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MILLSTONE OF DOUBT by Erica Vetsch, Reviewed by Paula and Rebecca



Faith shines through in the lives of these characters who only want truth and justice to prevail. “God is good regardless of your experience because the Bible says He is and the Bible never lies.”

Bow Street Runner, Daniel Swann, and debutante, Juliette Thorndike cross paths again in the second book in the series.

As the day of his 25th birthday grows closer, Daniel has many questions still looming. Who is his patron and what will his solicitors tell him? Will he lose his job and be destitute? Daniel becomes distracted with a new murder to investigate which takes him to dangerous places as he rules out each suspect.

I like the way Ms Vetsch builds the story in Hammersmith and in London among the socially elite and the common mill workers. We see Juliette further her skills as an agent of the Crown and see her heart as she comforts her friend on the loss of her father.

Intriguing, exciting and romantic, this is my favorite kind of historical fiction. I learned about the milling process, Bow Street Runners and inheritance of titles during the era.

A fascinating story that I did not want to end. I am so glad there is another book coming where we will find out what the future holds for Daniel and Juliette.
*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Kregel on behalf of the author. I was not required to post a favorable review. All opinions are my own.*5 stars and a strong faith thread 


"Something is off. After all I've done, can this betrayal be true? I shall have to take care. I wouldn't want to be wrong."

Murder and mayhem, there was no other way to describe the loss of life and explosive destruction that nearly leveled London's Hammersmith Mill. Happening upon the scene, Bow Street Runner Daniel Swann began to assess the sorts of details that were providing him with more questions than answers. Was it mere coincidence that the mill owner had been shot, or had the perpetrator hoped to cover his dastardly deed with fire and explosives. Rumors had been circling for days that industrial workers were threatening to exact revenge on owners who were insistent upon modernizing their plants with machinery instead of men. Was that what this was all about?

Lady Juliette Thorndike had been instructed to stay out of the Hammersmith case. After all, it was a police matter and her ongoing instruction in subterfuge on behalf of the crown was to be her sole focus. Naturally Juliette respectfully listened to her uncle's directive, but she couldn't just abandon one of her best friends, Agatha Montgomery, in her time of need. After all, Agatha's father was dead and her would-be suitor had mysteriously disappeared. Actually, Juliette had a suitor issue of her own to deal with; Duke Heinrich was just too perfect, and someone else kept taking up space in her head . . . a certain Bow Runner. . .who made her feel alive, and safe, and many other things she was hesitant to define. "That kiss".

Not only did the author play a successful game of cat-and-mouse with her readers, but the entire process was so enjoyable that it was easy to forget how serious the case could become, and it did . . . become serious . . . and quite dangerous. Brilliantly layering Juliette and Daniel's back stories into the plot line, she pulled just enough rabbits out of the hat for her readers to begin clamoring for more Thorndike & Swann before the story even had a chance to deliver its most satisfying conclusion. Mission accomplished!
*I received a copy of this book from the publisher. I also purchased a copy. The opinions stated above are entirely my own.

BackCover Blurb:
Regency London's detective duo is back on a new case--and this one is going to be a killer

Caught in the explosion of the Hammersmith Mill in London, Bow Street Runner Daniel Swann rushes to help any survivors only to find the mill's owner dead of an apparent gunshot.

Even though the owner's daughter, Agatha Montgomery, mourns his death, it seems there are more than a few people with motive for murder. But Daniel can't take this investigation slow and steady. Instead, he must dig through all the suspects as quickly as he can, because the clock is ticking until his mysterious patronage--and his job as a runner--comes to an abrupt and painful end. It seems to Daniel that, like his earthly father, his heavenly Father has abandoned him to the fates.

Lady Juliette Thorndike is Agatha's bosom friend and has the inside knowledge of the wealthy London ton to be invaluable to Daniel. She should be in a perfect position to help with the case. Still, her instructor in the art of spy craft orders her to stay out of the investigation. But circumstances intervene, dropping her into the middle of the deadly pursuit.

When a dreadful accident ends in another death on the mill floor, Daniel discovers a connection to his murder case--and to his own secret past. Now he and Juliette are in a race to find the killer before his time runs out.

Kregel Publications, September 20, 2022 
Available in digital ebook and paperback:



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