Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dressed for Death--the latest Drew Farthering Mystery!

Woburn Abbey, the model for Winteroak House, the setting of Dressed for Death 

A Regency-Era Costume Party Should Have Been an Amusing Diversion, But it Seems Wherever Drew Farthering Goes, Mystery--and Murder--Are on the Guest List

Drew and Madeline Farthering arrive at a Regency-era house party at Winteroak House, excited to be reunited with old friends, including Drew's former Oxford classmate Talbot Cummins. Tal is there with his fiancée, Alice Henley, and though many present seem worried about the couple, nobody is prepared when Alice dies from an apparent overdose. Tal refuses to believe she'd taken the drugs intentionally, and a dark question arises of whether the death is an accident or murder.

The police have their own information though, and Drew is shocked when they arrest someone he's trusted and admired since his childhood--someone who's been smuggling drugs into the country for years. Stunned by what has happened, Tal begs Drew to get to the bottom of everything, but Drew has never felt more unsettled. Questioning his own ability to see people as they really are, Drew doesn't know whom to trust, and he's not ready for the secrets he's about to uncover--or the danger he'll bring down on everyone he holds dear.

"Christie fans now have Julianna Deering to add to their must-read list. Deering keeps readers on their toes guessing who-done-it in this well-plotted mystery."--RT Book Reviews


The first three books in the series! Rules of Murder, Death by the Book, Murder at the Mikado

Gina, Susie, Julianna and Lisa gather today to celebrate the March 1st release of the 
fourth Drew Farthering novel!
Here they come now!
While we usually see Drew and Madeline dressed like this...

...we now have to imagine them dressed for a Regency house party. A lovely task it is!

The gown Madeline wears to the grand ball.
Please allow the footman to take your wrap, and join us in the drawing room (or the draring room), But... what's this? It seems our favorite couple can't go anywhere without a body showing up. Of course you won't be able to leave the house until the Detective Inspector has questioned you. At least the food is good!

If you recognized these treats, you're very perceptive (We're using the same baker as we have in the past!) We could use you to help solve this mystery! 
Might as well get comfy, like our friend Richard here... We're going to be here awhile.

Now, if you can keep your focus... Julianna is giving away a copy of Dressed for Death to one commenter (U.S. only please).  Let us know in the comment you want to be entered and answer this question:  A day at a Regency house party or a day at a 1930s house party. (Same house, different centuries)  What's your preference!  Let us know! Leave your email address in the safe from trolls:  such as Handsome (at) wow dot com


"I don't always dress up for Julianna's parties, but when I do,
I bring Rocky Road ice cream too.  I'm afraid I'm quite serious, yet I sense doubt."
Here's more on Julianna Deering:
she also writes as DeAnna Julie Dodson.

blogging... here on Inkwell Inspirations!

Dressed for Death bookmark. Free to readers for SASE to Julianna Deering, P. O. Box 375, Aubrey, Texas  76227
Dressed for Death notepad. Free to readers
(with bookmark and autographed bookplate) for SASE with 71 cents postage.


  1. I know I'm early but I've had an awful time with the wait staff.

    Don't forget to choose your era for a house party - regency or 1930s glamour?

  2. Ooooh, both please! I WAS going to say Regency, but Aidan in that tux . . .

    :::drops gracefully onto fainting couch:::

    Thank you for doing this, Deb. It's a lovely party. <3

  3. What a lovely party! Oh. My. Word. Too funny.

    I am wearing my Regency gown and sampling nibbles. One of the best things about empire-waist gowns is you can snack all you want and your dress is nice and loose over the midsection.

    I CANNOT wait to read this book. I've been waiting a long time for this one! Love the last three, of course, but they're at a Regency House Party. I mean, Come ON!!!

    Congratulations, dear Julianna!

    1. Thank you! I'm so excited about having a new Drew book out.

      And, of course, the wait staff are impeccable. :D

  4. Gotta love a good house party! Congrats on another fantastic release!!

  5. I love all the other three books in Julianna's series featuring Drew and Madeline. I would Love to be entered to win a copy. As for the question, I would like to spend a day at a 1930's party house. I love the above picturenof Aidan in a tux. Handsome! Thanks! kbridgewater at Gmail dot com

    1. Thanks, Kelly! I'm so glad you like the books. If you like Aidan, you'll be pleased to know he was the inspiration for a character in the next book in the series, Murder on the Moor.

      But doesn't he look fine in a tux? :::blissful sigh:::

    2. Thanks Kelly. I love it when someone humors me by playing along. I think the hygiene level at a 1930s party would be much higher than at the Regency party. Just keeping it real, folks! Thanks for stopping in! I spent HOURS looking at photos of Aiden Turner, so I'm glad it's appreciated. phew. hard work indeed.

  6. This sounds like so much fun. I love both eras and those images are so inspiring!!

    1. Hi Claudine! So nice to see you here and I hope you've been taken good care of by our gentlemen. :)

  7. Ohhhh--this sounds fascinating! Please enter me in your fantastic giveaway, and thank you. I think I would prefer a Regency house party, but I am partial to ALL things Regency. :D. Danandlyndaedwards (at) msn (dot) com.

    1. Lynda, you're in the drawing and thank you for commenting and picking your era. It would certainly be so much fun to go to a Regency house party in any decade!

    2. I love the Regency, too, Lynda, and am a HUGE fan of Georgette Heyer, especially as read by Richard Armitage. :::happy sigh:::

  8. Yes please enter me . I guess I may be different but I will go with the 1930s party. Oh what fun would that be?

    1. Hi Deana!
      I owe you an apology. You'll see when you receive your book that I gave you an extra n. I will blame it on my friend with the two Ns. I've been writing in the 1930s and watching The Thin Man and listening to jazz enough that I am sure I'd be comfortable there too!

    2. At least one could listen to the wireless or play the gramophone in the 1930s. That would be fun. :D

  9. Sounds like fun! Love the images here on the post! I really have to answer? I love regency period, but the 1930s sure have a way with them as things are advancing and war eminent! Ok, tonight, regency since I just watched Pride & Prejudice for the nth time. Maybe the 30s tomorrow. Thanks for the giveaway!


    1. I quite understand your hesitancy but here at the Inkwell we pop all over from decade to decade, so it's fun that our 1930s couple Drew and Madeline are playing Regency as well. The house works for any era! thanks for playing along! you're in the drawing too.

    2. That's what's great about fiction. We can all have both. Woot! :D

  10. Congratulations DeAnna/Julianna. The plot looks interesting and the cover looks great, even better in your hands than on a computer. Yep, guess what I found in my mailbox today!

    And it turns out that all the guys in my family are going places Sunday, so I have the entire afternoon to myself. Wonder what I should do..

    1. Oh, yay!!

      Well, IF you should happen to give the book a glance during your precious alone time, Drew will count himself fortunate.

      He'd definitely stand each time you entered or left the room, and I bet your guys don't do that. Soooo . . . ;)

  11. Sorry to be so late to the party (stupid Internet issues). Congratulations--and I can't wait to read it!!

  12. So this is where you're all hanging out. *Waving

    Congratulations, DeAnna!

    Great party, Deb. You're a whiz at these and I sure do appreciate it.

  13. What a terrific post! I love all the photos. I think I'd choose the 1930's party. The Regency men's clothes just look too foppish. Aiden Turner in that tux looks just perfect. I have all the books in this series and am looking forward to Dressed for Death.


    1. Hey, Pam! It's always great to meet someone who has been with Drew from the start. Thank you! :D


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