Wednesday, October 29, 2014

No Plan B by Nelson Hannah

by Dina Sleiman

Let me share with you about an amazing author you have probably never heard of named Nelson Hannah. In May of 2012, I served on staff at the Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference as an editor for WhiteFire Publishing. I love working conferences, but they can also be overwhelming for me. Nelson Hannah was the calm in the midst of my storm that week. When he came to me for his editor appointment, he was relaxed, confident, and kind. His experience as a pastor came shining through right away. I loved his gentle spirit and the premise of his book, and I was excited about the possibility of adding him to our WhiteFire family.

Then, he did something no other conferee has ever done for me before or since. He offered to pray for me. Well, I jumped on that opportunity! As he took my hands right there in the appointment room and began to pray, the presence and peace of the Holy Spirit washed over me in a very tangible way. He prayed words over me that God had been speaking to me just that morning in my own quiet time. And I knew for certain: this guy was the real deal. I wanted more of whatever he had to offer.

As an editor for WhiteFire, I only read Nelson's proposal and handed it along to our non-fiction editor. This fall, I finally had a chance to read the full finished product, and I was even more blessed than I anticipated.

No Plan B is by far the best book I have ever read about our identity in Christ. This seems to be an area of significant disparity in beliefs between born-again Christians who are all diligent students of God's word and good-hearted people. Nelson cuts through the excesses on both sides and finds that narrow road of truth. He debunks a lot of religious sounding, yet unscriptural, ideas to get to the heart of who God intends his children to be. Rather than try to summarize Nelson's ideas, let me offer some little snippets to whet your appetite.

That was God's original intent--the genesis of Plan A.
And it still is...

Far too many of God's sons and daughters still live in the confusion of slavery rather than the comfort of their radical new identity in Christ. We have majored on what to do when God was only interested from the beginning in whose we are.

Jesus has been repopulating creation with a new species, reproducing himself in them.

You are not just another human being stuck in a dead-end existence waiting for death to set you free so you can experience the wonder of heaven. No, eternal life began for you the moment you met Jesus.

Spirit-filled has become a term that overwhelms some believers with fear and apprehension. Yet it is a biblical description of our position and power in Christ. We must reclaim it, believe it, receive it, and start walking out this privileged position in our daily lives. It is our inheritance, a necessary part of God's gift to us.

Okay, I think that should be enough to pique your interest. If not, let me also mention that beloved CBA author, James Rubart, wrote the foreword for this book. You can check that out and also read a sample of (or order!!!) Nelson's amazing book here.

Let me close by saying that I have taught and even written about many ideas in this book, and I still walked away from it with clearer understanding and a sense of awe. I am blessed to have read this book and honored to have been a small part of its birth into the world. It gets my highest recommendation, and I strongly encourage you to read it soon!


  1. Relationship.

    Exactly! This sounds excellent. :)

  2. Thanks, ladies. I'm sure my excitement about this book is pretty evident.

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  4. You're excited with good reason, Dina! As the one who reads very little non-fiction - I'm really looking forward to reading this book.

  5. thanks! is there an ebook option for this?

  6. Dina, what a lovely review and a truly lovely way to find an author. Sharing this.


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