Thursday, January 9, 2014

Inkies Lost in Blizzard

by Anita Mae Draper

What's this? Mid-afternoon on the Prairies and not an Inky in sight! I'm playing catch-up today after driving my eldest daughter to the airport yesterday which heralds the end of my holiday season, but it seems I have to stop and go on a manhunt - er - Inky hunt.

It's no wonder I can't find them with all the horrible weather we've been having across North America these past few days.

Let me see... Are they north...

Hwy 48 near Odessa, Saskatchewan

Oh my, they aren't out that way! Let's look west...

Near Francis, Saskatchewan

Blech... they aren't that way, either. Southeast perhaps?

SSR railway heading Southeast alongside Hwy 33, Saskatchewan

Ouch! It even looks worse that way. Wait! The sky is clearing... oh, wow... a sun dog!

Sun dog Jan 5, 2014, Regina, Saskatchewan

It's like a winter rainbow - a gift from God to show there's beauty even in the worst weather if we only hang on long enough and trust Him until it's over.

I've never thought of sun dogs as having a gender, but every time I look at this one, it seems to have a wave of eyelashes about to lower... yes, I know males have eyelashes, too, but the up-sweep length of this one seems girlish somehow...

Sun Dog on Jan 8, Regina, Saskatchewan

Well, the sky has cleared over the prairies and I haven't found any Inkies yet, but hopefully it's clearing all over the rest of Canada and the US, too.

Thanks for standing by. I'll keep searching through the night and see if we can round up the missing Inkies...

Take care and God bless you while you weather through this horribly cold start to 2014.


Photo Credits: Anita Mae Draper. All photos in this post have been taken between Jan 3-9, 2014)


  1. I enjoyed your "hunt" through the wintry weather for the Inky's! Thanks! Aside from your eyelash reference, I'm not sure I'd refer to sundogs as feminine! Oh well!

    1. Ha! I guess I've seen enough guys with long lashes to make my comment inane.

      Yesterday when Crystal flew off to Calgary, her WestJet flight headed right into and across a sun dog, but she said later that she didn't see one from the plane. I didn't think she would, but she liked the thought that it was out there. :)

  2. ha ha. No one seemed to want to post today so, thanks Anita! It's a great chance to see your photos... I'll have to look at them again in the middle of the summer!

    I'm not lost, by the way...

    Tonight is supposed to be a great night for the Northern Lights. Let us know if you can see them. I used to be able to from the house I grew up in but too many housing tracts and buildings and parking lots ruined that. Even where I live now, those vapor lights on some of the telephone poles spoil the dark of the sky.

    It's been a crazy winter already with many weeks to come.

    1. No, Deb, I can't see them yet. JJ and I have been taking turns running out and checking and although we have clear skies, no sign of color yet. It's cold though and our house has tall trees on the north and east, so we won't be checking much longer as we don't want to let all the heat out/cold in.

  3. I like the sun dog pictures. We're lucky if we even get one decent snow a year here in Virginia Beach.

    1. Dina, that's strange to hear you say a 'decent' snow. Do you mean like the one a couple years ago where Gina's hubby kept going around taking pics of everything? The kind that sits pretty on the fence posts?

      Yeah, I like that kind too. This blowing snow makes it dangerous to drive. I'm thanking God I have the new AWD Flex since I've had to make 3 trips to the city in the past week. Even then I slid through about 10 traffic lights, so I'll probably be getting some tickets in the mail if those traffic cams were on guard. :(

  4. I like those sundog eyelashes, Anita. I don't think I would have noticed them if you hadn't pointed them out, but now that I see them, they're pretty. It's too rainy and overcast to see the Northern Lights. I was really looking forward to it.

  5. WOW!!! I never knew there was such a thing as a 'sun dog.' How pretty!! I loved those winter wonderland pictures. Thanks for feeding my snow envy. :)

  6. Love the pictures! The sundog eyelashes are amazing.

    Yesterday was a wacky day. Sorry I was missing!


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