Friday, October 14, 2022

A TEXAS CHRISTMAS CAROL by Karen Witemeyer, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

" . . . there's a reason God calls himself I Am and not I Was or I Will Be. . . . . Regretting the past or fretting about the future might motivate you, but it doesn't change you. You must seize the moment you are standing in and make a commitment to be better, trusting that the I Am is standing with you, lending you his power."

Evan Beazer had plenty of room for improvement, and it seemed that a lovely minx with the name of Felicity Wiggins had determined to "pester him into cooperation" with her plans to serve the less fortunate in their small Texas town during the Christmas season. Evan had plenty of money and Felicity had an over abundance of compassion, but could the two come to terms with their differences long enough to serve their community . . . especially when Evan's diminutive taskmaster insisted that Evan meet some of the beneficiaries of his goodwill in person before he spent a single dime. Bah! Humbug! . . . no, he couldn't even mutter those words . . . Humbug was the name of Felicity's dog!

Readers will be utterly charmed by this western rendition of a familiar tale, complete with three mysterious old codgers and a love story that includes many awkward, comedic moments, that only these two could muster up.

*I received this book as a gift and was under no obligation to provide a positive review.

BackCover Blurb:
From the talented pen of bestselling author Karen Witemeyer comes a charming Christmas novella inspired by the holiday classic
The Christmas Carol.

After the Panic of 1873 ruined his father and impoverished his family, Evan Beazer set a single life goal for himself--security. He would never allow joviality and dreams to send him to the poorhouse. Now a successful businessman, Evan runs a dozen inns throughout Texas from the privacy of his home, keeping locals away with the perpetual scowl and gruff manner that have become his natural disposition.

Felicity Wiggins is in charge of distributing church Christmas baskets to the less fortunate, and she is determined help as many families as possible. In an attempt to gather more donations than past years, she must convince the wealthiest man in town to participate and sets forth on a campaign to pester him into cooperation.

As Felicity tries to bring Evan out of seclusion--and he does everything in his power to avoid her--can she convince him that true riches lie not in bank accounts but in bringing joy to others?

Bethany House Publishing, September, 2022

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