Friday, November 25, 2016

Signs along the Way: Scotland

There are far too many things I could post about on the subject of my recent trip to Scotland. Today, I'm sticking with signs--a wee taste of my holiday!

Our first meal in Edinburgh was in a tiny little shop. After a sleepless 'red-eye', we needed some protein. And, apparently...some chips.

Not so much a sign but a mini-menu on board the train from Edinburgh to Glasgow. 

Train station sign along the West Highland Line from Glasgow on the way to Fort William. 

We stayed at a guest house near the ocean in Morar

A great place to hike - the Knoydart peninsula. (Accessible only by boat.) We went just to visit the tea shop and see the highlands from the ocean.

You may not think of gorgeous beaches when you think of Scotland, but you should.  This is the beach used in the movie Local Hero and I made a point of finding it.

How's your Gaelic? GĂ idhlig? This is from Fort William, near Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Britain. 

This was a nice surprise. Yes, IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY. And apparently, it was also the birthday of Glasgow Airport.  I'm not sure which of us is older. But it was definitely a 'milestone' for me.
 Outlander was filming inside the studio that day. 

While it's fun to know that the Outlander series made its home in Cumbernauld, the real reason I wanted to visit the old village was to see where my great grandparents came from. 

This abandoned castle is used as Lallybroch in the Outlander TV series. Filming had taken place two days before we visited and we caught a day when it was actually possible to get up close.

On the top of Castle Rock in Edinburgh is a series of buildings and walls that have evolved into today's Edinburgh Castle. This is the oldest building on site. This pretty much beats any U.S. historic site, aye?

The Writer's Museum, Edinburgh

More Writers... We had high tea next door, but it was fun to peek in the window of The Elephant House on George IV Bridge. (be forewarned, don't expect it to look like a bridge).

So that's part of my special trip as captured in signs. I've longed to go to Scotland since I was a child and even in all my dreams, and all the photos and movies I've seen, it was even more beautiful than I imagined!

Do you take photos of signs (and food) like I do when I travel? I'll be posting more over the next year as I made a point of visiting three places that are settings for upcoming stories! Have you visited Scotland? What did you like the best?


  1. I love this post, Deb! I've never been to Scotland, but I have heritage there. In fact, the only confirmed person who matches DNA with me is from the Scottish branch of the family.

    Thank you for sending me your itinerary ahead of time. I was ready to send out a shout if you passed anywhere close to my family history sites, but alas, you didn't. It sure was fun to follow along with you though. And I'm devouring your photo essays.

    Yes, I take pics of signs, mainly because they show where my pics were taken. I take photos of highway and traffic signs as well as the commercial ones.

    1. I certainly enjoyed it and I'm glad you did too! There's so much I didn't see. And I really just planned it as leisurely as I could. We picked our overnight stays and paid for the trains ahead of time, but left our days open to do what caught our fancy.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. This is the next best thing to being there myself.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. I had so many to consider, so I thought I'd try just 'signs'. It was such an amazing trip!

  3. So cool! I loved Scotland when I was there (and Drew Six is in Scotland!), but it was the very, very coldest I've ever been. We walked from the train station up the hill to Sterling Castle into a a stiff wind. Cold!

    Oh, you make me long to go back. Remind me to tell you about the Welsh footballer's in Waverly station. ;)

    1. We were sure to be prepared for any weather and yet the coldest we were started out as a warm, sunny day! Wind and Rain! My buddy is from Arizona, so she probably suffered more than I did. And now, I'm looking forward to your story - both Drew AND your Waverly station story!

    2. ACK! I can't believe I did that! I HATE when people do that, and I did it!

      "Footballers," not "footballer's." :::bangs head:::

      Anyway, yeah, coming soon. :D

    3. ha ha. Blame it on auto-correct. Now that people are dictating comments and texts, it's even more likely.

  4. I am late to view this, but I LOVE this post! Thanks for sharing these pics that make me feel like I got to share in your adventure with you!


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