Sunday, July 31, 2022

THE HOUSE ON DAGGER POINT, Beach House Mystery #3, by Christy Barritt, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

"She'd known the weather would be bad, but she'd felt compelled to come. To get away. To hide."

Nothing had gone right. Olivia Beaumont's plan to visit her father's clandestine property on Dagger Point was riddled with surprises . . .  and not the happy birthday kind. A bad storm. A damaged bridge, which meant Olivia couldn't leave Kiawah Island even if she wanted to. And she might have wanted to after finding a dead body in the outdoor shower, a stranger arriving with a rental agreement in hand, a realtor who couldn't answer any questions effectively. . . intimidating text messages that kept on landing in her inbox.

Something strange was going on . . . the real question . . . was Anderson Scott someone she could trust? Olivia desperately needed someone to trust . . . and it seemed that the handsome firefighter was more than willing to stand by her side.

"I don't see any weaknesses . . . I see wood that's been burned by a fire. Sometimes, when wood has been burned, it causes its fibers to draw closer together. It ultimately makes it stronger . . . The fires can be like the trials in our lives. What was meant to tear us apart can actually strengthen us."

A really good story . . . the twists and turns were cleverly disguised and the characters' journey to wholeness was a team effort . . . one that they planned to continue--when there was no danger to contend with on Dagger Point.
*I purchased a copy a copy and was under no obligation to provide a positive review.

Back Cover Blurb:

Each house has a history. Each person has a secret. Each turn of events leads to danger.

Some legacies are better left unclaimed . . .

Olivia Beaumont’s father left behind a legacy of destruction, and it’s up to her to restore her family’s reputation. She heads to Kiawah Island, South Carolina, to unravel the mysteries of her father’s secret life. But when she arrives, she discovers the house he left behind—The House on Dagger Point—holds secrets of its own.

After a tragedy upends firefighter Anderson Scott’s life, he escapes to Kiawah Island to do some soul searching. But he finds something unexpected on his island getaway. Not only is the house he rented already occupied by its new owner, but danger lurks around every corner.

Anderson isn’t the only unwelcome guest Olivia encounters. Threatening text messages, dead bodies, and ruthless criminals threaten to put an end to all she hopes to accomplish. When Olivia and Anderson find themselves in a fight for survival, they must work together to solve the mysteries living inside the walls of The House on Dagger Point—or risk becoming the next victims.

River Heights Publishing, June 2022

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