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FOG LAKE SUSPENSE SERIES (2-4) by Christy Barritt, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

Book One: EDGE OF PERIL See Rebecca's earlier Review


"What are you doing here, if you don't mind me asking?"

It was a shame that Brynlee Parker couldn't tell the entire truth even though she could share a portion of it. She had come to Dead Man's Bluff to spread her father's ashes, but the other reason needed to remain in her backpack . . . the backpack that she had dropped when she ran for her life off that mountain. . . after she saw that horrible creature maul two young men, and then turn its sights on her.

Boone Wilder didn't know what to think about the severely traumatized woman who burst into his mountainside shop. Her story? It sounded crazy, but then again the two bodies had been found exactly where she described they would be. No one wants to think that tragedy has returned to Fog Lake, but apparently Brynlee is being hunted . . . by the legendary Skookum no less.

You'll find yourself running through these pages at a very fast pace! There's absolutely no "margin of error"!
* I purchased this book and was under no obligation to provide a positive review. 3.5 stars

BackCover Blurb:
Some secrets have deadly consequences.

Brynlee Parker thought her biggest challenge would be hiking to Dead Man’s Bluff and fulfilling her dad’s last wishes. She never thought she’d witness two men being viciously murdered while on a mountainous trail. Even worse, the deadly predator is now hunting her.

Boone Wilder wants nothing to do with Dead Man’s Bluff, not after his wife died there. But he can’t seem to mind his own business when a mysterious out-of-towner burst into his camp store in a frenzied panic. Something—or someone—deadly is out there.

The killer’s hunger for blood seems to be growing at a brutal pace. Can Brynlee and Boone figure out who’s behind these murders? Or will the hurts and secrets from their past not allow for even a margin of error?


"Heights had never gotten to her before. But, right now, with no lifeline . . . the adrenaline rush suddenly wasn't so exciting."

Ansley Wilder routinely lived life to the fullest, but having been kidnapped and terrorized by a serial killer had a way of settling a girl down, except that right now her life was literally dangling in mid-air over a gorge . . . a zip-line inauguration gone terribly awry, or had someone deliberately put Ansley on the "brink of danger"?

Ryan Phillips had been back in Fog Lake for for less than twenty-four hours, settling in to his new job as fire chief, when he was caught up in a daring rescue . . . Ansley Wilder . . . his best friend's little sister, clinging for dear life to the side of a cliff. That girl certainly knew how to draw the attention, a drop-dead gorgeous (a bad pun in this situation) spitfire if he remembered correctly, and at the moment that stubborn determination was probably keeping her alive.

As Ansley and Ryan re-connect, people in Ansley's circle of acquaintances seem to be experiencing a myriad of deadly freak accidents. What exactly is going on in Fog Lake and who will be next? Can two people who have pasts filled with regrets find a way to soften their jagged edges?

" . . .  sometimes broken people could come together and be made whole. Was that a risk he was willing to take?"

Great book!  
* I purchased this book and was under no obligation to provide a positive review. 3.5 stars

BackCover Blurb:
Ansley Wilder has always lived life on the wild side, using thrills to numb the pain from her past and escape her mistakes. But a near-death experience two years ago changed everything. When another incident nearly claims her life, she turns her thrill-seeking ways into a fight for survival.

Ryan Philips left Fog Lake to chase adventure far from home. Now he’s returned as the new fire chief in town, but the slower paced life he seeks is nowhere to be found. Not only is a wildfire blazing out of control, but a malicious killer known as “The Woodsman” is enacting crimes that appear accidental. Plus, there seems to be a strange connection with these incidents and his best friend’s little sister, Ansley Wilder.

As a killer watches their every move and the forest fire threatens to destroy their scenic town, both Ryan and Ansley hover on the brink of danger. One wrong move could send them tumbling over the edge . . . permanently.


"I would be Abby's judge, jury . . . and executioner. And it was going to be so much fun."

Stalked. Abigail Brennan was being hunted down. "How had this man found her? She had no idea. But she couldn't let him catch her. Her life depended on it." After running blindly through the forest to escape certain death, Abby slowly regains consciousness after slipping down the the side of a mountain. Injured and disoriented, salvation appears in the form of another man, Jaxon Wilder. . . who has no idea what he has stepped into.

"Coming home was like trying to return to the past, only to find everything had changed."

Jaxon Wilder was slowly reacclimating to Fog Lake, Tennessee after his tours of duty in the military. Happening upon Abby Brennan in the middle of the forest was not on his agenda, but the lovely young woman displayed obvious signs of trauma with a head injury that necessitated medical treatment. Her story seemed a little hard to believe, some of it didn't even make sense, but Jaxon was determined not to repeat the mistakes of his past.

"We can't change what happened. But we can make the best of things and change the future, instead."

It's impossible not to love this story. The pace is pitch perfect, with a villain who is terribly devious and obviously unhinged. And then there's Jaxon and Abby, who complement each other like coffee and cookies, if they can only survive.
* I purchased this book and was under no obligation to provide a positive review. 3.5 stars

BackCover Blurb:
Jaxon Wilder didn’t plan on returning home to Fog Lake, Tennessee, following his tour of duty in Iraq. But after a gut-wrenching failure during his stint in the Army, he now faces a new challenge: his family.

Abby Brennan always did her best to be the good girl and to live by the rules. When a wrong decision changes her entire life, she tries to hide from the world. However, a madman known as the Executioner is determined to find her and enact his own brand of justice.

When Jaxon and Abby are thrown together in the killer’s crosshairs, they’re forced to depend on one another to survive. Will Jaxon’s sense of duty be enough to help keep Abby safe? Or will deadly secrets lead to the penalty of death?









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