Thursday, March 24, 2022

THE LETTER KEEPER by Charles Martin, Reviewed by Kim

My friend, who introduced me to Charles Martin, told me that he might make you wonder where he is going in his stories, but you can trust him, and it’s always worthwhile! She is so right!

I won’t say too much about what happens in this story because it’s the second in this series and most of it would be a spoiler, so I’ll just say that I am loving this series and these characters, their growth, and their deepening relationships. And I seriously love Murphy and Bones and all they stand for.

Writing about human trafficking is hard, I’m sure, but I so appreciate authors like Charles Martin and Ronie Kendig who are bringing this sensitive subject matter to our attention through fiction. These things happen in real life and sadly, we like to act as if they don’t. I pray that there are real life Murphys and Bones out there.

I highly suggest reading The Water Keeper first because that story introduces us to all of the characters. I can’t wait to read The Record Keeper which comes out in July.

*I purchased this book and was under no obligations to provide a review. 

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Combining heart-wrenching emotion with edge-of-your-seat tension, New York Times bestselling author Charles Martin explores the true power of sacrificial love.

Murphy Shepherd has made a career of finding those no one else could—survivors of human trafficking. His life’s mission is helping others find freedom . . . but then the nightmare strikes too close to home.

When his new wife, her daughter, and two other teenage girls are stolen, Murphy is left questioning all he has thought to be true. With more dead ends than leads, he has no idea how to find his loved ones. After everything is stripped away, love is what remains.

Hope feels lost, but Murphy is willing to expend his last breath trying to bring them home.

Thomas Nelson Publishing, June 2021 

Buy The Letter Keeper at Amazon, Christianbook .com, or Baker Book House

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  1. I pretty much love all of Charles Martin's books. This has been a great series. I have the 3rd one, which releases this summer on my Amazon wish list.


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