAY COMES by Gabrielle Meyer, Reviewed by Rebecca and Winnie

"Only those of us with the sunburst birthmark over our hearts were time-crossers."

Living every other day in a different century had become a way of life for Libby; going to sleep in 1774 Williamsburg, Virginia meant that she would wake up in 1914 New York City. However, on her twenty-first birthday, she would be given a choice; which of her two lives would she choose to live out? For months, it had seemed like such an easy choice, but as the time for her decision grew nearer, a domineering mother pushed Libby into an untenable position which would alter the course of her family history.

" . . . never search for answers about either path. If God wanted me to know, I would know. And I must not, for any reason, try to change either path with the foreknowledge I might obtain. To do so meant I would forfeit the path I tried to alter."

Such a creative story format; suffice it to say, I have never read anything quite like it. Time travel has never appealed to me, but this story deftly slips under that particular radar and tells itself on its own merits. And I was rather mesmerized.
*I received a copy of this book from the publisher. The opinions stated above are entirely my own. I did receive a copy from the publisher.

Gabrielle Meyer has written a very creative and unusual story in her book When the Day Comes. Libby is a time-traveler who is living one life in colonial Williamsburg, Virginia in 1774 while simultaneously living in 1914 Gilded Age New York City. When she goes to sleep in one life, she wakes up in the other. When she reaches her 21st birthday, she must choose which life she wants to live in. Impeccably researched in both time periods, Meyer’s stellar storytelling skills shine in this tale. The characters are colorful, realistic, and interesting and the many twists and turns keep the reader’s interest. I must admit I was curious how she was going to end this satisfactorily, but she definitely had a great plot twist at the end. 

With lots of action, adventure, and a dash of inspiration woven in, this is a fascinating book that should satisfy historical fiction lovers.
*I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy from Bethany House Publishers. All opinions are my own.
4.5 stars 




How will she choose, knowing all she must sacrifice?

Libby has been given a powerful gift: to live one life in 1774 Colonial Williamsburg and the other in 1914 Gilded Age New York City. When she falls asleep in one life, she wakes up in the other. While she's the same person at her core in both times, she's leading two vastly different lives.

In Colonial Williamsburg, Libby is a public printer for the House of Burgesses and the Royal Governor, trying to provide for her family and support the Patriot cause. The man she loves, Henry Montgomery, has his own secrets. As the revolution draws near, both their lives--and any hope of love--are put in jeopardy.

Libby's life in 1914 New York is filled with wealth, drawing room conversations, and bachelors. But the only work she cares about--women's suffrage--is discouraged, and her mother is intent on marrying her off to an English marquess. The growing talk of war in Europe only complicates matters.

But Libby knows she's not destined to live two lives forever. On her twenty-first birthday, she must choose one path and forfeit the other--but how can she choose when she has so much to lose in each life?

Bethany House Publishing, May 3, 2022
Available in digital ebook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook:
Buy WHEN THE DAY COMES at Amazon, Christianbook .com, or Baker Book House

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