Thursday, November 3, 2016

Have you been searching for a great reader blog?

Search no more! 

Carrie of Reading Is My Superpower (aka Meez Carrie) has just what you’re looking for.

I’ll let her tell you about herself and her blog:

Hi! I’m Carrie aka Meez Carrie
Avid Reader. Book Reviewer. Story Addict.
KissingBooks Fan. Book Boyfriend Collector. ESOL Teacher. Cool Aunt.
I love Jesus and THE Story a whole lot.

Why blog? Considering that my first word was “book”, it was pretty much a given that I would be a voracious reader. Though my tastes have broadened from Nancy Drew, Little House, and The Secret Garden to include a bevy of marvelous genres and authors, I still love to read.  Talking about these beloved books seemed like a natural extension of my superpower, and thus a blog was born.

What can you expect from this blog? Books reviewed honestly and from the heart, written out of my love for stories and my knowledge of what makes good fiction. Interviews with some of my favorite authors. Giveaways of some of my favorite books. Top Ten Tuesdays. Gushing over my latest book boyfriends. (Sorry, oh-so-tolerant hubby!)

The highlight of blogging for me is when I am able to introduce you to your next favorite read or a new-to-you author!

What kind of books do you review? My passion is Christian fiction, but I have a handful of go-to authors in the general market as well. I love to laugh. I love books that touch my heart too. I read both historical and contemporary fiction, and I’m always on the outlook for another great kissingbook! If it’s got suspense, all the better. You won’t find much science fiction/fantasy here, other than fairy tales and the occasional nod to Narnia or Harry Potter. No vampires or werewolves, either.

Do you ever do anything besides read? Not willingly.    Actually, in my other life, I live in Kentucky with my hubby of 15 years and our quirky dog Zuzu (who also happens to be my unofficial official blog mascot).  I’m the long-distance cool aunt to NINE nieces and nephews, and I teach English as a Second/Other Language to International Adults. When I’m not blogging here at RimSP, you can find me at RT Book Reviews Magazine and Straight Off the Page.

One of the most fun things about the blog, besides Meez Carrie herself, is the lively comments section. Lots of book discussion and recommendations and lots of “can’t wait for this one” comments that let you know about upcoming delights you might have missed. Plus, she is very author friendly and loves to give new writers a nod.

And I love Meez Carrie’s lists. For example:

Kissing Books 101
Kissing Books 101, Lesson 2
Ten Books to Read if You Love Jane Austen
Authors I’ve Read the Most
Best Book Boyfriends
Swooniest Heroes
Why I Love Christian Fiction
First Line Fridays (my special favorite!)

And I’m very pleased to see that she is a supporter of the use of fainting couches, something of which we see far too little in these modern times.

So if you’re looking for fun, informative, always-fresh blog about Christian books with a lot of giveaways and other cool stuff, this one is the best I’ve found. Meez Carrie reviews so many books, reading truly is her superpower!

Please note: Meez Carrie does on occasion review or feature a giveaway with books that are not specifically Christian. These books are generally clean, but if there are any language, intimacy or other concerns, she’s very good about stating clearly what they are.

So give Meez Carrie and Reading Is My Superpower a try. Anyone who loves Jane Austen or any of the classic romance writers will especially enjoy it!



  1. awww thank you so much!! I'm completely honored by your recommendation and also laughing at the fainting couch :D

  2. Meez Carrie! Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog! <3

  3. Carrie and DeAnna, please forgive my lateness. I got head down in a project and sometimes when I go really deep in my cave, I forget everything else - even meals!

    Carrie, I'm so very sorry I missed you in Nashville, although I'm really looking forward to meeting you in Texas next year.

    You are doing a stupendous awesome job promoting books, and I'm so very glad of it. Thanks again for visiting. It really is an honour to have you here.


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