Friday, December 16, 2022

ON MY HONOR by Patty Smith Hall, Reviewed by Trixi Oberembt

I’ve only read one other book in the Heroines of WWII series so when I had opportunity to read this one I didn’t hesitate. The other reason was because this gives me a glimpse of the history of the Girl Scouts/Girl Guides. I used to be a Brownie as a small girl and was in the Girl Scouts for a few years after that, so for me this was a very fascinating piece of history that I learned more about!

I loved getting to know each of the young girls and Ginny their Girl Scout leader. When they find an injured man washed ashore, they banded together to help fix him up. This is where the story really took off! Intrigue, adventure, mystery, a little bit of danger and a budding romance made the book a great read from page one all the way through.

The author also touched on many landmarks in the book, which makes me want to learn more about them. One thing I love is when an author can immerse me in their story, as if I was right in the middle of it. Patty Smith Hall did an outstanding job with On My Honor!

History lovers will find this fascinating and richly steeped in the WWII era!
* I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review. *

BackCover Blurb:
A Girl Scout Troop Joins the Battle of the Atlantic

Full of intrigue, adventure, and romance, this new series celebrates the unsung heroes—the heroines of WWII.

Ginny Mathis was finished with nursing school and had no intention of staying rooted in the Outer Banks—then war broke out. With her father away, she feels duty-bound to stay and help her mother and younger sister. While working as a clerk for the Oregon Inlet ferry, naval officers ask Ginny and others to be watchful for German U-boats reportedly spotted in the area. So to help occupy her teenage sister, Ginny enlists the Girl Scout troop she leads to help watch for suspicious activity along the coast.

Timothy Elliott is no stranger to death. As a British reporter working with the M-6, he’s numb to the losses of war after two years of fighting the Germans. Maybe that’s why he volunteered for this mission—to connect with an ex-German naval officer who stole the Furor’s battle plan for the Atlantic war. When the boat giving him passage to New York is bombed near the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Tim is thrown from the boat and wakes up in the care of a group of young girls.

Ginny follows her sneaky sister on a clandestine mission and discovers the shipwreck victim. Ginny knows she must take charge, but is this man the enemy, or does he hold secrets that could turn the tide of the Battle of the Atlantic in the allies’ favor?

Barbour Publishing, December, 2022
Available in digital ebook, paperback, library binding, and audiobook:



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