Monday, October 27, 2014

I Don't Like to Read Christian Non-Fiction for Women

Time for a Book Picnic
by Gina Welborn

I subscribe to's Daily Updates. Yesterday they sent  me an e-mail with this article:

5 Books for Christian Women who Don't Like to Read Books for Christian Women

Oooh. How intriguing! But then--

Hmm, do I like reading books for Christian women? I do like reading non-fiction. Maybe it's talking about fiction. But how many "women's books" uninterest me? Maybe I'll find a new book I'd actually enjoy reading. Needless to say I had to click on the link.
Andrea Lucado wrote:

If you relate to any of the below, the book recommendations that follow are for you:
  • Your brow furrows with confusion when an author refers to you as her “dear sister” or a “daughter of the king.” You are not this lady’s sister—you’ve never even met—and “child of God” will due.
  • If you have to read one more book about how to better organize and manage your life, your time, your kids and your marriage, you are going to run away and give up on everything altogether. All of those areas seem to be hanging by thread no matter what you do and you would like your reading time to be escape time. Just tell me a good story.
  • You would rather read about someone’s imperfect life that is remaining imperfect, than read about a woman who used to no have it altogether but now she does and here’s how you can too. Vulnerable stories speak to you more deeply than success stories do.
Umm, yes, I relate! I have been known at times to think, "If I see another Christian lady all decked out in purple and driving a car with a license plate BLESSD or 'I'm not perfect, just forgiven,' I'm going to puke on her and then on her car."

I remember reading a book that began about lies women have been taught. By the time the author got to the section on marriage, birth control, and parenting, I quit reading. Once she's married and raised a few kids, then I'll listen to the "wisdom" she's gained. Most of the book, though, was good.

Let’s All be Brave: Living Life With Everything You Have by Annie F. Downs (Zondervan)

How often does fear hold us back from the very things we most want to taste, touch, and experience? The call to be brave isn’t just for one person—it’s for everyone. Let’s All Be Brave is more than a book, it’s a battle cry. Annie challenges us to live boldly, she calls us to step into those places that require courage, and she gives us the help to take the next step forward—even when it’s scary.
This non-fiction, essay-driven book opens the door to many different views of courage—nudging, encouraging, and inspiring readers to be brave whenever given the chance. Kindle Price : $3.79

Girl Meets God: A Memoir by Lauren F. Winner (Shaw Books)

The child of a Jewish father and a lapsed Southern Baptist mother, Lauren F. Winner chose to become an Orthodox Jew. But even as she was observing Sabbath rituals and studying Jewish law, Lauren was increasingly drawn to Christianity. Courageously leaving what she loved, she eventually converted. In Girl Meets God, this appealing woman takes us through a year in her Christian life as she attempts to reconcile both sides of her religious identity.
Used hardcopies as low as $0.01
New hardcopies/paperbacks as low as $2.99

Passion and Purity: Learning to Bring Your Love Life Under Christ’s Control by Elisabeth Elliott (Revell)

Very few books on dating have stood the test of time like Passion and Purity. Its much-needed message remains strong and hopeful in an age when doing whatever "feels right" is common practice. Using her own life as an example, Elisabeth Elliot guides singles of both genders and of any age on how to put their love lives under the authority of Jesus Christ. Passion and Purity covers dating issues such as: •how to know which person is the right one to marry •loving passionately while remaining sexually pure •the man's and woman's role in relationships •putting God's desires ahead of personal desires •how far is too far, physically This best-selling book now has a new cover, an updated interior design, and a foreword from popular author Joshua Harris.
 Use copies as low as $0.01
New copies as low as $5.97

Lizzy and Jane by Katherine Reay (Thomas Nelson)

Lucado writes, "If Francine Rivers and Karen Kingsbury just aren’t your thing, give Katherine Reay a try. Her novel is a delightful and honest tale of two sisters, cancer and a restaurant."

Reay is a 2014 Carol Winner for her novel Dear Mr. Knightly.

Kindle $9.99

Cold Tangerines: Celebrating the Extraordinary Nature of Everyday Life by Shauna Niequist

Cold Tangerines—now available in softcover— is a collection of stories that celebrate the extraordinary moments hidden in your everyday life. It is about God, and about life, and about the thousands of daily ways in which an awareness of God changes and infuses everything. It is about spiritual life, and about all the things that are called nonspiritual life that might be spiritual after all. It is the snapshots of a young woman making peace with herself and trying to craft a life that captures the energy and exuberance we all long for in the midst of the fear and regret and envy we all carry with us. It is both a voice of challenge and song of comfort, calling you upward to the best possible life, and giving you room to breathe, to rest, to break down, and break through. Cold Tangerines offers bright and varied glimpses of hope and redemption, in and among the heartbreak and boredom and broken glass.
Used copies as low as $0.61.
New copies vary from $3.79 kindle and $11-12 print copy.

I've put Let's be Brave, Girl meets God, and Cold Tangerines (all new copies) in my Amazon cart. Do any interest you? Have you read any of these?


  1. I'm currently reading A Year of Biblical Womanhood. The author is funny, realistic, and very open about her flaws. So far so good.

    Let's all Be Brave caught my attention because it looks like good inspiration for my Valiant Hearts series.

    1. That sounds like a good one too, Dina! I'll add it to my cart.

  2. I've heard good things about Cold Tangerines--and I appreciate the introduction to the other books. Will definitely have to check them out.

    1. As much as I try to read more Christian fiction, I end up buying another non-fiction. Cold Tangerines sounds like a winner.

  3. I like the sound of Girl Meets God. I'm not big on nonfiction because I have so little time to read and it's usually my escape. But, there are some really good ones that I'll pick up on recommendations, mostly Inky recommendations, and I'm always glad when I do. :)

  4. I'm still in PTCS (post-traumatic church syndrome) mode and have been reading very little Christian non-fiction... for many of the same reasons you mentioned, Gina. With the exception of When We Were On Fire by Addie Zierman, which made me cry and laugh and want to throw things. And I have Broke: What Financial Desperation Revealed about God's Abundance
    by Caryn Rivadeneira and Pastrix: The Cranky, Beautiful Faith of a Sinner & Saint
    by Nadia Bolz-Weber on my wish list on Amazon.

  5. I think Niki's wanting to throw things is a good review of a book, too. you've all made me think about what I want to read vs what I could/should read.. First of all I don't want to be brave so that goes to the bottom of the list for me. :)
    great marketing btw!


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