Monday, October 31, 2022

CROWN OF DUST by C.F.E. Black, Reviewed by Kim #ReleaseDay

Crown of Dust is book 2 in the Scepter and Crown series by C. F. E. Black. I absolutely loved Shield of Shadow (the prequel novella) and Blade of Ash (book 1), so I had really high hopes for Crown of Dust. I am happy to say that this story exceeded all of my expectations! I loved it from start to finish and I seriously need book 3! I mean seriously, as in right now! I am still in shock at how this book ended! I did not see it coming!

I really love the characters in this series! I love how Aly and Red have not only grown personally, but how their bond with each other has grown and I cannot wait to see where things go in book 3! While I love both Aly and Red, I must admit Grey is my absolute favorite character. He steels every scene that he is in and I am so glad that he has his own novella, which I will be reading soon!

While I can’t say much about what happens in this story because I don’t want to go into spoiler territory, I will say that it’s nicely paced, with many twists and turns, and builds up to a powerful and unexpected climax.

I highly recommend reading this series in order because you will get so much more out of it and the prequel novella really explains who Aly is, her past and how she came to be where she is at. I highly recommend this series! It’s clean YA fantasy at its best!
*I purchased this book and was given a complimentary copy. This is a clean read.

BackCover Blurb:
The enemy is dead. The battle has only just begun.

Red and Aly thought they had eliminated the greatest to their lives, but as they return from their trip north, a new enemy rises from within their own ranks, threatening to rip Red and Aly apart.

Lord Benedict Alexander has a distant claim to the throne, and he will do everything in his power to usurp Red’s rule before the official coronation at summer’s end. Convinced Red was corrupted by his trip into the Canyon, Lord Alexander fights to destroy Red’s kingship, and with it, Red’s Binding to Aly.

Now Red must earn the trust of his countrymen, not only to retain his throne and continue his fight against Kassia and the Canyon, but to keep Aly as well, for Aly is bound to serve the crown, no matter who wears it.

Fight for the crown. Fight for love. Or lose them both.

HillCity Press, November 1, 2022


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