Monday, September 10, 2012

Over the Cliff(hanger)! Fall TV Returns

by Susanne Dietze

Autumn is full of fabulous changes: cooler weather, back-to-school, and finally getting some closure to last spring’s TV cliffhangers! I can’t wait to watch a few season premieres this month.

I should issue a SPOILER ALERT here. If you haven’t caught up with last season’s finales on your DVR, read no further. Also, I may speculate about a few shows. If that sort of thing annoys you, don’t read!

I mean it! Turn back now!

Here goes.

Returning Shows I've been anticipating:

Castle (9/24 ) Oh. My. Goodness. Remember this gem from the season finale last May? Beckett: “I almost died and all I could think about was you. I just want you.” Squeal! And then, after four years of will-they-won’t-they, Castle and Beckett engaged in a full-on lip lock. Some fans approve of them getting together; others are indignant. If Castle and Beckett are in a relationship, what does this mean for their chemistry? Their working relationship? And will they even have a working relationship, since Beckett quit the NYPD? (I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume she’ll get her job back.)

I still covet his vest.

Once Upon a Time (9/30) Huge things happened on the finale! Everyone remembers fairytale land! It was so exciting when Emma broke the spell by saving her son Henry with True Love’s Kiss. Charming and Snow were reunited, the town rejoiced, etc etc. But of course, the Mayor/Evil Queen Regina didn’t stay vanquished for more than five minutes. The look on her face when she saw the magic unleashed by Mr. Gold/Rumplestilskin was victorious. As an audience, we received some answers, but now there are a lot more questions. Does this mean there is magic in our earthly realm? Can Rumple be redeemed? How can sweet Belle stay with him if he's evil? Will Pinocchio guy stay a wooden figure now that the spell is broken? Will Red return to her wolf-state and start attacking her friends? How about Jiminy Cricket/Psychiatrist guy? Is he destined to eat crops and weary tiny top hats again? And will we see Baelfire (Rumple’s son), who could maybe be ... Henry’s dad?
Charming and Snow... TFL! from

CSI-LV.main.jpgCSI: (9/ 26) I admit it: I stopped watching during the Laurence Fishburne era. But when Ted Danson joined the cast, the show caught a whole new energy, IMO. Last we saw the team, everything was in chaos, no thanks to the evil undersherriff. Eckley was shot, Finlay was in trouble, and D.B.’s little granddaughter had been kidnapped!

The Mentalist (9/30) Some things stayed the same last season (Red John tricked the CBI team once again!), and other things changed (Patrick had a date!). But is it just me, or does it seem like Teresa Lisbon is developing feelings for her professional partner Patrick? I like Teresa; she’s an interesting character. She deserves love and happiness. It wouldn't hurt if Patrick healed a bit, either.

Person of Interest (9/27) Finch went missing in last season’s finale (oh no!). What about the machine and all the people who now seem to know about it? More pressing: does anyone else besides me enjoy the way Reese dispatches of bad guys with hardly any effort whatsoever? Whether Jim Caviezel is playing Jesus, the Count of Monte Cristo, or a former CIA operative, he’s cool.
The Man in the Suit, the ever-efficient Mr. Reese. from

Bones (9/17) We finally had a bit of happiness for the Booth-Brennan family. Professions of love. Adorable baby. And then, boom, Bones is framed and goes into hiding. With the baby. Without telling Booth, in order to protect him. He must be heartbroken. Will he ever trust her again?
Poor Seeley Booth!

Parks and Recreation (9/20) Leslie won the election! How will this impact Pawnee, her job, and her too-cute relationship with Ben, which is now long-distance?

Criminal Minds (9/26) Now that Prentiss is really gone, what will the team look like? The dynamic will change since adding Jean Tripplehorn to the cast. Also, I’ve heard rumors Reed gets a love interest… Ooh la la!

Grimm (9/14) I'm fudging here. Grimm premiered back in August after the Olympics, but this is its first night back at its regular time slot. Nick Berkhardt and his crossbow are a sight to behold. Now partner Hank knows the truth, which will make for a new dynamic. But Juliet doesn't remember Nick after being in the Hexenbeist-induced coma. Since Captain Renard/Prince Whatever is the one who kissed her awake, I fear something will be up between them now. And I love Monroe, the blutbot. I hope there’s a Christmas episode so we can see his house decorated again, complete with his model train. It was awesome.
I hope Juliet remembers you soon, Nick, but I don't have a good feeling...

Psych (Oct) What a cliffhanger: Henry was shot! Will the show's straight man survive, or is Corbin Bernsen finished fighting crime/vexing his hilarious son in Santa Barbara? Where will the pineapples be hidden this season? Will we get to see Gus tap dance again? (pretty please!) And now that Shaun and Juliet are together (and he even has a ring for her hidden in the secret compartment of his Nintendo DS), will he ever come clean about his secret ... he's not really psychic?
Shaun and Gus. I love you guys. from

Dancing with the Stars: All Stars (9/24) Drew Lachey! Apollo Ohno! Giles Marini! Whom will I choose to root for? Sigh.

Other reality shows? The Voice (tonight!), The Amazing Race (9/30), and Survivor (9/13) with 80s star Lisa Whelchel, who’s also a Christian. There are sure to be plenty of blue shirts in Jeff Probst's wardrobe, which will no doubt bring out his eyes. tee hee.

Other Inkies are excited about:

NCIS and NCIS: LA (9/25) Two of television’s highest rated shows. NCIS left audiences hanging with a terrorist explosion…and Ducky clutched his chest and collapsed! On NCIS: LA, will Linda Hunt’s character return?

BigBangTheoryTitleCard.pngThe Big Bang Theory (9/27 ) After the sweet wedding of Bernadette and Howard, can we expect a few changes? Will Penny break up with Leonard after he popped the question?

Grey’s Anatomy (9/27) A plane crash! One doctor dead! Nobody coming to help!

Glee title card.svgGlee (9/13 ) Rachel is in NY, but Kurt didn't get into NYADA. And Finn joined the army! What will McKinley High’s glee club look like with so many of the kids having graduated? Will Emma and Will ever get married?

Fringe  (9/28) The Observers are coming!

Touch (10/26) starring Keifer Sutherland as a widower who can’t connect to his son.

Smash  Will Ivy survive? Will Karen become jaded? Will we finally get rid of that annoying little weasel, Ellis?

The Listener (I don't think this is shown in the US--anyone know?)

New Shows

Will you be watching these? I will.

Elementary (9/27) Well, there will be a few Inkies glued to the TV on this show’s premiere night, including me. Jonny Lee Miller? Check. Sherlock Holmes reboot? Check. Am I missing anything? No, didn’t think so.
Elementary CBS.jpg

Revolution (9/17) The power goes out all over earth. Fun actor Billy Burke is in the cast. I admit it. I’m intrigued. My husband thinks the ads look like a morph of The Hunger Games and Lost, but hey, I love both those things. So I’m going to give this show a try.

Revolution Infobox.jpg
Last Resort (9/27) Military secrets, high-stakes danger, and Andre Braugher. This looks like it could be exciting!

Crossbones (NBC, about pirates in the 1700s)

Other new shows intriguing the Inkies:

Beauty and the Beast (October)
The Following
How to Live With Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life
666 Park Avenue (9/30)  

What shows are you anticipating? Are you a fan of Castle and Beckett getting together? What do you think will happen on Once Upon a Time? Sound off in the comments!

All photos from unless otherwise specified.

Susanne Dietze has written love stories since she was in high school, casting her friends in the starring roles. Today, she writes in the hope that her historical romances will encourage and entertain others to the glory of God. Married to a pastor and the mom of two, Susanne loves fancy-schmancy tea parties, travel, and spending time with family and friends. She won first place in the Historical category of the 2011-2012 Phoenix Rattler, and her work has finaled in the Genesis, Gotcha!, and Touched By Love Contests. Susanne is Represented by Tamela Hancock Murray of The Steve Laube Agency. You can visit her on her website,


  1. I am a Castle fan--love it, love it. As long as they stay true to the characters, I don't care of Castle and Beckett get together or not. It will be a great show either way!

    I'm looking forward to Elementary too. I heart all things Sherlockian.

  2. I'm excited about Touch, Smash, and Grey's Anatomy returning.

    Thanks for the rundown on the new shows. I'll get a few of them set on my DVR. Hate when I miss the first few episodes. Of them, I'm thinking
    Revolution especially looks like my kind of show. And must check out Beauty and the Beast when it starts.

  3. The kids and I plugged into my phone calendar the list of shows we want to watch and when the season openings begin. I try to limit my show watching to ones with the kids, and an occassional one that occurs after they go to bed. Slated for us are . . .

    Once Upon a Time (seen pics of the new Captain Hook? Oh my!)

    Dancing with the Stars

    Revolution (Crossbows!!!!! I'm hoping this fills my Lost void since Fox cancelled Alcatraz. grrr)

    Parks and Rec
    The Office

    Beauty and the Beast
    (These are our two iffy shows because I'm concerned they won't last.)

    Jerah and Jadan watch Grimm. I couldn't get into it, but they insist I'll like it. Too dark for the two little ones to watch.

    Torn about Elementary. Love JLM! And I think the twist they've added with Watson being a girl could be captivating, especially since the producers are pretty adament about their relationship being/staying platonic. My only drawback is can another procedures show make it? I miss House already.

  4. Castle and Beckett getting together doesn't bother me either, Lisa, but I know it's an issue for a lot of fans. I'm curious to see how their relationship develops!

    Will I like Elementary as much as I like BBC Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch? That's a tough question. They're so different. I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

  5. I'd like to watch Beauty and the Beast, Dina, but I don't get CW or whatever channel it's on. So no Vampire Diaries for me, either. One of these days we really must invest in Netflix.

  6. Once Upon a Time, Castle, and Amazing Race are the shows I look forward to the most. The BIg Bang Theory Is my new fav show so I'm stIll watchIng reruns. I'm really hoping Elementary will be great. I will definitely check out the Andre Braugher show, and one called Mob Doctor. Obviously I watch way too much TV.

    Great post Susie. Oh, you mentioned Billy Burke in a new show. Isn't he a brother on Rizzoli and Isles, too?

  7. Well, you have all upped my curiosity. I haven't seen any of these newer shows (of course we can't include Survivor and DWTS.)

    I haven't seen CSI since Grissom left, and I gave up NCIS for writing time. I just can't seem to get back into the habit of watching TV, except for Sunday's Masterpiece Theater.

    Of course, I've been prodded to watch Castle. Perhaps it's too late to start?

    I will definitely watch DWTS with it's all star return, and I am going to try Elementary.
    I have about 5 seasons of Foyle's War queued up at Amazon Prime. I guess I'm just an old fuddy duddy.

    Susie this was so much fun and really helpful.
    My family used to all be into Amazing Race and I have to admit Gnorman is pressuring me to watch it again. That one feeds my wanderlust but puts me off my dinner at times...

  8. Oh yes, I'm glad you brought up The Office, Gina. I can't believe I left it off my list. This will be its last season! I wonder about the spin-off about Dwight. Of course I'll watch it.

    OUAT Captain Hook! And I just saw a pic of Lancelot. I also read that the Mad Hatter will be back. His story is heartbreaking--I hope he finds his daughter.

  9. Suzie. I must say I don't know how you work all those hours, and read more than anyone I know, and keep up with these shows...much less write write write like you do.

    getting back to Elementary...I think I would be really excited about it if I wasn't so amazed by the British version. THAT Sherlock is probably the most compelling show I've watched. It reminds me of how CSI knocked us all for a loop when it came out.

    We actually had this conversation on our Zone loop (The Sherlock/Elementary discussion).

  10. Wow. I need to watch more television!

    Castle...I'm having mixed feelings about, even though I've been a die-hard fan since season 1. There's a new commercial on television showing Castle waking up in bed and something about the best night in their lives being the biggest mistake ever. Same thing with Bones.

    I'd like to see less sex and more romance in these shows. I really preferred the "will they/won't they" dynamics SLOWLY blossoming into romance--like the boy-girl detective shows of the 80s. Now it seems to be "they'll never get together" and then all of a sudden they fall into bed. Ick.

    Once Upon a Time is my wind-down after church Sunday night. I'm really curious to see what they do after last season's big ending.

    I will probably check out Elementary. But count me in the group that now prefers to check out shows after they've been on a season or two. Better than getting your heart broken when you get into a show and they cancel it, like my two favorite quirky shows of the past couple years: No Ordinary Family, and Awake--apparently I was the only one watching.

  11. Pardon my interruption but I'm in one of those internet marketing events and I'm here to tell you all that

    Christian FIction book reviews is giving away a $300.00 Amazon gift card to load up your kindle with great new fiction.

    That means a dangerous new stack of books in your TBR pile will be possible yet safe. You may lose sleep but you won't be injured in an avalanche of fiction.

    okay, back to our regularly scheduled program (ooh, that fits the post today)

    Barb, I never even heard about those shows. "I guess you had to be there."

    There is only one true love for me and its initials are D. A.

  12. Hey Suzie, you know, I have only watched a few Rizzoli and Isles, so I'm not sure. Billy Burke played the evil rapist lawyer on the Closer to chilling perfection IMO, and he also plays Bella's dad in the Twilight movies. He's a versatile guy.

    Big Bang is a fun show. I love the nerd stuff.

    I watch too much TV too, Suzie. Lol.

  13. Oh Deb, you tell Gnorman to hold onto his hat and just be patient. Perhaps he's envious of the attention you show JLM. ;)

    Did you watch Wallander last night on Masterpiece Mystery? I watched half...oooh. Kenneth Branagh does such a fabulous job.

    I don't know how our Suzie accomplishes all she does, either. I am such a slow writer.

    And Benedict Cumberbatch/Martin Freeman are beyond great as Sherlock and Watson. The writing, editing, etc on the BBC Sherlock are top notch, too. Will it come back? I hated how last season ended.

  14. Barb, we watched No Ordinary Family, too! And I was totally in to Awake. Jason Isaacs is such a good actor, and the premise was so intriguing. I was quite sad when it was canceled. Maybe you've got a point about waiting shows out!

  15. Thanks for the heads-up on the giveaway, Deb! I ran right over.

    January seems a long way off for fans of Downton Abbey, doesn't it? Sigh.

  16. There are plenty of shows to look forward to, but I'm most anxious to see Psych, Bones,and Castle. Even though I enjoy the shows, I haven't been thinking about them at all - until now!

  17. Susie, THANK YOU for putting this together. I'd forgotten about half of the new shows I want to schedule on the DVR! And then change the password so the kids can't cancel or delete them! : )

  18. Hi Karl! Psych is a favorite at our house. Thanks for stopping by.

  19. Hey Niki, I feel like I need a calendar so I can set up my DVR. How silly! Well, we'll all have to touch base and fill each other in on what shows were great and which shows weren't so hot.

  20. I watched Foyle's War during Masterpiece. I just didn't feel like leaving the UK for Sweden...

    I think premiere week is two weeks away -unless the networks aren't all on the same schedule. I recall doing the calendar notations to keep up with all the things I wanted to watch.

    My internet has been fussy all day. lots of stalling out. I want to watch Copper on Amazon Video. That's BBC - British detective in NYC 1870s or so? (okay the guy is cute ) but I'm going to check it out.

    Does anyone watch BBC America online?

  21. Looking forward to Castle, NCIS, and the new Elementary. How to get my writing done with all these shows? At least I'm not on deadline this fall. :) Fun post, Susie!

  22. I knew you'd be watching Castle, Jillian! Hey, did you see a new Castle novel just came out/is coming out soon? I can't remember which. Have you ever read one?

  23. Deb, I wish I watched BBC America, because there are so many shows on it I want to watch. Like Copper.

    I guess I watch a lot of shows already...this post proves that. (sheepish grin)


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