Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Canada 150th Birthday Celebration

Hopefully, a person cannot go anywhere in Canada these days without seeing something that says it's Canada's 150 birthday year. Wave those flags, people! Wear those pins! Sing the special song written to commemorate this wonderful year!

I was in Grade 5 when Canada celebrated its centennial year in 1967 with a special Confederation Train that traveled across the nation showing the history of our country in its cars. I remember walking through the low-lighted cars filled with posters, objects and wax-like people created to bring history alive. I loved every bit of it, especially the horn that blew the first 4 notes of our national anthem, O Canada. (Train horn audio courtesy of The Canadian Railway Hall of Fame)

The 1967 Centennial logo was a stylized maple leaf which was shown in mixed colors, or in a solid/white combination. The logo was everywhere. I don't know who came up with the idea but we used to draw it on the ground during recess and play hopscotch on it. It was my favorite variation of the simple schoolyard game.

For Canada's 150th, the logo we are seeing everywhere is similar, but with more variation, much like our diverse multi-cultural country. Much like the 1967 logo, its triangles stand for the state of our country today, as shown on the right. If I was younger, I'd be playing hopscotch on this one too.

As for a special celebration song, I still remember this one because it was easy to sing along. This video is a simple batch of photos showing 1967 centennial images, but the women's fashions make me smile.

There isn't an official Canada 150 song, but songs and videos have been written for the occasion, including this one by Walt Disney Studios in celebration of Canada's contribution to the entertainment world, and let me add that there is a very good mix of clips on this reel:

Bryan Anderson wrote a celebration song with 150 Canadian mentions and challenges you to find them all:

Which reminds me that Participaction has a Sporting Challenge going on that challenges you to complete 150 sports this year, provides a playlist to keep you on track, and offers chances to win prizes.

And finally, Canadian Pacific has announced that a CP Canada 150 Train will cross Canada this summer with special cars, including a pixelated car called Spirit of Tomorrow that needs the help of children writing down their wishes to make it come alive.

Click the CP Canada 150 Train page for the train schedule and more information.

This is an exciting year for Canadians with the upcoming July 1st being the biggest celebration day EVER! And I've only touched on a few of the topics concerning Canada's 150th, so if you know any others, please let us know in the comment section of this post.



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  1. So much history and (Gosh...the centennial doesn't seem that long ago! ha ha)
    I love the whole idea of the train and will be watching for information on it. Thanks for sharing and helping us celebrate Anita!

    1. No, the centennial really wasn't. :D

      I've already noted when the train will be in Regina but I'm not sure if I'll be there for its stopover, or catch it as it crosses through Saskatchewan. I'll post pics if I see it though.

  2. Well, I love Canada and growing up so close to the border. Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes made me a fan. I wish our cities were as clean! Now, I just have to get out to BC, but I won't do it by train! Of course those prairies do provide some good reading time. :)

    1. Not cross Canada by train? Then you're missing a phenomenal adventure to add to your bucket list.

      George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola went on a 2,719 mile train ride across Canada in 2002 by renting the vintage Royal Canadian Pacific (RCP) train for a week-long trip from Toronto to Vancouver. The train features three luxury cars with four bedrooms and three members of staff per passenger. 

      Apparently, the service on RCP is equal to that in a five star hotel. Not only that, but you could be sleeping in the same compartment as Winston Churchill, Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh, and their Royal Highnesses King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II.

      And I was so hoping you'd go with me. *pout


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