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SWIMMING IN THE DEEP END by Christina Suzann Nelson, Reviewed by Kim

LOVE ON A LIMB by Laurie Lewis, Reviewed by Karen Klepsteen

DELAYED JUSTICE by Cara Putman, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

MIND GAMES by Nancy Mehl, Reviewed by Trixi Oberembt

HOPE UNDER MISTLETOE by Jesscia R. Patch, Reviewed by Susan Snodgrass

A HONEY OF A CHRISTMAS by Jessica R. Patch, Reviewed by Kim

Reaching in to our Christmas Stockings!

CHRISTMAS HIDEOUT by Susan Sleeman, reviewed by Winnie Thomas

HOLLY JOLLY CHRISTMAS by C.C.Warrens, Reviewed by Paula Shreckhise

THE MAKING OF MRS HALE by Carolyn Miller, Reviewed by Susan Snodgrass and Winnie Thomas

All I Want For Christmas is Spending Time With You

THE LIBERTY BRIDE by Marylu Tyndall, reviewed by Paula Shreckhise