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JULIA MONROE BEGINS AGAIN by Rebekah Millet, Reviewed by Paula Shreckhise


What a fabulous debut from Rebekah Millet. One of my favorite tropes of old flame to new flame with a few obstacles to overcome.

This story was cute, quirky, witty, swoony and also taught spiritual truths.

The author has written her characters with depth and authenticity. Two of the cantankerous varsity were Samuel’s dad, Teddy and Julia’s mom, Anne. “Standing next to the dining room table, Mama stared him down. Clad in all pink and yellow, she looked like a ticked-off Easter egg.”

The storyline has a realistic world view of consequences of sin and coping with the aftermath. Julia had to work through a boatload of guilt and on toward forgiveness. Samuel had to prove to her that he was a changed man. Not only was Julia faced with the possibility of dating Samuel again, she had to balance her work life, motherhood, and her ministry to help the elderly. She needed to focus on what God wanted her to do.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable read with a laugh on almost every page. This author will go far.
*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House Review Team. I was not required to post a favorable review. All opinions are my own.*5 stars and a solid faith thread.

See Reviews by Trixi, Kim, and Rebecca

BackCover Blurb:

Samuel was back. It seemed unfair to be blindsided. And in church no less. Shouldn't there be a commandment about that? Thou shalt not step foot inside thy ex's place of worship.

Julia Monroe has just turned forty and has high hopes for a fresh start after the last decade of her life abruptly left her a young widow and a single mom. With both her boys off to college, she can finally focus on expanding her New Orleans-based cleaning business. Julia is ready for new beginnings--but God has other plans. Samuel Reed, the ruggedly handsome Green Beret who shattered her heart over twenty years ago, has returned to town and is the kind of distraction she never saw coming.

After their first interaction in years leaves her mind spinning and her emotions out of control, Julia knows she needs to avoid him if she wants any chance of preventing history from repeating itself, but her meddling best friend keeps throwing them together. And now it seems inevitable that the man who was hard to forget might just be
to resist. 

Bethany House Publishing, October, 2024
Available in digital ebook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook:




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DREAMING ABOUT FOREVER by Mandi Blake, Reviewed by Kim #ReleaseDay


A Small Town Christian Romance

What a great way to start off my Christmas reading! Dreaming About Forever by Mandi Blake, set in a small, charming town in Colorado, is a sweet, Christmasy romance with great main and secondary characters and a bit of intrigue which kept me turning the pages. 

I loved the sweet romance in this story. From the first time Alicia and Jordan meet their chemistry is off the charts. I loved them both, but Jordan ended up being my favorite character in the book. He just might be, in my opinion, the best character Mandi Blake has ever written. He’s strong, protective and a smidge gruff. I also loved his family and I hope we eventually get more of their stories! 

When you’re ready to begin your Christmas reading, this is the story I highly recommend starting with! 5 stars!

*I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own. The faith thread is light.

BackCover Blurb:

Her handsome bodyguard is doing a great job protecting her from reporters, but she may need to protect her heart.

Former child sitcom star Alicia Carver loves the spotlight, but since launching her pop music career, the dirtier side of the business has been out to tear her apart. When her parents are charged with embezzlement, and her A-list fiancé dumps her on the red carpet, her perfect life crumbles faster than her rise to fame. Retreating to a small town seems like the best choice she has to avoid the press.

Jordan Taylor’s plan to retire from the army when he was old and gray crashed and burned in Kandahar along with his best friend. Protecting entitled celebrities from paparazzi was the last thing he wanted, but no one else would hire an amputee with an attitude problem. If babysitting a pop princess wasn’t bad enough, his next job is sending him home to Redemption Ridge to spend Christmas with the family he hasn’t seen in years.

Alicia’s heartbreak is soothed by the picturesque Christmas town, but her stoic bodyguard will barely loosen up enough to show her around. His past and his body are covered in scars, and she can’t help but wonder if he needs healing in Redemption Ridge just as much as she does.

Between Jordan, his family, and the townspeople who have welcomed her with open arms, Alicia is torn between rekindling her love of music and finding a forever home in Redemption Ridge. When the rumors start flying and wrecking her new happiness, will Alicia be able to set things right before the real world tears her new dream apart?Visit Redemption Ridge, Colorado and enjoy the faith, friendships, and forever-afters of the Christmas in Redemption Ridge series of Christian romance.

This series is a spin-off continuation of the best-selling
Heroes of Freedom Ridge Series with all new characters and traditions, but the same magic of community and romance readers love.

Buy DREAMING ABOUT FOREVER in digital ebook or paperback at Amazon 

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

A FAMILY FOR THE ORPHANS by Heidi Mann, Reviewed by Kim #ReleaseDay

An Uplifting Inspirational Romance (Triple C Ranch, 2)

A Family for the Orphans is my first Heidi Main read. This story is centered around a sweet friends to more romance which is one of my favorite tropes. It is an uplifting story with a great faith message.

Both Walker and Trisha have gone through some really traumatic experiences. Walker is struggling to forgive himself for something that was out of his control. This story really emphasizes how sometimes you can be your own worst enemy which in turn can sabotage your personal growth and happiness. It highlights the importance of having faith in God and trusting Him. This is one of my favorite quotes in the story,

God forgave us first,“ Autumn stated. “If you don’t forgive yourself, you’re belittling God’s work on the cross.”

The seamlessly woven faith thread was one of my favorite parts of this story.
*I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own. The faith thread is medium. 4 stars.

BackCover Blurb:
Three little hearts have been broken.

Now they must find a way to heal them…

Tragedy turned Walker McCaw from bachelor cowboy to guardian of his late best friend’s three children. Now they’re living on a new horse farm—and it’s a disaster. Trisha Campbell’s arrival couldn’t come at a better time. Together, they’ll need to work to save the struggling farm. But it takes more than hard work to make a family. It takes courage and love…

From Love Inspired: Uplifting stories of faith, forgiveness and hope.
November 2023

Available in digital ebook or paperback. 

Buy A FAMILY FOR THE ORPHANS at Amazon, or Christianbook .com

FOREVER LOVELY by Linore Rose Burkard, Reviewed by Paula Shreckhise #ReleaseDay

A Regency Time-Travel Romance: (Forever in Time, Book Two of Two)

I really like time travel stories and this series is so well done. The transition from 1819 England to present day New York City was smooth, even if the characters saw a bit of trouble. I liked seeing modern day New York through the eyes of Margaret. It was so surprising and neat to know that Margaret and Julian plopped right into a Jane Austen conference. The prayer shawl that allowed the time jump had a mind of it’s own when it became whole again after it had been torn apart. That just made for a logistical challenge. Because of the conference, Margaret meets Stewart, who is doing his degree in 19th Century female authors. They find much in common and the shawl does some matchmaking. The shawl works it’s magic and and lets people go to the time period they were meant to be in.

I liked the quotes at the chapter beginnings which gave advice from historical figures.

This was a fascinating premise. Also fascinating is the lady, a completed Jew, who makes the shawls and tells the recipient that the Holy Spirit chooses who she should sell to.

Suspend disbelief and enjoy this romantic story.
*A complimentary copy of this ebook was provided by the author through Interviews and Reviews. I was not required to post a favorable review. All opinions are my own.*4 stars and a solid faith thread.

BackCover Blurb:
Note: This sequel can be read as a stand-alone.

When Miss Margaret Andrews travels to the future to find her missing sister, she never expected to find true love. In 1819 England, Margaret is a bluestocking with dreams of becoming an inventress, but when the Tallit, a magical time-travel shawl, goes awry she finds herself stranded in 21st Century Manhattan. At a Jane Austen conference, she meets Stewart Russell, a grad student studying early British female writers. Stewart is immediately taken with Margaret and her effortless use of the speech and manners of Jane's day—until she claims to be FROM Jane's day! Worse, due to a mix-up, he is a wanted man and the clock is ticking. Margaret must find a way to get them both back to 1819—before the unthinkable happens.

If you enjoyed the time-travel romance of Outlander, then you'll love Margret and Stewart's story in Forever Lovely. Buy now before the price changes!

Liliput Press, November, 2023

Monday, November 27, 2023

THE JULIET CODE by Pepper Basham, Reviewed by Paula Shreckhise #NewRelease

Freddie and Grace Mystery #3

“Marriage was a very exciting, romantic and sometimes life-threatening adventure.”

Honeymooning in Venice in 1914, Grace Percy and her darling husband, Frederick, are caught up in adventure again. After chasing a thief who stole her purse, Grace and Freddy are surprised to find their friend detective Jack Miracle who has an intriguing mystery for them. Soon they are at a magnificent villa on a private island investigating stolen paintings. The Juliets, nine paintings of the play Romeo and Juliet, hold clues as yet to be solved.

A story on par with Agatha Christie, this book is perfectly delicious with its air of mystery, the delightful interaction of Grace and Freddy, a constant reminder that God directs our paths, and exciting scenes that have you gasping and turning pages rapidly.

I want more stories about Freddy and Grace!
* I received a complimentary e copy from the author. I was not required to post a favorable review. All opinions are my own.*5 stars and a solid faith thread.

BackCover Blurb:
Newlyweds Lord and Lady Astley Finally Reach Their Honeymoon Destination Only to Encounter a New Mystery in Need of Solving

Frederick and Grace Percy finally make it to Italy to enjoy a delayed honeymoon and explore the beauties of the historic city of Venice. To their surprise, their friend, Detective Jack Miracle, is also in the city, investigating a series of art heists starting at the house of eccentric millionaire, Laraby Covington. Drawn into a world of boat races, mysterious houses, and parties of the rich and unusual in Venice, Frederick and Grace learn of the existence of the Juliet paintings, (Renaissance paintings feature Shakespeare’s tragic heroine) rumored to hold a secret code to an underground vault of similarly treasured artwork assumed lost over the centuries. As Freddie and Grace are pulled deeper into the mystery and their beloved Detective Jack disappears, can they use their wits and work as a team to find the thieves and Jack before it’s too late?

The Juliet Code is a Freddie and Grace Mystery, sequel to The Mistletoe Countess and The Cairo Curse.

Barbour Publishing, November, 2023
Available in digital ebook, paperback, library binding, and audiobook:

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MARRYING THE RANCHER'S DAUGHTER by Tara Grace Ericson, Reviewed by Kim

A Small Town Christian Cowboy Romance

Marrying the Rancher’s Daughter by Tara Grace Ericson is the first book in the Christmas in Redemption Ridge series. I really enjoy this kind of series where different authors write in the same town. I enjoyed many of the stories from the previous series, Heroes of Freedom Ridge, so I’m hoping to eventually love Redemption Ridge as much as I loved Freedom Ridge!

This is a marriage of convenience and grumpy/sunshine story. Jason and Cassie have really good chemistry together and I loved watching Cassie turn Jason a little less grumpy. Some of my favorite parts of this story were when they were really getting to know each another. Their marriage was good for both of them. I loved the Christmasy feels in this story, especially the barn dance and the Christmas shopping trip. I did feel like their declarations of love came about too quickly and sometimes Jason could be a tad too grumpy.

This story has something for everyone. There’s romance, danger, cowboys, and Christmas feels all rolled into one story.
*I received a complimentary copy of this story. All opinions are my own. The faith thread is light. 3 stars.

BackCover Blurb:
He's completely wrong for her. But their marriage may be exactly what she needs.

Professional bullrider Jason Keen is chasing a national title--and running from his mistakes. When his last sponsor threatens to pull their support unless he becomes the poster boy of a charming, family friendly cowboy, there is no way he can pull it off. Unless he can find another way to soften his rough-edged image while he works at Redemption Ranch between events…

Despite her family’s status as Colorado ranching royalty, Cassie Reynolds’ heart has been tied to the rodeo since her first event at the tender age of five. If her possessive ex-boyfriend would get the hint and leave her alone, she’d never leave her rodeo marketing job. Unfortunately, with each passing day, he’s growing more desperate to claim her.

When a week at home on Redemption Ranch is interrupted by the appearance of Cassie’s ex, Jason can’t stand by and let him terrorize the owner’s daughter. Could her unorthodox proposal be the solution to get them both through the holidays and the rodeo national finals?Visit Redemption Ridge, Colorado and enjoy the faith, friendships, and forever-afters of the Christmas in
Redemption Ridge series of Christian romance.

This series is a spin-off continuation of the best-selling
Heroes of Freedom Ridge Series with all new characters and traditions, but the same magic of community and romance readers love.

Silver Fountain Press, October, 2023

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

JULIA MONROE BEGINS AGAIN by Rebekah Millet, Reviewed by Rebecca, Trixi, and Kim

Julia Monroe Begins Again (Beignets for Two):
A Sweet RomCom Second Chance Romance

"So you're looking forward to getting back to your old quiet life? Nights alone with that devil dog?"

"Samuel was back. It seemed unfair to be blindsided. And in church no less. Shouldn't there be a commandment about that?" But there he was . . . all tall and handsome, wearing . . . an eye patch? Julia Monroe couldn't skedaddle out of that sanctuary fast enough, but she should have known that attempting to out maneuver a former Green Beret wouldn't be a successful mission . . . except that she had not known. For heaven's sake, the man in question had broken her young heart and summarily dumped her. Now twenty years later, widowed, with both sons in college . . . and her past decides to come sneaking up on her? . . . in church! . . . of all places. Not fair! Case closed.

"I'd fallen back on what I could do, rather than leaving my problems where they belonged, in God's never-failing presence."     

"This would be so much easier if You just told me what to do . . . . But where's the faith in that, right?"

The continuum of sophisticated sass served as a much needed buffer for the intensely jagged edges of emotion lurking around ever corner; pain, regret, anger, and grief flowed freely between these pages, as two flawed but forgiven people found their way back to blessedly beginning again. Such an impressive debut!

*I received a copy of this book from Baker Publishing through Interviews and Reviews. The opinions stated above are entirely my own. 4.5 stars

I adore this debut by a brand-spanking new author! I've followed Rebekah Millet on Facebook for quite a while now, and was so excited when she revealed that she contracted with Bethany House for a book. I was even more excited to be able to read and review it!!

There are so many things to love about this book—first off, it's a reunion love story. I don't know why, but those are my favorite kind. Maybe because there's a lot for the hero and heroine to work through as to why the relationship didn't last. What I admire, Samuel and Julia don't avoid their shared messy past. They face it head-on without reservation knowing that in order to move forward, they have to look backwards. Too many stories nowadays don't have characters that talk things through and avoid the “elephant”—or in this case “spaniel”—in the room. It saddens me because so many problems can be handled when we talk about stuff...even the raw, messy, ugly things. Now admittedly, Samuel had declared his intentions up front, which understandably made Julia wary. There were also quite a few snort laugh-out-loud moments for me...the funny to balance out the poignant moments they shared. I love humor laced stories, and then every time Julia “cleaning lady cursed” it hit my funny bone even more!

The best friend Kate—she's not afraid to tell Julia the truth in love, always pointing back to Christ and His word when Julia loses focus on what matter most. She's a steady influence and the one person Julia can count on and lean on when things get tough. We need more of those kinds of friends in our own lives. I really, really hope Millet has a story in the works for her because she deserves her own happily-ever-after!

Let's not forget our handsome hero Samuel—I love the human behind his character! His layers were complex, real, and at times, hard for me to read about. He had a past full of regrets and pitfalls, but I love how Millet showed Christ’s changing power in Samuel. He readily admits his faults and never blames anyone else for his mistakes. And he's a relentless flirt, the stinker! He is equal storybook hero and flawed but forgiven man who would do anything for anyone just because it needs to be done. His love for his cranky-pants father, his relationship with his brother Wyatt and his desire to make things right with Julia endeared him to me.

This story touched every emotion and felt so real to me. It's like I stepped into the pages of this book and lived, walked and talked with the characters. It's a powerful story of forgiveness, Christ’s life changing love, strong friendships and a second chance to make things right to those who you've wronged. Watching Samuel and Julia fall in love again was thoroughly satisfying for this hopeless romantic! If you pick this book up (and you absolutely should), make sure to clear your calendar because you'd be hard-pressed to put it down! Easily one of my top five books for 2023 and I eagerly look forward to seeing what Millet pens next.

*I received a complimentary copy from Bethany House publishers and was not obligated to leave a favorable review. All opinions expressed here are mine alone. *

I loved Julia Monroe Begins Again! It has everything I love in a story, second chance romance, humor, faith, great side characters, a wonderful heroine, and a major swoony hero, I’m mean he’s a Green Beret, need I say more?

I basically loved everything about Samuel! His faith has changed him and he’s ready to do whatever he needs to do to win Julia back! Julia is not quite so ready for Samuel and, at first, she does everything she can to avoid him, but know matter how hard she tries, she can not resist his charms. The humor is perfection and kept me laughing throughout. This is one story I didn’t want to end.

Julia Monroe Begins Again is the debut novel by Rebekah Millet. I’m actually stunned that this is a debut novel! I really loved this story and can’t wait for whatever she writes next. I listened to the audiobook and the narrator is fantastic!
*I received a complimentary copy of this book. I also purchased a copy. All opinions are my own. The faith thread is light. 5 stars.

BackCover Blurb:

Samuel was back. It seemed unfair to be blindsided. And in church no less. Shouldn't there be a commandment about that? Thou shalt not step foot inside thy ex's place of worship.

Julia Monroe has just turned forty and has high hopes for a fresh start after the last decade of her life abruptly left her a young widow and a single mom. With both her boys off to college, she can finally focus on expanding her New Orleans-based cleaning business. Julia is ready for new beginnings--but God has other plans. Samuel Reed, the ruggedly handsome Green Beret who shattered her heart over twenty years ago, has returned to town and is the kind of distraction she never saw coming.

After their first interaction in years leaves her mind spinning and her emotions out of control, Julia knows she needs to avoid him if she wants any chance of preventing history from repeating itself, but her meddling best friend keeps throwing them together. And now it seems inevitable that the man who was hard to forget might just be
to resist. 

Bethany House Publishing, October, 2024
Available in digital ebook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook:



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RUNNING TO YOU by Robin Patchen, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney


Amnesia in Shadow Cove (The Wright Heroes of Maine Book 1)

"Sam Wright liked being alone. He'd built an empire alone, and he wouldn't apologize for that."

With one ring of the doorbell Samuel Wright's carefully constructed solitary life morphed into a reality that he never imagined . . . Eliza was in his house, in his arms, and obviously in deep, deep trouble. Oddly enough, she had no recollection of the five year span since their relationship had come to a screeching halt; the amnesia was as real as the bumps and bruises covering her body while crumpled up in her hand was Sam's business card, the only thing she carried.

Little by little the broken pieces of Eliza's memory begin to emerge, making their conversations tense and awkward, reminding Sam of all that he had lost, and softening his heart to the idea of second chances. Unfortunately, what little information Eliza does remember is so bizarre that it barely seems possible . . . until it does . . . bringing Sam and Eliza to a "this is it" precipice . . do they really believe that "He is the God of the impossible."?

"When she needed help, she ran to you."

Having read a number of stories featuring an hero or heroine with memory loss, this one felt extremely credible in the way that the author disclosed small amounts of information, not necessarily chronologically, or even the most needful, thus allowing the breakthrough to come hard and fast when it did. And believe me when I say that it did! An edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting, hold-on-to-your-hat (or in this case, ear piece), I-forgive-you finish! 

*I purchased a copy and was under no obligation to provide a positive review.

BackCover Blurb:
From a
USA Today bestselling author...

Sam never understood why Eliza left him five years ago, ghosting him without explanation. He’s avoided romance ever since, focusing on building his business. Money might not keep him warm at night, but it can sure buy a lot of blankets.

Then Eliza shows up on his doorstep and throws herself into his arms. She can’t explain her bruises or the head injury that’s left her with no memories of the past five years, including their breakup. No matter how good it feels to hold her, though, there’s no way he’s getting sucked into romance again.

He’ll deliver Eliza to her mother, and that will be that. But instead of finding her mom, they’re met by two attackers and barely escape alive. Despite the danger to his life and his heart, he can’t leave Eliza to fend for herself.

Together, they embark on a journey to reconstruct her past while evading the men chasing her. As Sam and Eliza close in on the truth, their romance reignites, but her secret threatens to destroy them both.

Prepare to be enthralled by this gripping story of amnesia, a second chance at love, and a secret baby.
Running to You is an edge-of-your-seat Christian romantic suspense set in Maine that will keep you reading all night long.

Available in digital ebook, paperback, or hardcover. Buy it at Amazon





Sunday, November 19, 2023

THE WINGS OF POPPY PENDLETON by Melanie Dobson, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

"He needed a name, but she couldn't give him the one inscribed in the ship's manifest."

Viewing her life from the outside in, one might mistakenly surmise that Amelia Pendleton had the world at her fingertips; her husband Leslie had amassed a tidy fortune from two successful enterprises, the power couple was welcoming hoards of New York elites into their newly constructed castle on Koster Isle, and their precious daughter Poppy was just hours away from celebrating her fifth birthday. In reality, Amelia was more like one of her exotic birds, on full display for all to see, viewing freedom from within the glass walls of her beloved aviary. On one fateful night, the glass shattered.

Years later, Chloe Riddell is shocked to find a small girl huddled on the porch of her Koster Isle cottage. Chloe is all that the island has left, the Pendleton castle towers above on the verge of ruin, Chloe's grandparents, who were given ownership years prior are now both deceased, and this bedraggled young survivor, who has apparently fled to the island for safety, isn't answering any questions. To top it all off, a determined journalist is circling Chloe's personal space, asking a boat load of them. Why can't everyone just leave the mystery of what really happened to Poppy Pendleton where it belongs . . . in the past.

Like a jigsaw puzzle, this story has numerous scattered, carefully contoured pieces; some cleverly disguised, others hiding in plain sight . . . all of them deserving to find rest in their divinely ordained spaces. Read assuredly, as the pages turn faster and faster and faster, that what appears to be broken has been redeemed, and what might have been forgotten will be remembered.

"Thou who has taken to thyself the wings . . . To thee I turn, I make my prayer, God of the open air."- Henry Van Dyke.
*I purchased a copy and had no obligation to provide a positive review.

BackCover Blurb:
In this compelling new time-slip mystery, a little girl goes missing from her family’s castle in the Thousand Islands of New York. Eighty-five years later, a journalist teams up with a woman living on Koster Isle to find out what happened to Poppy, once and for all.

1907. On the eve of her fifth birthday, Poppy Pendleton is tucked safely in her bed, listening to her parents entertain New York’s gilded society in their Thousand Islands castle; the next morning, she is gone, and her father is found dead in his smoking room.

1992. Though Chloe Ridell lives in the shadows of Poppy’s castle, now in ruins, she has little interest in the mystery that still captivates tourists and locals alike. She is focused on preserving the island she inherited from her grandparents and reviving their vintage candy shop. Until the day a girl named Emma shows up on Chloe’s doorstep, with few possessions, save a tattered scrapbook that connects her to the Pendleton family. When a reporter arrives at Chloe’s store, asking questions about her grandfather, Chloe decides to help him dig into a past she’d thought best left buried. The haunting truth about Poppy, they soon discover, could save Emma’s life, so Chloe and Logan must work together to investigate exactly what happened long ago on Koster Isle.

-Standalone dual-timeline historical mystery
-Clean, suspenseful historical fiction, perfect for fans of Susan Meissner or Lisa Wingate
-Book length: 95,000 words
-Includes discussion questions for book groups
Tyndale House Publishing, September, 2023
Available in digital ebook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook:

Thursday, November 16, 2023

TALON by Ronie Kendig, Reviewed by Kim

Talon: Combat Tracking Team (A Breed Apart Book 2) 

Talon by Ronie Kendig is, in a word, amazing! I loved everything about this story! There’s romance, action, mystery, heartbreak, humor, twists and turns and so many wonderful characters packed into this story.

I really loved Aspen and Dane and how their relationship developed. Dane has walls - big ones - due to his past, which is absolutely heartbreaking. I loved how Aspen slowly wormed her way right into Dane’s heart. There was literally nothing he could do to stop her. The action, as usual with a Ronie Kendig story, was fast paced and at times jaw dropping. And there’s humor. I always love humor in these types of stories and Candyman was there to provide it pretty much every time he was on the page!

This is book 2 in the A Breed Apart series, but it can easily be read as a standalone. This series is definitely one for the TBR list!
*I purchased this book. All opinions are my own. Five stars!

BackCover Blurb:
Her brother is missing. And her only chance of finding him lies with a combat dog that has lost his edge.

All Air Force veteran Aspen Courtland wants is her brother back. The US Marine Corps says he’s dead, but Aspen won’t believe it till she sees his body. Her only hope is her brother’s tracking dog, Talon, but a brutal attack has left the dog afraid of his own shadow.

The truth is something Military Intelligence Operative Dane Markoski has never faced. But now it’s the only thing that can save him—along with Talon’s help. But working with Talon means teaming up with Aspen as well, and Dane swore he’d never work with a woman.

Eventually they join forces to battle the elements and extremists. But if Talon can’t rise up to his former glory for one last mission, the only outcome for all three will be game over.

Task Force Press, June, 2017


Tuesday, November 14, 2023

TO SPARK A MATCH by Jen Turano, Reviewed by Rebecca, Winnie, and Paula! #ReleaseDay

(The Matchmakers Book #2): 
(A Christian Historical Romance with Humor Set in New York's High-Society)

"The odds were definitely not in her favor these days . . . Normally, unexpected visitors appearing on Duveen land wouldn't be a cause for concern, but considering she'd been forced to abandon her gown because it kept getting snagged on tree branches, impeding her rescue attempt of a stranded kitten, it was a disconcerting predicament to be sure."

To conclude that Miss Adelaide Duveen did not fit the mold of a top-tier socialite was more than obvious, there was a mountain of evidence. She had an enormous proclivity for escapades of momentous proportion, typically calling attention to herself in a most unladylike manner . . . but in a roundabout way, her numerous acts of mortification had drawn the regard of Mr. Gideon Abbott, who for the life of him couldn't figure out why he felt the need to rescue her all the time. Quite recently, the little scamp had convinced Gideon that he needed her assistance in a most delicate matter of removing an unconscious man from a party, thus staging another monstrous debacle that caused Gideon to feel indebted to her and . . .

. . . . the entire cycle began all over again . . . the difference being that this time Adelaide's antics had caused her interminable disassociation from polite society. Gideon needed help, and he knew just where to find it. Thus began the transformation of Miss Adelaide Duveen . . . it would be strictly business, no sparking involved.

"You're quite mistaken if you believe you're a lady who doesn't stand out in a crowd."

Filled with lengthy scenes (well, because Adelaide did go on and on about things), witty conversations (disguised as arguments), and an amusing assortment of catastrophes(there might be weapons and criminals and secret codes involved) this story spins its readers around and around and around again until they can certainly understand why Gideon cannot keep his head straight around Adelaide. Forget sparks, the two of them together? . . . there's enough combustion to ignite a blaze!
*I received a copy of this book from Baker Publishing through Interviews and Reviews. The opinions stated above are entirely my own.

“I have always believed God looks after us, and I think you can see that has certainly been the case with Adelaide, given the life threatening circumstances she finds herself in.”

I thoroughly enjoyed this hilarious story about Adelaide who is so accident prone that she is sure she will not marry, and Gideon who is always there to try to protect her - sometimes from herself. She uses her ability to create chaos to help Gideon out of a tight spot and in turn begs to be a part of his secret agency. The fun is never far away- look for the epic bustle blunder.

Matchmaker, Camilla Pierpont, is tasked with bringing Adelaide back into the good graces of the society elite after too many disastrous episodes render her out of vogue. Nefarious, shady characters and behind the scenes intrigue make for a book that so kept me in stitches that I did not want to put it down. The witty banter was the best!

If you want an absorbing story and a great laugh, do not miss this book.
*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House on behalf of the author. I was not required to post a favorable review. All opinions are my own.*5 stars and an underlying faith thread.


“It wouldn’t be a normal evening for me if some manner of chaos didn’t occur.”

This quote pretty much sums up Adelaide’s life, as she tends to wreak havoc in her life with great regularity. Adelaide is definitely a unique and endearing character, and Gideon is a wonderful hero who helps Adelaide out of some of her most dangerous and crazy shenanigans. I loved the relationship and witty banter between these two main characters. Author Jen Turano is one of my favorite historical romance fiction writers, and one of the reasons is the witty humor and fun she pours into her stories. Another reason is the humorous way she pokes a little fun at high society in the Gilded Age.

As Adelaide’s friend Camilla and Gideon try to restore Adelaide’s reputation and standing in society, will they change her into someone she’s not meant to be? Adelaide isn’t sure she wants to change if it means she loses her compassion and concern for those less fortunate and less socially accepted.

“I’m relatively convinced one shouldn’t ignore God’s intentions or deviate from them simply to embrace the status quo.”

With plenty of chaos, action, a touch of mystery, and a good amount of sparks, To Spark a Match is a fun and humorous romp into Gilded Age society. Although it’s the second book in The Matchmakers series, it can easily be read alone. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series. I recommend this book to those who enjoy amusing and entertaining historical romance fiction.

*I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy from Bethany House Publishers. All opinions are my own.4.5 stars

BackCover Blurb:
After five unsuccessful Seasons on the marriage mart, Miss Adelaide Duveen has resigned herself to the notion that she's destined to remain a spinster forever--a rather dismal prospect, but one that will allow her to concentrate on her darling cats and books. However, when she inadvertently stumbles upon Mr. Gideon Abbott engaged in a clandestine activity during a dinner party, Adelaide finds herself thrust into a world of intrigue that resembles the plots in the spy novels she devours.

Former intelligence agent Gideon Abbott feels responsible for Adelaide after society threatens to banish her because of the distraction she caused to save his investigation. Hoping to return the favor, he turns to a good friend--and one of high society's leaders--to take Adelaide in hand and turn her fashionable. When danger surrounds them and Adelaide finds herself a target of the criminals in Gideon's case, the spark of love between them threatens to be quenched for good--along with their lives.

Bethany House Publishing, November, 2023
Available in digital ebook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook

Monday, November 13, 2023

KISS ME ON CHRISTMAS by Sarah Monzon, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

"She laughs, and the sound is unlike anything I've ever heard before. Like the bell on the Polar Express- the sweetest sound on earth, but only for those who believe . . . I Believe."

Too good to be true? Beckett Walsh, her son's online hero, boarding their plane, choosing to sit beside them, conversing with Liam like they were long lost friends . . . goodness, maybe they were, their creative genius conversation had literally . . . lulled her to sleep? . . . or was it that Kaitlyn Stafford's single mom exhaustion status had been so grateful for someone else, even a virtual stranger, to ease her load. No, that wasn't right. Her extraordinary son was a gift not a "load", but there was no question about the fact that she rarely got much rest. Additionally, the change in their holiday plans was already challenging her son's proclivity for routine, regardless of the fact that Kaitlyn was thrilled that her sister was getting married.

"I have staying power, Kaitlyn, and I'm not afraid of proving that to you."

A larger-than-life story using fewer words than many? This compact powerhouse of a novella may just prove that they do indeed exist. The brief amount of time that it took to read it, in no way diminishes the long lasting impact of its characters. Memorable, emotional, personal; this trio of characters prove that love can, and did, come down on Christmas!

*I purchased a copy and was under no obligation to provide a positive review.

BackCover Blurb:
Single mom Kaitlyn Stafford has never considered Christmas a balancing act, but when her sister calls with the news that she’s getting married in less than two weeks—on Christmas Day—that’s exactly what the holiday looks like becoming. Helping with the out-of-state wedding will be fun. The challenge will be doing so while accommodating her neurodivergent son’s need to keep every single one of their Christmas traditions while they’re away from home. It’ll be tricky, but she can do it.

At least, that’s what she thinks before her son’s favorite YouTuber, Beckett Walsh, shows up on the scene, knocking her world off-kilter with his speaking glances and knowing smiles. How on earth is she supposed to pull off her balancing act when her world’s just tilted on its axis?

Available in digital ebook or paperback at Amazon

Sunday, November 12, 2023

A RIVER BETWEEN US by Jocelyn Green, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

"Cora Mae . . . I know you're powerful scared behind that fierce face of yours. Don't let it turn into hate. . . The good Lord says we are to love our enemies and pray for those who bring us pain."

"Love her enemies"
. . . did the good Lord know when He spoke those words that those enemies would come into her town, destroy her livelihood, separate her from a most beloved mother, and demand that Cora Mae and the daughter-of-her-heart move away from everything familiar? As the Union army marches closer and closer to Atlanta, does the kindness of a young sergeant mean enough for Cora Mae and June to sign away their allegiance in order to survive? There are no easy choices, and while Sergeant Ethan Howard might have begun to worm his way into her affections, war offers no guarantees; besides, Cora Mae left her future carefully wrapped up in a promise back home.

"Hope is on the inside. Even if the vessel is battered and scarred. Hope can live within."

A touching glimpse into history, personified by two individuals on opposite sides of the river, so to speak, whose ability to draw strength and courage from their faith changed not only their own lives, but the lives of so many around them.
*I purchased this book and was under no obligation to provide a positive review. 3.5 stars

BackCover Blurb:
Cora Mae Stewart’s world collapses when Sherman destroys the Georgia cotton mill where she works and has her arrested for treason and sent North. Faced with impossible choices, she does what she must to keep a little girl safe in an unhospitable land.

Convinced he won’t survive the war, Union Sergeant Ethan Howard determines to make his death count for something. But Cora Mae gives him a reason to live. Trouble is, he’s just arrested her on Sherman’s orders, and torn her from home and family.

Sergeant Howard is the last person Cora Mae wants to forgive, and the only man who can bring her all the way home. 

Credo House, October, 2023
Available in digital ebook and paperback 

Thursday, November 9, 2023

CHRISTMAS IN THE CROSSHAIRS Anthology (Elite Guardians #4), Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

Anthology of three novellas by  Kate Angelo, Kelly Underwood, and Sami A. Abrams, introduced by Lynette Eason

Deadly Holiday Hijack - Kate Angelo
"We're sorry to interrupt your lovely Christmas program . . . I've ordered my men to hold the people of this church hostage until the American government pays for their release."

Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! This wasn't the way that the evening was supposed to transpire. Christina Sherman and Grey Parker are watching a holiday horror scene unfold before their very eyes and immediately begin to put their special ops skills into practice . . . but the clock is ticking . . .literally . . . assuming they live through the night, that wedding date they keep putting off? . . . needs to be set sooner rather than later. A tightly wound plot, capturing wonderful character dynamics! Very impressive.

Silent Night Siege - Kelly Underwood
"Their relationship had survived some intense ups and downs, but surviving a crash landing might be the ultimate test. Assuming they survived."

Finally! Preston Whittaker and his girlfriend Laila Rabbinowitz were wheels up . . . together for a few uninterrupted hours on a private plane, headed towards a Breckenridge, Colorado condo with great views and a large, cozy fireplace . . . a ring in his pocket  . . . and . . . nowhere on his itinerary had Preston penciled in time to run for their lives. Laila's former military training gave her crazy good survival skills, but finding their way out of this predicament is taking terror to an entirely new level. A fast paced, electrifying, holiday trek toward together forever.

Christmas Snowstorm Standoff - Sami A. Abrams
"This weekend was no longer about getting married. It was about staying alive."

Just two more days and Lizzie Tremaine would be marrying the love of her life, Charlie Lee. Whether or not they would have any witnesses for the highly anticipated occasion remained to be seen, the snow blanketing Wild Sapphire Ranch in Montana was certainly beautiful, but was severely restricting travel in and out of the area. Never in their wildest dreams would they have imagined it attracting a killer, much less a young woman from Charlie's past. Hang on to your Christmas spirit, this story throws a lot of unexpected snowballs! 

BackCover Blurb:
It’s Christmastime and love is in the air. But when these three Elite Guardians walk into the crosshairs of trouble, they find themselves fighting not just for justice, but for the lives of the men they love in this riveting thriller collection!

Deadly Holiday Hijack by Kate Angelo

“Come out to Savannah, she says. It’ll be fun, she says. Boss can be in the nativity pageant, she says,” Yeah. Great idea.

Bodyguard Christina Sherman and her fiancé, former spec ops air commando Grey Parker just want to sneak away to beautiful Savannah, attend a Nativity Pageant, maybe set a wedding date. But when a group of terrorists take over the church and the whole thing is live streamed, they find themselves in a hometown version of a Die Hard Christmas movie. But will they make it to the happy ending?

Silent Night Siege by Kelly Underwood

Billionaire Preston Whittaker and bodyguard Laila Rabbinowitz just can’t get a break. Not only are their schedules so crazy they’ve put their relationship on simmer, but on their way to the mountains for much-needed togetherness…yep, their plane crashes. Suddenly they’re stranded on a remote mountainside in freezing temperatures, minimal food, wildlife, and no hope of rescue.

And then, the real danger starts. Someone deliberately caused the wreck, and that person is hunting them through the wilderness.

Now, it’ll take more than togetherness to survive…

Christmas Snowstorm Standoff by Sami A. Abrams

It’s finally time for bodyguard Lizzie Tremaine to tie the knot with the man she’s loved for years—fellow bodyguard Charlie Lee.

But maybe fate is still against them, because on the eve of their big day, a snowstorm hits. And, while it’s kept the guests away, it’s brought trouble in the form of a woman from Charlie’s past. More, she’s on the run from a killer…

A man who will stop at nothing to make sure Charlie and Lizzie never make it to the altar.

Now Lizzie and Charlie must battle the storm, stop the killer, and defeat the doubts that suddenly have them wondering if they are truly meant to be.

Three epic love stories. Three edge-of-your-seat thrillers. Three Christmases caught in the Crosshairs inspired by best-selling author Lynette Eason’s Elite Guardian series.
Sunrise Publishing, October, 2023
Available in digital ebook and paperback

GARDEN OF THE MIDNIGHTS by Hannah Linder, Reviewed by Trixi Oberembt

"Some sacrifice everything for love. Others sacrifice love for everything else."

Hannah Linder has to be one of my top favorite historical authors. This is her third published book and they just keep getting better and better in my opinion! She has such a lyrical poetic writer’s voice that draws me in every time and sweeps me into her world of fiction.

Garden of the Midnights
is a doozy of a read! I did not expect to be so affected or so deeply pulled into the lives of William Kensley and Isabella Gresham as I was. My real world melted the moment they met. With each twist & turn of the plot, I could not put the book down if I tried. I HAD to know what happened next, almost to the point of desperation! Okay maybe that’s an exaggeration, but that’s just how lost I was in the story. My heart was invested in the journey that Linder put William and Isabella on. I wanted to rail against the injustice of social standing, prejudices and severe gaps in class distinction of the time period. But that’s what made this story so good, the angst a reader goes through as the scenes play out. It’s what connected my heart, invested my emotions and made me enjoy the ride even more.

"We may scorn the poor and lift our noses at them and blame their helplessness on dastardly sins. But the truth is they are no worse and no better than we ourselves. They are simply less fortunate."
Love is hard won in this story and many heart wrenching decisions played out on the pages. However, a stunning conclusion awaits those who endure to the end! A definite must read in my book for those who enjoy historical fiction with Gothic tones, forbidden romance, a story taut with danger and ends in a breathtaking conclusion. You don't want to miss this one!
* I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review. * 

BackCover Blurb:
She begged him once more to meet in the garden at midnight.
“If you love me,” said the letter.
But if he loved her, he would not come at all.
Enjoy another Gothic Style Regency from Hannah Linder.

The accidents are not a matter of chance. They are deliberate. As English gentleman William Kensley becomes aware of the danger at Rosenleigh Manor, he pleads for the truth of his past from the only man he can trust—until that man is murdered.

As the secrets unfold into scandal, William’s world is tipped into destitution, leaving him penniless and alone. His only comfort is in the constant friendship and love of Isabella Gresham. If he does not have their nonsense at the seashore, their laughter, their reckless adventures, has he anything at all?

He should have known that would be ripped from him too. When a hidden foe arises from their acquaintances and imperils Isabella’s life, William may be the only one willing to risk his life to rescue her. But even if he frees Isabella from her captors, will he still have to forsake her heart?

Some sacrifice everything for love. Others sacrifice love for everything else. In this haunting tale of rigid social prejudices and heart-aching regrets, the greatest decision of their life will be determined in the garden of the midnights.

Barbour Publishing, September 30, 2023
Available in digital ebook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook
Buy GARDEN OF THE MIDNIGHTS at Amazon, Christianbook .com, or Baker Book House

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