Monday, September 21, 2015

ACFW 2015!

Susanne Dietze and Debra E. Marvin here!

Forgive our bleary eyes this morning. We arrived at our homes on opposite coasts late last night from the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference in Dallas, TX! What an amazing time!

Here we are, Deb and Susie, before the genre dinner. Deb crafted this amazing Edwardian gown--she is amazing!
Every year, Christian fiction writers from across the globe gather for fellowship, workshops, networking, and celebrating the best and brightest. Inkwell's own Jennifer AlLee was nominated for a Carol Award for her book, Last Family Standing! Wahoo to Jen! (Susie here: If you haven't read this book, I heartily recommend it.)

Several of the Inkies were able to make this year's conference, and we think we can safely speak for all of us: we had an amazing time. Some of us had proposals to pitch to editors. Some of us had publishing house parties to attend. Some of us met each other for the first time (that would be Susie and DeAnna). Most attended workshops and volunteered in some capacity. But all of us had fun being together! Here are some of our highlights:

Six Inkies take a break for coffee and fellowship. L-R Anita Mae Draper, DeAnna Dodson, Susanne Dietze, Jennifer AlLee Lisa Richardson, and Debra Marvin

Roomies Anita and Susanne
DeAnna and Debra

Why, look what's on the Bethany table! One of DeAnna's "drawing room" mystery series, Murder at the Mikado

Free on the Goody table: postcards advertising this coming January's Austen in Austin Collection, Volume 1 featuring novellas by Gina, Anita, Susanne and Debra.

Lovely ladies Debra, Jennifer, Anita, DeAnna, and Lisa

Friday Night Free Dinner: Cynthia Hickey, Gina Welborn, Susanne Dietze, Jennifer AlLee, and Lisa Richardson. Most of us at the table splurged on nachos, and they were gooooood. We also talked books, of course.

Gina, Susie, DeAnna, and Lisa. 

And then, of course, was the gala! So much glamour!

Carol finalist Jen AlLee flanked by Lisa on the left and Anita on the right. Pretty ladies!
While Jen was inside the galaearly a Carol finalist, the rest of us waited outside, ready to cheer her on (and talk about zombies). L-R Lisa, Patty Smith Hall, Anita, Cynthia Hickey, Bonnie Calhoun, Gina, Susie, and Debra. 

Amazing food at the gala, finished off with creme brulee. 

What a successful conference. We had about you? Were you able to attend? Would you like to? Next year's will be in Nashville at the end of August.

If you went to conference? What was a standout memory? Share in the comments!


  1. I just enjoyed seeing everyone in person and getting to talk writing with people who understand. So good to see everyone!

    1. Seeing friends who "get you" is one of the best parts of the conference. We all know what it's like to have imaginary people dictating our lives! :) So good to meet you in person, DeAnna!

  2. I have now met ALL the inkies in person. Had to go to Texas to do it, and it was so nice to sit and chat with DeAnna. The subject turned to quilting. ha ha!

    Thanks Susie! I had a great time, too!

    1. You lucky gal, having met everybody! There are still a few I've never seen in person. Hopefully we can remedy that someday soon.

      But I did meet some wonderful folks at conference. Such a good time!

    2. Hey, Deb! Quilting AND writing! How can you get any better than that? :D

  3. I have never been to a conference, but am seriously considering going when it is in Nashville next year. Any tips or suggestions for someone going for the first time?

    1. Hi Sally! I hope you're able to go! It's a lot of fun, and first-timers are able to attend a special session before conference begins where they can meet other newbies. It's a great way to make friends.

      I have a blog post on what to pack, if you're interested:

      Let us know if you're able to go!

  4. Looks like it was a wonderful event! :)


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