Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Chesapeake Shores Features Lending Library Box

by Anita Mae Draper

Do you watch the Chesapeake Shores TV series on the Hallmark Channel? It's based on the book series, Chesapeake Shores by well-known author, Sheryl Woods. Up here in Canada we watch it on the W Network months after it's aired in the U.S., but considering the broadcast issues, we're blessed to see it at all.

Although the series is set in Chesapeake Shores, Maryland, it's filmed at Parksville and Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The Hallmark TV series, Cedar Cove, had a similar setup where it was set in Washington State and filmed in British Columbia as well.

What makes Chesapeake Shores special to me is that it's centered around a multi-generational family where one of the daughters, Bree, is a writer. And a very good writer apparently, from the accolades she received from a successful screenplay. But as the series starts, she's suffering writer's block and can't seem to latch onto the key of that first success.

Without going into episode detail, I'd like to say that what endeared me to Bree's character is when she asks country music singer, Trace, to build her a lending library box in the Season 1 episode, Georgia on My Mind.

Image courtesy of

I'm not going to tell you which episodes, but every once in awhile the Chesapeake Shores action is set at the show's lending library box location.

Furthermore, because of the Bree character, scenes are also set in the local book store. I really like this series as it integrates Bree's love of books and her writer's life into daily family life. The frustrations and battles she faces in her decisions to make it as a writer are no more or no less important than those any other member of her family faces in their respective careers.

Although the Chesapeake Shores episode guide calls it a "lending library box", the concept is fashioned with the same idea as Little Free Library.

A Little Free Library can be found in any country, any community, on any street. Anyone with a willingness to share can set one up on the edge of their property where people can take a book and leave one for someone else to read.

The Little Free Library website even has 20 different design plans to build your own. They can be found at

Pinterest has some unique, practical, and whimsical images of current library boxes to check over at

Today's questions for discussion:
Do you watch Chesapeake Shores? Any thoughts on it?
Have you seen one of these little library boxes? Care to share where? Have you used one?


Anita Mae Draper's historical romances are written under the western skies of the Saskatchewan prairie where her love of research and genealogy yield fascinating truths that layer her stories with rich historical details.  Anita's short story, Here We Come A-Wassailing, was a finalist for the Word Guild's 2015 Word Awards. Her novellas are included in Austen in Austin Volume 1, The American Heiress Brides Collection, and The Secret Admirer Romance Collection. Readers can check out Anita's Pinterest boards for a visual idea of her stories to enrich their reading experience.  Discover more at: Website -


  1. I haven't seen this show, but it sounds lovely. I have heard of these little lending libraries, but never seen one in real life. I'm tempted to start one, but the "real" library isn't far from me. What a lovely idea though. :)

    1. Hi, DeAnna. Yes, it's hard to beat a public library.

      However, this would be perfect for people who:
      - like to keep books for a long period of time and don't want overdue charges
      - have a tendency to misplace or lose books

      I realize the purpose is to lend, not keep, the books, but this allows the borrower to read for free without any constraints.

  2. We have one, too. It's actually made out of a tree. I'll FB you the picture.

    1. Hey, that would be great, Niki. Can I use it on a Pinterest board?

    2. Absolutely! Did you get the picture?


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