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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Super Serious Thanksgiving Homage

By Lisa Karon Richardson

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the states and in honor of that I felt that the Inkwell could do with a super serious homage to this great holiday. You know, something to really capture the gravitas of the day and which shows it's true meaning.

Seriously, I think they look like they are having a great time making this video, and that is what Thanksgiving is about to me. Being appreciative of our families, our homes, our jobs--our lives. Imperfect though they may be. I wish you all the joy of the season and hope that you find that in your celebrations tomorrow.


  1. this was just what I needed today to be ready for the holiday. Have a great one, ladies and gents!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving all!

    We're outrageously blessed! :)

  3. Ha! That was perfect. What a fun guy!

    1. He definitely looked like he was having a great time, huh!

  4. Thanks, Lisa. That was so fun, I am now a subscriber to The Holderness Family channel. :D