Sunday, August 21, 2022

LINEAGE OF CORRUPTION by Robin Patchen, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

"I don't date politicians."

Search and Rescue volunteer Thomas Windham was already labeling himself a "glutton for punishment"; having been turned down nineteen times (yes, that is a lot of times) by Josie Smith didn't mean he wasn't going to try again, after all the woman was plastered to his chest while he carried (yes carried!) her down the mountain after a nasty ankle sprain. What were the chances that he would hit twenty? But before they could completely hash it out, Josie's not-fiance-anymore-friend gets a frightening call, and Thomas quickly realizes that Josie is not exactly who everyone in Coventry thinks that she is. Her life, and by association his, is about to get a whole lot more dangerous . . . but interestingly enough, she agrees to advise him on his run for local mayor in the meantime. . . but, at what cost?

A classic romantic suspense with a myriad of interesting characters and a behind-the-scenes reminder of just how nasty the game of politics can turn. "Because it was very possible one of the people closest to Josie was working against her."

"God was all about grace. Jesus had been sent not to save the well but save the sick . . . to redeem the lost . . . She'd been lost, and God had drawn her back to Himself. He loved her . . . "Grace upon grace; God's merciful grace can even provide resolution over a "lineage of corruption".
*I purchased this book and had no obligation to provide a positive review. 3.5 stars
BackCover Blurb:
Don't miss the latest installment of the addictive Coventry Sage, pulse-pounding fiction that'll keep you reading late into the night from a USA Today bestselling author.
In the world of big money and big politics, nobody walks away unscathed.

The people of Coventry never suspect that Josie Smith, owner of the local coffee shop, is the daughter of a powerful senator. She went to Washington to serve constituents, but her desire to do good morphed into a desire to win at all costs. When one of those costs grew too heavy to bear, she changed her name and left DC, vowing to never get involved in politics again. But when her father becomes his party’s lone voice standing against corrupt legislation, his enemies will do whatever it takes to get his vote, and Josie finds herself caught in a familiar web of malicious tactics.

Thomas Windham never planned to run for office, but when Coventry's disgraced mayor is replaced by a dishonest appointee, Thomas can’t stand to see his town torn apart by corruption. He feels he has no choice but to throw his hat in the ring. He doesn't have a chance in the mayoral race against the well-known politician, that is until he meets Josie, who knows more about running for office than a typical cafĂ© owner would.

When Josie is threatened by two masked men, she and Thomas form an alliance—her wisdom for his protection. The election becomes secondary as Josie's adversaries escalate their attacks. How can she and Thomas withstand enemies determined to get what they want at any cost?
Don't miss this pulse-pounding Christian romantic suspense that'll keep you reading late into the night.
July 2022: Available in digital ebook and paperback at Amazon

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