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A RUMORED FORTUNE by Jaime Jo Wright, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

"Do you see, God? Do you see where I am? The mess my life is? Everything has been taken from me, and soon my freedom will be gone, too. "
Grief stricken upon returning home to an empty castle, her father presumed dead and her mother emotionally disconnected from the loss, Tressa Harlowe feels the weight of the future teetering precariously upon her young shoulders. Added to her distress is the fact that there appears to be no money in the family coffers, while rumors continue to circulate about a hidden family fortune, drawing greedy friends and unpaid lenders to the estate in droves. How could her father have left his beloved Trevelynn Castle and its lush, prosperous vineyards in such a state of turmoil?

When the newly hired estate manager offers sage advice, Tressa cannot help but be wary of Donegan Vance; his rugged physique, brash manners, and plain spoken words splay open her feeble attempts at decision making. Caught between her mother's attempts at matc…

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