Tuesday, August 16, 2022

I WILL FIND YOU by Susan May Warren, Reviewed by Nicole Cook #ReleaseDay


If you have not read any books by Susan May Warren, you need to start now! As my very favorite action-filled romantic suspense author, Susan May Warren’s books keep readers fully invested in her storylines and her characters feel like friends who readers will wish they could meet in real life.

I Will Find You, the second installment in The Epic Story of RJ and York, begins where the cliffhanger in book one ended. This international story of intrigue, unending love, and devotion to one’s country is one that readers will not want to miss!

This book is not a stand alone, and it is also recommended to read The Montana Marshalls series prior to this series. With more romance and even appearances from royalty in I Will Find You, it seems like RJ and York will finally get their happy ending, but disaster strikes again! Pick up a copy of this series today to follow their international journey! Another cliffhanger at the end will leave readers anxious to read the thrilling conclusion to this trilogy.

I Will Find You is highly recommended for readers of action-filled romantic suspense.
*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author/publisher and was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine.

See Nicole's Review of the previous book, OUT OF THE NIGHT, and more on Susan May Warren

BackCover Blurb:
He released a sound, deep inside, part growl, part acquiescence. “Ruby Jane. You are going to be the death of me.”
“No. Not anymore. I’ve learned my lesson.”
He cocked his head.
Maybe because yes, she’d said that before, but this time — “I never again want to look out into the dark sky and wonder where you are, and if you’re alive. Never want to be more than a phone call away from you. Never want to think that you might…might think that I don’t love you.”
He blinked. Then, finally, finally, he smiled. And it was sunshine, right to her soul.
“Do you…do you still have my ring?”
He nodded and reached into the front pocket of his jeans.
How it remained untarnished, she hadn’t a clue, but there it was, still gorgeous. A beautiful vintage two carat white gold solitaire, with tiny diamonds in the cradle.
“York —”
“Just put it on your finger and keep it there.”
“You’re so bossy.” But she held out her hand for him to put it on her finger.
“I should put a tracker in it.”
She looked at him. “No need. I’m not going anywhere.”
He smiled again, a softness in his eyes that made her want to weep. “Not without me, you’re not.”

The woman he loves has vanished…

When RJ Marshall said she’d be right back, York should have objected. No, he wasn’t going to let her run off to Berlin, even if it was to save a little girl.

Only problem—she’d told him this while he was unconscious. So really, it doesn’t count, and it’s not his fault that she’s gone missing. And, he didn’t know why he expected RJ not to chase danger into trouble. But now he has to find her before criminal mastermind Alan Martin tracks her down.

She’s in over her head…

RJ didn’t mean to leave York behind, but she’s on a mission to save a little girl caught in the crossfire of Martin’s terrorist plot. Now, she’ll have to find the girl and keep her safe while leaving clues for York to follow her.

But who will catch up to her first—York, or the man with a vendetta?

The gripping romantic adventure continues across Europe in this second installment of the Epic Story of RJ and York!
Continue the adventure!
Book 1: Out of the Night
Book 2: I Will Find You
Book 3: No Matter the Cost

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