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JUST ONE KISS by Courtney Walsh, Reviewed by Nicole Cook. #RELEASE DAY

“I would do anything for you, Carly Collins. And that’ll be true until the day I die.”

“From the very second he had asked her out, Carly knew she would never love anyone the way she loved him.”

New York Times Bestselling Author Courtney Walsh’s latest contemporary romance novel, Just One Kiss, thoroughly captivates her readers with a heartwarming and emotional story that demonstrates the power of true love and redemption through faith and forgiveness.

Josh Dixon has been in love with Carly Collins ever since they were young. The horrors of his childhood continue to haunt him as an adult, and Josh walks out on his chance for a real family with Carly and their infant son. Sixteen years later, Josh returns to Harbor Pointe when his son is hospitalized, and he is determined to win Carly back. Walsh weaves together a powerful story of romance, humor, and second chances as their son’s recovery brings Josh and Carly together and Josh attempts to overcome the painful memories of his chil…

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