Friday, March 14, 2014

Jane Austen is for Babies!

Shopping with Susanne Dietze

Jane Austen is now for babies.

I'd seen Jennifer Adams' Pride and Prejudice in the form of a board book, suitable for infants, several months back (illustrated by Allison Oliver), and since then I've secretly coveting it for myself. True, I seem to have mastered the book's challenge of counting to ten, but can you blame me for wanting it?
It's a baby book. Of Jane Austen. The illustration of the number 2 is Two Rich Gentlemen, Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley. Come on!

And now, there's a whole play set.
Yes, I will play this with you!
 Here's the description:

With 7 punch-out cards featuring the characters and scenes from Pride & amp; Prejudice: A BabyLit Counting Primer and a box to use as a stage set, you can turn Jane Austen's classic into hours of fun! Stroll in an English village with Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley, act out four marriage proposals, march the soldiers in uniform, or set up a lovely English village with Pemberley, Longbourn, and Netherfield. Introduce your little lit-o-phile into the world of drama by setting the stage with Jane Austen's classic storyline. Includes sturdy box for storage and play.

But wait (I say in true infomercial spirit), there's more! Pride and Prejudice isn't the only classic for your toddler. There's a whole line of BabyLit. Sense and Sensibility is about opposites, of course. But there's also Jane Eyre. A Christmas Carol. Dracula. Wuthering Heights. And so much more!

Too cool!

And there are dolls, too. Behold Mr. Darcy.
 Isn't he cuddly?

Personally, I may also have to order the I Heart Mr. Darcy tote. Just like in Austenland.
I Love Mr. Darcy Tote Bag
From Café Press

All product photos, except for the tote, were taken from the BabyLit site (click here to shop). And enjoy hugging your Mr. Darcy!

Susanne Dietze likes Mr. Darcy. You can visit her on her website,


  1. WANT!!

    This is fabulous.

    Must have.

    Must. O.o

    I <3 Mr. Darcy!

  2. Wait, does the book come with the dolls and the sets? Or is that separate?

  3. Wow Thanks, Susie. This is fabulous stuff. Great marketing strategy.

    I wonder how this will influence future readers?

  4. Oh yes, DeAnna! The book comes with the playset! But you can buy the book separately. Also, there are the adorable Cozy Classics, lit stories for wee ones illustrated with photos of felt characters. I own the P&P:

    Love how Lizzy's hem is muddy!

  5. Anita, aren't they cute? I wonder about how it will affect readers, too. I can only imagine that a child who's had a baby version of "Jane Eyre" or "P&P" or "Huck Finn" will recognize the novels when they read them in school. Or the giver of the books appreciates literature and wants to expose children to it from the cradle on.

    I wish they'd been around when my kids were small.

  6. This is just too cute. Adorable. I'm a little concerned about Dracula for babies, though. Lol.

  7. hmmm, I may consider the playset for a granddaughter... perhaps if I take her to a War of 1812/ Jane Austen weekend? playing dress-up would be a good tie in...

  8. Too fun! Definite ideas for grandbaby gifts!


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