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WALKING ON HIDDEN WINGS by Rachel Scott McDaniel, Reviewed by Kim and Paula #ReleaseDay


WOW!!! All the stars for Walking on Hidden Wings by Rachel Scott McDaniel! This story has it all! Swoon worthy male character? Check. Amazing female character? Check. Romance? Check. Great banter? Check. Intriguing mystery? Check. In fact, if I were forced to choose, I would say that Walking on Hidden Wings is my favorite story by Ms. McDaniel and that is saying something! I have loved all of her other stories. They are all on my keeper shelf and I highly recommend them to everyone!

I loved Geneva! She is strong, smart, and loyal! I loved her the second she appeared on the page! Rachel McDaniel writes the absolute best female characters. They are strong, yet likable, which is very rare and takes such talent to pull off. And now, let’s talk about Warren, sigh, he is absolutely swoon worthy and I loved everything about him! He too was loyal and he didn’t compromise his principles for anyone. He was just perfect for Geneva! And did I mention swoon worthy? Romantic? Kind? Perfect? Can you tell he’s a new favorite of mine? The mystery in this story was perfection. It was very intriguing and kept me guessing and accusing everyone, with good reason, until the very end.

This is a story you do not want to miss! Rachel Scott McDaniel is one of the best storytellers out there! I cannot wait to read whatever she writes next!
*I purchased this book. All opinions are my own. The faith thread is light. 5 amazing stars.

“Oh that invitation to adventure. There was not a cell in my being that was immune to it.” Adventure turns to danger when Geneva Hayes is accused of murdering her husband.

In 1922, Geneva feels confined by her posh lifestyle so she finds adventure in wing-walking and flying a Curtis Jenny airplane. Yes Geneva finds adventure- more than she bargained for.

There is so much to love in this book: heartache and hope, mystery and peril, and the romance of married life. The author puts it all together beautifully and gives us spiritual lessons as well. There is soul searching, learning to trust and acting out forgiveness. And there are so many possible suspects that you are constantly kept guessing. One thing remained: God’s love and provision.

Warren was a great example of compassion and steadfastness. I love Geneva and Warren as a couple. Even when they had doubts, they were there for each other.

Ms. McDaniel is on her A game with this intriguing, thrilling, romantic tale. This novel has it all and will be on my keeper shelf.
*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Kregel via NetGalley. I was not required to give a favorable review. All opinions are mine alone.*5 stars and a solid faith thread

 Back Cover Blurb:
Geneva Ashcroft Hayes's marriage to a newspaper mogul might have been arranged, but the New York socialite is devastated when her husband's plane crashes a few short months after their nuptials. When the authorities suspect murder, Geneva sets out on a wild mission to find his killer--and to prove it wasn't her!

When mysterious notes surface pointing to Geneva's guilt in his death, they only strengthen her resolve. She has little to go on except for a detective friend's cryptic list of locations connected to her dead spouse. When the friend also disappears, she trades her sparkling gowns for coveralls and pilot goggles.

Armed with a new name and career as a wingwalker and barnstormer, she travels from town to town in hopes of unearthing clues and locating her missing friend. But Geneva discovers that her past may not belong to her . . . what she once believed as truth may be nothing more than lies and deception.

Kregel Publications, April, 2024
Available in digital ebook, paperback, and audiobook:


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  1. Thank you!!! I super appreciate your lovely reviews! So glad you enjoyed the story 💕


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