Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ok, God, I'm Awake

by Jennifer AlLee

Isn't it funny how God brings things to mind at the strangest times? Like now... it's 1:44 AM and I'm typing up this devotion because God basically woke me up and reminded me that I forgot to do it.
Thanks, God.

We all have that still, small voice that speaks to us. Sometimes, it's a whisper, a gentle nudge to move us in the right direction. Sometimes, it's a shout loud enough to wake us up in the middle of the night.

It's always been challenging for me to know when the voice in my head is God talking, and when it's my own wishful thinking. Praying usually clears that up. But there have been times when I was absolutely sure I was doing what God wanted me to, but the end result was less than perfect. That doesn't necessarily mean I was out of God's will. I believe there are times when the result isn't what God's after; He's more interested in our willingness to be obedient and do as he says.

The Bible is full of people who obeyed God, but didn't necessarily get the results they expected. David had to hide from King Saul. Elijah hid in a cave. John the Baptist lost his head. None of these men were perfect, but they did their best to listen for God's voice, and then do as they were told.

I actually remembered that I needed to write this post about half a dozen times in the last two days. But I put it off. And I put it off. Then I put it off again. If I'd listened the first time, God wouldn't have needed to drop a proverbial brick on my head and drag me out of bed (although I'm still in bed, and writing on my laptop... but you get the picture).

The point I'm getting at is this: God speaks to us all the time. The next time he speaks to you, listen up the first time. Then get a good night's sleep.

 JENNIFER ALLEE believes the most important thing a woman can do is find her identity in God – a theme that carries throughout her novels. A professional writer for over twenty years, she's done extensive freelance work for Concordia Publishing House, including skits, Bible activity pages, and over 100 contributions to their popular My Devotions series. Her first novel, The Love of His Brother, was released by Five Star Publishers in November 2007. Her latest novel, The Pastor’s Wife, was released by Abingdon Press in February 2010. Her upcoming novel, The Mother Road, will be released by Abingdon Press in April 2012. She's a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Romance Writers of America, Christian Authors Network, and the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance. - Jennifer's website - A safe haven for women living on the front lines of ministry.


  1. I remembered seeing that "reminder" email go out but couldn't recall who was doing today's devotional when I also woke up and checked at 3:30. I just knew it wasn't me. Too funny, as we are two hours apart in earthly terms.

    God has those amazing ways of telling us things we need to know, to consider, to act upon and a variety of ways he speaks. I have definitely had that wake up call in such literal terms as well, Jen--when my electric has gone off and I had the alarm set (and instead woke up exactly at the moment I had to get up)

    I love how He considers such small, personal things about us that show us He's our Father and knows each of us in such an intimate way.

    As your Inky sister, and me being a light sleeper, I heard that 1:30 wake up call too... only, I read for awhile but YOU had the job of writing a post. Thanks Dad.

  2. I so relate to this. Although I have to confess that there are times when I've heard the voice and ignored it because I didn't like what he said. Not something I'm proud of, and it cost me a lot.

    Love it that he takes the time to speak to us.

  3. Deb, thanks for being with me in spirit! I'm a bit tired this morning, and a bit headache-y, but I'm up and ready to head to church. That's a good start.

    Lisa, I've done the ignoring thing, too. Funny thing is, I always end up doing what he said eventually. If I'd just listen in the first place, it would save me a lot of time and grief.

  4. It's easy to ugnore the voice on small things. After all why would God bother to tell me to stop at the store for milk. And for the big things, well I supposed that just plain choosing not to hear.

  5. Remember. I blame all typos on the mobile device and not myself.

  6. Love this, Jen. He's always talking, we just aren't always listening! I always wonder how many things - from small aggravations to major traumas - could have been avoided just by listening to that still small voice.

  7. Love the way the writing of the actual devo reflects the theme :)

  8. Heh heh . . . so true. And, really, quite wonderful.

    I'm SO not a morning person, and this has never happened to me before, but several times in the last few weeks I've popped out of bed early because I had a story that I just had to get written down.

    It's pretty neat. :)

  9. DeAnna, I hope you get lots of writing done in those wee hours. I find that even though I'm not a morning person, writing always seems to come better to me when I get up extra early. I think it has to do with the subconscious and the way our brain processes our storylines when we're sleeping.

    Jen, I find that if I don't listen to that voice, I always regret it!

  10. Actually, USUALLY, I can't write anything in the morning. I can do rote work. I can edit. I can type what I've already written. But I can't really be creative until the afternoon. Get me around nine or ten or later at night, and I'm raring to go!

    But, I do think one's brain does process ideas during sleep, so I always keep a note pad and pencil handy. Some of those notes are a little wild . . . O.o


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