Tuesday, May 10, 2022

OUT OF THE BLUE by Susan Tuttle, Reviewed by Kim #ReleaseDay


I love Susan Tuttle’s writing and her stories always touch me in one way or another. All of her books are on my keeper shelf with Love You, Truly being a top favorite of mine. There’s a salvation scene in that story that I will never forget.

Out of the Blue is centered around Nate, who is renting a campground where he tries to help juvenile delinquents by bringing them there for the summer. Gwen, whose family owns the campground, has a major issue with this idea and immediately butts heads with Nate. I liked Nate and how he didn’t let things get him down. His heart for these children really won me over. Gwen, on the other hand, was a very hard character to like. She was not very nice at times and I felt like there wasn’t enough character growth for her. The faith thread in this story is well done and felt completely natural.

One of my biggest pet peeves in a story is an unlikable main character. Therefore, Gwen was the thing that really took me out of this story. That being said, I am sure others will really like this story.
*I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own. The faith thread is light.


BackCover Blurb:
 Falling in love again wasn’t on her checklist, but he’s about to pencil it in.Nate Reynolds’s ugly history has dogged him long enough. He has spent years reforming himself, but there has to be a purpose for all the pain in his youth. When he discovers the perfect campground for rehabbing juvenile delinquents, he sees his chance for redemption. Even if it means butting heads with the owner’s granddaughter, Gwen Doornbos, a woman who, for all her sharp edges, possesses a heart similar to his. The more time he spends with her, the more he envisions a future he once thought impossible.

Four years ago, Gwen Doornbos lost her husband at the hands of a troubled teen. Her dream of ministering to kids died with him, and she returned home to help her grandfather run their family summer camp until his retirement. That day has finally arrived, except her grandfather has other plans for Camp Hideaway, and they include the irritatingly handsome Nate, a do-gooder with more brawn than sense who insists on bringing the past right to her door.

When an accident requires Gwen to temporarily assist Nate, she discovers that the campers challenge her in ways she’s not ready to face. Yet if she can find the courage to stay, the darkness that has shrouded her for so long may lift to reveal a love arriving out of the blue.
Iron Stream Fiction, May 10, 2022
Available in digital ebook and paperback:
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