Friday, June 30, 2017

What in the World is a Street Team?

And do I have to get a tattoo?

Galleys,  POV,  ROI, and platform. The world of publishing has a long list of phrases, catchwords and acronyms. Sadly, IMO, authors who would rather be writing, must also lead a street team out into the wild... er, the street?

Well, crud.  Now it's my turn.  I have a nice, small start with a few sweet readers who have offered to help me promote my next release.

But what does a street team do?
They encourage an author, talk about the new release, write reviews and become an invaluable part of that author's success. And that's A LOT!

Street team members often get to see the cover and book before anyone else. Many of them act as beta readers (that's another one of those writer thingys), and help the author tweak the story before it's published.

These amazing readers become eligible for little thank you gifts, but if that's all they are there for, they will likely be disappointed. Sadly, it happens.
We all love free books, but it all comes back to support and encouragement of the author AND their fiction!

Right now, new Newsletter Subscribers (ahem...sign up here)  during June, July and August are eligible for a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card.  Those who join the street team have other goodies in store. (What they are, I have no idea!)

I've witnessed the good and bad of author promotion, and I've been reluctant to take this next step. I enjoy the friendship I have with many of my reader (and reviewer) friends, but today's marketing platform needs more. 

So... here's the pitch! If you are interested in being part of my Street Team (Let's call it something more clever, okay?), then please contact me through Facebook or Twitter messages, or email me at debraemarvin (at the big yahoo).

If you're a newsletter subscriber,  the 'pitch' will be coming to an email near you, very soon!

Now... let's stop and get some food for the road!


  1. Better bring an umbrella! It has rained, or poured, at least a few moments every day in what seems like forever. This means my day off today will be full of weeding the jungle and fighting off mosquito bites! I finished my last book and ready for the next one. I will say this... any member of my street team will have variety, if nothing else! Happy Fourth of July!

  2. I'm late checking posts and just saw this one AFTER commenting on Carrie's interview. Good job with that one, too.

    I'm asking Carrie about launch vs street teams. :)

  3. I'm guessing... Street team is long term, or at least as long as an author is writing and producing. A launch team might be just for one book? Thanks Anita!


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