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NIGHTHAWK SECURITY SERIES Books #2, #3, #4 by Susan Sleeman, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

"She can't hide. Give her up or the next time it won't just be a brick. The whole family will be sorry."

Jenna Paine thought she and her young daughter had been given the gift of a lifetime; an all-expense paid Christmas vacation in a Mt. Hood cabin; unfortunately, a vicious home invasion changed everything.

Happening upon the crime in progress, Brendan Byrd manages to rescue Jenna and Karlie from danger, then calmly persuading the distraught mother to move their belongings over to his family's property where he and his brothers could offer protection. There was just something about the beautiful woman that not only caught his eye, " . . . he'd known her for what? A minute or two? And he was a goner", but potentially his heart. What in the world?

Jenna is obviously grateful for Brendan's offer of security, but she is trying so hard to stand on her own two feet after the death of her overbearing husband. Plunged her into debt and near homelessness, attraction to another alpha male type is the last thing she wants or even thinks that she needs. So much of what has happened in her life is beyond explanation, but maybe Brendan's advice bears thought, "Don't ask why. . . Ask how".

Readers will love both journeys within the pages of this book; one heading towards justice and the other taking a decided turn toward matters of the heart. Both turn out tricky to navigate . . . having clear "night vision" could mean the difference between success and failure.
*I purchased the book and was under no obligation to provide a positive review. 3.5 stars

BackCover Blurb:

A woman on the run with no one to trust…
When a Christmas vacation at a snowy Mt. Hood cabin turns into a home invasion, Jenna Paine will do anything to protect her four-year-old daughter. Even if it means putting Jenna's own life on the line. Which she must do when the intruder threatens to kill her. She knows the invader will stop at nothing to take her out, and she can’t let him get close or he might harm her daughter too.

She wants to disappear, but she can’t survive on her own.
In fact, Jenna would be dead now it Brendan Byrd of Nighthawk Security hadn’t come to her rescue during the invasion. Former Army Delta Force and county deputy, Brendan doesn’t think twice about offering his agency’s protection services for Jenna and her precious daughter. What he does think twice about is opening his heart to Jenna only to have it broken again. But as the threats escalate, he must hone his vision where she’s concerned, figure out this crafty attackers identity, and in the process, find a way to keep her alive.

" . . . he needed to make sure she didn't walk away when this investigation was over."

And she could. She had said as much. Would he even be able to stop her if she did?

Former ICE Agent Clay Byrd and FBI Agent Toni Long had experienced a lot of remorse over a previous joint operation gone wrong; their suspect had escaped and Toni's dad had been killed. Why he had even been there in the first place remained a mystery. Guilt over the fact that their initial attraction could have been a distraction in the case, Toni and Clay never followed through on their feelings and had gone their separate ways.

Now drawn back together by separate but similar enigmatic notes, they are nearly killed, reigniting their determination to find a murderer. As layer upon layer of unanswered questions are uncovered, a body count begins to mount and Clay's family rallies around the two, fully utilizing all the resources that Nighthawk Security has to offer. Will it be enough?

Enjoy the fast pace that this story offers, while sharing the frustration of its never-ending dead ends with its characters. As an entire law enforcement community races against time to put vile, violent offenders behind bars, Toni begins to wonder if she will ever be able to solve her true feelings about a man who cares deeply, but continually confuses.

"Maybe now would be a good time for prayer."
*I purchased this book and was under no obligation to provide a positive review. 3.5 stars
BackCover Blurb:
She’s determined to find her father’s killer…
FBI Agent, Toni Long, lost her father a year ago when he was killed in a joint FBI and ICE investigation led by Clay Byrd, a man Toni had found herself infatuated with. Unfortunately, the killer escaped, and if Toni hadn’t been distracted by her attraction to Clay, maybe her father wouldn’t have died. When she receives an anonymous tip on the killer’s identity, she follows the lead and an attempt is made on her life. Clay, having received the same tip, comes to her rescue. Thinking he can help find her father's killer and keep an eye on her safety too, he quickly offers Nighthawk Security’s help.

But she first has to face down her own dark past.
She fights the idea at first, but she will stop at nothing to find her father’s killer, even if it means partnering with a guy she has feelings for. But as the investigation unfolds, they unearth deep, dark family’s secrets that are more dangerous than anything Toni could imagine. Problem is, Clay is right there by her side, offering her comfort and support, and protecting her from menacing danger. She soon has to fight feelings she’s developing for him when her focus should be on the investigation and staying alive. 

"It's Natalie. One of my clients is a serial killer. I'm at his house. With his children. He's coming home in twenty minutes, but before you tell me to call the police, I can't."

And with that phone call to an attorney friend, county social worker Natalie Dunn sets in motion a series of events that would change her life forever; fortunately her friend had inside connections with Nighthawk Security.

Drake Byrd arrives at the rendezvous location to intercept a social worker and three children expecting the stereotypical middle aged woman. Instead, he comes face to face with a beautiful blonde wearing a short skirt and too-high heels. But that was beside the point. The three children in her back seat were adorable, sound asleep, and soon to have their world rocked beyond recognition. After Drake and his team rush the four to a secure location, they begin to dig into the case, and it's not pretty. What in the world have they stumbled into?

This blend of romance and suspense is so well paced that the pages fly by towards a grand reward . . . the ending! . . . with its own set of ingenious twists and turns!
*I purchased this book and was under no obligation to provide a positive review. 3.5 stars

BackCover Blurb:
If you’re in his sights…
County social worker, Natalie Dunn discovers a horrible secret about the father of her juvenile clients. The man not only killed one woman, but Natalie suspects he’s killed several others. She plans to go to the authorities, but before she can, the killer turns his sights on her. Fearing for the lives of this man’s children, she removes them from their home and calls in former U.S. Marshal, Drake Byrd of Nighthawk Security to protect her and the children and help her prove their father is a ruthless killer

You’re as good as dead.
As they investigate, Drake learns the father is a former elite sniper and assassin, and he has done a professional job of hiding any evidence of his wrong doing. Drake vows to protect Natalie and the three children—all of whom he has come to care for—putting everything on the line for them. When bullets start flying, can he save them all from a certain death?
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